Chapter 20

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Tyler's POV

The training went pretty good. The town citizens had some skill in them. while walking around the area, people were practicing with wooden swords. All had leather armor, if there would be any incidents.

While walking around, i watched some people fight. I found two girls that seemed to fight like they already knew. Suddenly one of the girls lost her balance and fell on me. I catched her. She stood up quickly and looked at me.

"I'm so sorry." She apologized. "No it's ok." I said. "No i really am sorry." She continued. "It's ok, really. So what's your name?" I asked her. She stood there quiet for a while, staring in some space i can't see. After a few second she shook her head and stuttered "I-i don't like my real name. I'm sorry. But call me Jack or Jackie." She smiled. "Well then Jackie, sounds like a nice name for young lady."

Suddenly she slashed her sword on my shoulder, leaving a shallow cut on it. "Hey, what's that for?" I asked. "It's for calling me a girl! I am not a girl nor a boy! So watch your words potato!" She turned around and continued fighting with the other girl. I guess that explains why she looks like a boy, maybe she is neither? Oh well.

I continued walking around and found another interesting pair. It was a girl with black hair with purple highlights. Her shirt was black with white buttons and her sleeves striped. She was wearing black jeans that was striped as well.

Her partner had dark brown hair and eyes. He wore bunny ears, which i though it was strange. He wore a red bowtie, a dark blue purplish T-shirt and jeans.

The two were fighting like experienced people, dodging and slashing again. I smiled and continued walking. We will win this war if more people were like this.


Seto's POV

The next day it was quiet with the sorcerers. The ones who were sleeping that night were told about our fallen sorcerer. It seemed the all of them couldn't concentrate, as one of them almost blew up his potion. I sighed and focused on mine. But i couldn't concetrate either, my thoughts were wandering back to Evon.

"Why does it have to be you?" I muttered softly. Suddenly i heard slamming. I turned around to see who did it, it was Ashten, who was covered in potions.

"Ashten, what's wrong?" I asked him, while getting a towel from one of the closets. "What do you mean what's wrong? You clearly know what is wrong!" He shouted, i looked at his face, anger was overwhelming it. I sighed, took the towel and throwed it at him. He catched it and narrowed his eyes, wiped the potions of his clothes and threw the towel on the ground.

"I'm sick of you." He grumbled. "Why did he have to die?!" He shouted. One moment ago he was angry and now he is crying. All looked at me, eyes full of anger and sorrow. It made me small, like a kid cornered by bullies.

"Why did you let him die?!" He asked, sobbing. "I didn't let him die. I-i i didn't know about the intruder!" I shouted.

"You know what?" He said calmly, wiping off the tears from his eyes. "I quit!" He said, while stomping to the door and slammed it. My heart sank. No.

Others seemed to follow suit as well, all leaving the door, one by one. Until there was no one left except me. I sat beside the wall, thinking about what just happened. no...I hugged my knees and cried. I'm just another failure, i thought.

"Seto?" Someone said softly. I looked up and saw the young sorceress, Melsia, who lost her mentor. She stood there on the door way, looking at me. I told her to come in and she obeyed.

"Seto, it isn't your fault that Evon died." She said with her soft voice. I looked at her. There were dried tear tracks on her cheeks. Must have cried all night, the poor girl. "Melsia, i-" I was interrupted by a hug. Melsia started crying. I started crying as well. Evon was, besides a great sorcerer, a great friend as well. He was very nice and loyal to the king. I patted Melsia's back, comforting her. "It's ok, he's watching you from above, living a happy life that will never end."

Melsia stopped sobbing and looked at me, a few seconds after buried her head in my chest. She must be very tired, so i let her. "Seto?" She suddenly spoke up. "Yes?" I replied, stroking her hair to comfort her. "Can your apprentice?" She asked. I never had a apprentice before, but sharing my skills with this young one will be a honor, as Melsia is the princess of the kingdom of the everlasting night. "Of course i will." I said. Her eyes brightened up, she mouthed the words thank you and fell asleep. I smiled. Melsia was still a small girl that has alot to learn. I stood up and carried her to her room. I put her in her bed and left, quietly closing the door. Goodnight, i whispered, My little girl.


Max's POV

I grinned while holding this dagger against his neck. Seeing her despair made me feel happy. The look on her face was really lovely to see. "Well?" I asked her. "Yes or no?"
A few seconds past. Silence overwhelmed the cell. Finally she spoke up.

"Give me some time think." She said. I frowned. I don't want to wait. "Fine, i'll give you 24 hours. Then tell me your decision." I left, closing the door. The boy came with me.

"Go to the kingdom and meet up with Zek, Ryan and Ian. Ashley and Brandon will join you soon." The noy nodded and walked away. I walked at the opposite direction, towards the three unlucky Minecraftians.

When i came nearer and nearer i heard a soft shouting. I started to run, wondering what was going on. The shouting got louder and louder. They are fighting, oh no.

I quickly opened the iron door and saw Skye and Ty shouting insults and fighting, punching, kicking. Jason sat in the corner, unconscious.

"Stop it you too!" I shouted. They stopped and looked at me, which is why there faces turned from angry to scared. I grinned. I took a step froward, but suddenly Skye tripped me and sprinted to the door. I groaned and saw Jason and Ty sprinting to the door as well.

"Come here!" I said with a dark voice. I ran out of the cell and saw them already running a good distance. I growled lowly. With my palm i sparked up a fireball, a big one. When it was big enough i shot it at them. It hit Ty, which crashed into Jason. The explosion hit Skye, which made her fling to the wall.

I sprinted to them. Ty was slowly waking up. Jason waited for his friend, but Skye, Skye was no where to be found.

"You'll never get away." I said. Ty looked up and stared at me with his mouth wide open. Jason tried to stand up but tripped and fell. "What would be your punishments?" I asked. Both of there eyes widen. I spawned myself a wooden stick and patted it on my hand. Ty wanted to crawl away but i smacked his back, making him scream in pain. I walked to Jason, who was covering his hand. I smacked his hand, getting a scream as well.

I laughed, as their painful screams filled the dark hallways...

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