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I'm Not A Demon by CatOppp
I'm Not A Demonby Cat
I'm a demon. It's something that I've known ever since the creation. I'm Immortal and cold hearted. I make deals with mortals, only to twist their words to my own advant...
  • bodil666
  • deadlox
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YouTuber x Reader ONESHOTS [DISCONTINUED] by starspark__
YouTuber x Reader ONESHOTS [ star
Hello! Welcome to my oneshot book. Requests are open for now, so go ahead and ask! REQUESTS: ☑ SMUTS: if there are any smuts, there will be a warning for those who feel...
  • wattys2018
  • fluff
  • skydoesminecraft
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Just trying to be normal...A Skylox fan fic~!  by star185
Just trying to be normal...A AThot
Ty Bodil and Seto are the off spring of a dragon so being normal's never been easy for them,but a mass war is started between Herobrine and Notch in they're home the end...
  • bajancanadian
  • bashur
  • jeromeasf
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Overnight (Team Crafted's Haunted Castle Horror) by SonicPitchdods
Overnight (Team Crafted's Lunnuel Marquez
It all started with an email, an email letting them know a new parkour map that has been released and they are the lucky players. Sixteen Minecrafters entered a whole ne...
  • skydoesminecraft
  • fanfiction
  • rageelixir
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kings WILL do such things by JoseTheKraken
kings WILL do such thingsby Mother Of Tyler
Fear is the strongest emotion, other than love. This society is run by fear. Adam knows that very well. His father does too. But he thinks of it differently. He fires up...
  • deadlox
  • mcyt
  • itsalesa
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Impossible Comes True | A Team Crafted and Friends Circus Story *discontinued* by sweet_lilly_love
Impossible Comes True | A Team Like a Phoenix, She Catches o...
"Oh! This is the greatest show!" Ringleader Adam Dahlberg is the head of the most popular circus in town, Crafted. Famous for its members who all work together...
  • captainsparklez
  • deadlox
  • shubble
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Strange Love by PhoenixWolf74
Strange Loveby Phoenix
Bodil's a demon double's a human slave I DO NOT OWN THIS STORY!!!!
  • ghostlox
  • skyxalesa
  • mr360games
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Minecraft Youtubers x Reader Oneshots [DISCONTINUTED] by KittyKCraftz2014
Minecraft Youtubers x Reader KittyKCraftz2014
[REQUESTS: CLOSED!!!] You guys might always wondered that how it will feel like to have a mincraft youtuber as a lover, well here's a book for Minecraft Youtubers X Read...
  • deadlox
  • romantic
  • bodil40
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Ask/Dare Simdil90 =2= by alleycat01134
Ask/Dare Simdil90 =2=by Alleycat01134
Simon: Are we back? Bodil: WE ARE BACK MOTHERF***ERS Alley:eh...hehe...well guys! Welcome back! Make sure to check out the first one too! C: Don't know what this book is...
  • ask
  • minecraft
  • bodil40
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The Answer {Yandere!Natemare X Female! Reader} (Part 1) by _Scyobi_
The Answer {Yandere!Natemare X ⭕ Billy ⭕
You and Nate have started to bond as friends. But soon he starts to say things that he would NEVER say. Meanwhile, Mark, Tom, Johnny Toast, and Sean have a game of baske...
  • skydoesminecraft
  • teamcrafted
  • deadlox
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Magic's War: Minecraftia ff by RazorFalcon
Magic's War: Minecraftia ffby Razor Falcon
Humans, most powerless, many unaware of their abilities. When magic is considered dangerous and needed to be eliminated Team crafted and their respective armies and frie...
  • ender
  • bodil40
  • withermu
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Welcome to the Club (Enderlox/Team Crafted FanFiction) by BlueCrystalizer
Welcome to the Club (Enderlox/ Blukins
'The Army' is an elite group of fairly young warriors, with their extremely skilled leaders, 'Team Crafted'. They are said to be like shadows that protect the people of...
  • bodil666
  • withermu
  • deadlox
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Vengeance Reincarnate (TC & Friends Fic) by LupusLux
Vengeance Reincarnate (TC & LupusLux
IN THE BEGINNING, there was a God, Mojang who created the vast expanse of a world, later called Minecraft. It was as broad as the universe, with endless horizons and ne...
  • herobrine
  • xrpmx13
  • subzeroextabyte
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Rembering by Dragon_Blaze37
Remberingby Fandom Trash
Just before "When Angels Fall" Aarons learns a shocking truth, one he rather not know and meets familar faces despite never meeting them before. When an enemy...
  • aarmau
  • bodil40
  • skymediaxmystreet
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yt oneshots by gunner--
yt oneshotsby d e s p a i r
mainly old mc yters cringe warning btw
  • vegeto
  • dutchsnowman
  • seto
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Disintegrate - Team Crafted AU by Pluviaphilia
Disintegrate - Team Crafted AUby Alex the Great
Strange creatures wander the face of the earth, creatures that were never meant to be--creatures that only exist because of the twisted minds of humans who believe they...
  • teamcrafted
  • goldsolace
  • ssundee
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Team Crafted Hybrids DISCONTINUED by Echothebordercollie
Team Crafted Hybrids DISCONTINUEDby Echothebordercollie
14 hybrids. 1 Herobrine. Thousands of squids, Endermen, and other enemies. Can these 14 survive and save Minecraftia when things start to happen, and chaos is everywhere...
  • bodil40
  • flexacraft
  • goldsolace
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The Anti War (Markiplier x AntiSepticEye) by XxDarky-moo669xX
The Anti War (Markiplier x XxDarky-moo669xX
Markiplier wakes up in an arena where he has to fight to the death. The catch? He has to fight his youtuber friends and their Antis. Thankfully, his team partner AntiSep...
  • ihascupquake
  • manxman
  • yaoi
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The Long Tomorrow- A Team Crafted Love Story- BOOK 1 by silvvisin
The Long Tomorrow- A Team Silvv
Welcome to the lives of a group of boys who've all made mistakes. Some are suicidal, some are already dead, some just are evil to the core. After a night of partying, al...
  • minecraftfanfic
  • ssuto
  • munchingbrotato
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Ask/Dare Insane666 by alleycat01134
Ask/Dare Insane666by Alleycat01134
We have ALL been waiting for this...and its finally here... You can now ask and or dare Insane!Simon and Bodil666
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  • bodil666
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