Withering Hope (Dangan Ronpa/Minecraft YouTubers) by Jade-Spade
Withering Hope (Dangan Ronpa/ Jade
"So which will it be? Which will it be?" the strange-looking Wither said, cackling dementedly. "Your freedom? Or the lives of your dear friends..." S...
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YouTuber x Reader ONESHOTS [DISCONTINUED] by starspark__
YouTuber x Reader ONESHOTS [ sister star
Hello! Welcome to my oneshot book. Requests are open for now, so go ahead and ask! REQUESTS: ☑ SMUTS: if there are any smuts, there will be a warning for those who feel...
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Vorelox One-shots by VoreloxFangirls
Vorelox One-shotsby VoreloxFangirls
(PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION) These are full of fluff, microphilia, and vore. Don't like? Don't read or leave hateful comments. Like? Go right ahead. Don't know...
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Overnight (Team Crafted's Haunted Castle Horror) by SonicPitchdods
Overnight (Team Crafted's Lunnuel Marquez
It all started with an email, an email letting them know a new parkour map that has been released and they are the lucky players. Sixteen Minecrafters entered a whole ne...
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Minecraft Youtubers x Reader Oneshots [DISCONTINUTED] by KittyKCraftz2014
Minecraft Youtubers x Reader KittyKCraftz2014
[REQUESTS: CLOSED!!!] You guys might always wondered that how it will feel like to have a mincraft youtuber as a lover, well here's a book for Minecraft Youtubers X Read...
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kings WILL do such things by JoseTheKraken
kings WILL do such thingsby Mother Of Tyler
Fear is the strongest emotion, other than love. This society is run by fear. Adam knows that very well. His father does too. But he thinks of it differently. He fires up...
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Everyone: ASK OR DARE US by Neko_Girl124
Everyone: ASK OR DARE USby Lily Nekolace ^-^
Ask or dare them anything!
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There is literally no explanation for this. [⚜UPDATE⚜] I finally hit the chapter limit!! ~(0u0)~ New book should be up soon. Thanks for the ride, guys. <3
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Crafter Academy Headcannons by xX_877_241_lunaXx
Crafter Academy Headcannonsby Equinox Girl
Spoilers Lots, and lots, of spoilers (PS I do not own the cover)
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Fallen Kingdom (P!Skylox) by NightShadeCreates
Fallen Kingdom (P!Skylox)by I'm a very sassy Cat
As a prince, Adam was used to having almost everything he wanted. He had people who served him, a father who cared about him, and all the clothes and food and comfort he...
  • demons
  • betrayal
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Youtuber Dangan Ronpa by Echothebordercollie
Youtuber Dangan Ronpaby Echothebordercollie
24 youtubers wake up, trapped in a mansion called "Despair Manor." What happens when they find out that one of them is the "mastermind" who trapped t...
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Minecraft YouTuber x reader 7 minutes in heaven. by Livelox25
Minecraft YouTuber x reader 7 JJ
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X Reader [ONE SHOTS] (DISCONTINUED) by BeccaaG4567
My first book!! Might be a bit bad, but I hope you enjoy!! Please leave comments in the newest chapters for a possibility for me to make that for the new chapter!!!
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A Family  - Bashdil Fanfic by piperwolf94
A Family - Bashdil Fanficby Piper
Because of a potion accident, Simon became a young child and Bodil have to take care of him until the potion wares off. He doesn't know the first thing about taking care...
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Starstruck by JoseTheKraken
Starstruckby Mother Of Tyler
Adam Sky Derry, as the son of two former stars, leads a captivating lifestyle to the media. To them, he is a star in the making; a gorgeous mixed-race male specimen ripe...
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A Small Joker by ThePiezs
A Small Jokerby mothboi
Sky didn't really now what to expect when the ebay package showed up on his door step. Ghosts and demons? A hanuted doll? It probably wasn't hanuted but Sky was still cu...
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Moonire's Mansion by CadenceChan
Moonire's Mansionby Panda
20 Random people had landed here for a reason... Will they get out alive? Join Leia and Riri as they try to escape this fiendish mansion. But what happens? Don't ask me...
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The Walking Dead Season One - Youtubers Fanfic by piperwolf94
The Walking Dead Season One - Piper
It had been a normal day until the unexpected happened. The dead started walking. Rated M for characters death, gore and swearing
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yt oneshots by unstabIe
yt oneshotsby local skeleton
mainly old mc yters cringe warning btw
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