Chapter 25

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Skye's POV

I opened my eyes, seeing nothing else but a white mist. I sat up, trying to recognize my surroundings. The 'mist' disappeared a bit, but the area around me is yet vaguely seen.

"Come plaaay!~"

My eyes shot fully open. Was there someone in the room? I blinked a few times, making the mist disappear.

I finally had the ability to see my surroundings, it was A white bedroom to be exact. The thought of being raped came across my mind, making me shiver.

I looked around, there were a few toys here and there. Some stuffed dolls and such. So this must be the Children's room.

I stood up, about to walk towards the bed.

"Follow me~"

My eyes widened. Who said that?!
I turned around and saw a shadow standing on the doorway, it looked like a little girl, she's about half my size and she was wearing cute clothes. She had a bright smile and cute little eyes. Now if you were me, you'd say this is another horror movie. Like that that girl would scream and grab some scissors and cut me open. But there was something with this girl, She looked so familiar. Too familiar....

"Come on follow me~" The girl turned around and giggled. She skipped away. "No wait!" I ran after her, but i lost sight of her. All i could here was the chuckles echoing. I tried to follow the sounds, it was constantly twist and turns.

I stopped to catch my breath, i was running for a while. While panting and giving my legs a break a took a look around. It was a lot more different, this time it was a forest. A dark forest, i must've not focused my surroundings.

When i rested enough i started to explore. It was dark and spooky. Like the girl this was familiar. I can't really remember why or how it's familiar but i swear i have seen this forest before.

Walking deeper into the forest, it seemed to give me familiar thoughts. The further i walked, the more creepier it was.

"Skyeeeeeeee" I flinched. Who said that? I slowly turned around, in my surprise there was nothing. I was shaking in fear. Who said that?

I followed the sound. And again the mysterious voice has called me "Skyeeeeeeeee"

"Hello?" I asked. I looked around, yet still nothing to be seen. I continued walking. I seemed to end up in a forest clearing, and there i stood in shock.

The tears were flowing in my eyes, quickly i covered my mouth to hide my scream. Before me was a bloody corpse, with the smell of blood surrounding it. The bloody corpse of...Lilly...

I wanted to look away quickly but my eyes kept staring at the stab wound in her chest...Wait, Lilly? Where did i get that name from? And...

"Wake up" I heard.

I shaked in fear and misery, this is just a dream. I repeated over and over. Then the voice came again.

" Wake up!"

I bolted up, panting, i seemed to be back in the cold dark cell. It took me some time to calm down. It was just a dream...

I looked up, seeing a sudden man right in front of me. I crawled back, but sadly there was a concrete wall behind me.

"Good, you're awake." The man said. He had a familiar deep voice. So familiar...And soothing...

I seemed to be dreaming again, because he was snapping his fingers before my eyes. "Hey are you listening?!" I looked directly at his face. Now i knew who he was. His brunet locks, the silver crown, the...beautiful brown eyes...

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