Chapter 22

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Vienne's POV

I followed Max in the dark hallways. I was cuffed for some reason. My sword and bow was confiscated so what was the point? And i had a magic collar which was attached to a magic leash that Max held. It was strange. I wasn't comfortable with it.

I followed Max like a slave. I had no way to escape. The magic will shock me if i move away one bit and my hands were cuffed, which made the ability to punch unavailable.

I didn't understand it though. I agreed with his deal. I wouldn't escape, i don't even know this place thoroughly. And i don't want to hurt him. Never.

After a long, long time of twist and turns we met a huge iron door. I gulped. I wasn't very excited to meet Him

I took a deep breath before he pushed the door open. Before us was a humongous throne room. My mouth was wide open. It was a huge open space. A long, blood red carpet leading to the throne, where the man was sitting.

I took a step on the red carpet. I was nervous. Technically i already met him, but still. His eyes, powers, everything. Everything about him was creepy.

A shiver ran down my spine. I didn't like being here one bit. The zombies, creepers and skeletons are staring at me. The old and dusty armor stands were creepy. It was as if i was in a horror movie.

max stopped and so did it. We stopped in front of the man, whose eyes was closed. It seemed like he was sleeping. A few seconds past by, before we heard his dark and evil voice. "I see you have the girl Max."

He suddenly pulled me with force. He grabbed my neck, making it difficult for me to breath. I struggled for him to let go, but he wouldn't budge. When i was about to give up on struggling he dropped me. I fell on the floor with a loud thud, which echoed in the large throne room. I looked up, staring at the man before me. The king that rules all evil creatures. The man who doesn't have any pupils. The man who is Notch's brother. None other then the legend Herobrine. He was a legend. A myth that many not believe. People who didn't want to believe in the destruction of the world. People like me...

When i looked at him in the eye, he looked at me back with this cold, hard stare. It gave me chills running down my spine. He then spoke with his dark voice "Seems like you are right Max. You didn't fail me. Well done." His voice gave me the shivers.

"Of course i wouldn't fail you, my master." Max said. He bowed his head in respect for his master.

"You may leave." He growled. Max turned around and was about to walk away. But Herobrine had to say one more thing. "Also, get him for me. We have some things to discuss." Who's him? I would like to know that now.

When Max closed the door with a loud bang Herobrine stood up and walked to me. I was scared, but had enough guts to look at him straight in the eye. I gulped. What was he gonno do?

He stared at me and narrowed his eyes. It gave me shivers running down my spine. I didn't like this. Suddenly he took my hands, and held them gently. I blushed and tried to struggle out of his grip. But he wouldn't budge. ( Do not dare to ship this or i will hunt you down in your sleep )

He led me through a hallway. Like the other one, it was filled with doors on the side. It was pretty long too. I just wished Herobrine would have taken the leash instead of my hand. I looked at the ground, not making any contact with him. Just hope this would be over soon.

We finally arrived at a dark corridor. At the end was a pure white door. Which was strange, compared to this dark and dim lit place. Herobrine took my leash, finally, and opened the white door. He threw me inside. Inside was a interrogation room. Like the one they have in the guards wing.

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