Suiting Up and Shipping Out

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Chapter 14 - Rachel Stark

I will avenge him. He was a good man. He had someone that he fought for. And he died. He is gone. I get up and put my cat suit on. I don't care what the rest of the team does, but I am going after Loki. He has made this personal, to the extent of which some of us broke. I am so done with Loki's trickery that I will kill him if I get a chance. I am going to New York to sort this out. Yes, I know Loki is there, yes I did figure it out all by myself.

Yay for me.

I put the finishing touches on my cat suit, fill all of my holsters, grab all the knives I can carry on my person, fill up my ammo holsters until the point where they almost over flow, make sure my 'widow's bites' are charged, and head out of the door. As I open it up, I see Steve standing there, ready to knock on it.

"Well where are you going?" he asks softly, sympathy shining in his eyes.



Steve, Natasha, Clint and I are all on a Quinjet to New York. Nat and Clint are driving, Steve is standing, getting ready for battle and I am just sitting here, staring at the floor. This grieving feeling is all too familiar.

"Steve, do you realize that the last time we were on one of these, we were trying to get Coulson to stop talking about watching you sleep." I say monotonously. Steve sighs. I look up at him to see grief and regret shimmer over his features. I wonder wh...

"Steve, did you ever sign those cards?" He looks down at me like a kicked puppy. I'll take that as a no. I think Fury told us this already but I was probably so numb from shock I don't remember. I get up and wrap my arms around him.

"It's going to be alright." I say into his chest, "Don't worry."

"I should be comforting you... You had more of a connection to him." Steve says.

"I know, I just hate seeing you hurting." I say back.

"Stark, we are heading north east." Nat says into her com, making me snap to attention and break away from Steve.

"What, did you stop for drive-thru?" I hear my brother's sarcastic voice over the com.

"Alright, everyone have earpieces in?" I say, snapping into agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. mode. Natasha and Clint start to shoot at Chitauri until we get hit and start to crash. The jet nose-dives and Steve grabs the ceiling and me so that the effects of gravity don't take hold of us. When the jet finally crashes, the four of us run out into the mayhem streets.

"Stark, are you seeing this?" Steve says, not believing. I don't think any of us are believing right now.

"Seeing, still trying to work on believing. Has Banner shown up yet?" Tony asks.

"Banner?" I ask.

"Whatever, just keep me posted." Aww do I sniff a bromance or what?

We start running around the totally destroyed city, and the attack only started 30 minutes ago. We run onto a bridge and the Chitauri start to come at us in full force. I grab my hand gun and start to fire.

"Hey Nat! To kill these things, it's gonna take two or three shots to the head!" I say, screaming over the mass cayuse of the streets.

"Got it!" she screams back.

"You girls know that you can just use the headsets right?" Clint says over the coms while firing arrows at the oncoming Chitauri. I send a playful glare his way. Hey, this is battle, not training. You gotta have a little fun somehow.

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