Breakfast at Sam's

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Chapter 29 - Rachel Stark

"Hey man." a dark man says.

"I'm sorry about this. We need a place to lay low." Steve says.

"Everyone we know is trying to kill us." I say, still dazed by what happened.

"Not everyone." he says. "I'm Sam, by the way."

"Rachel." I say. He looks up to Steve and wiggles his eyebrows. Steve just rolls his eyes. Okay, Steve likes me.

"Bathroom is upstairs." he says. I go upstairs and wash my face off. I wet a towel and sit on the bed so that Steve, who was patiently waiting in a tank top, (might I add) for the bathroom.

"You okay?" he says, as I am patting my hair dry.

"Yeah." I say, not meeting his eyes.

"What's going on?" he asks.

"When I first joined S.H.I.E.L.D. I thought I was going straight. But I guess I just traded David for HYDRA. I thought I know whose lies I was telling, but I guess I can't tell the difference anymore." I say.

"There's a chance you might be in the wrong business." Steve says. I chuckle.

"I owe you, again." I whisper. He shakes his head.

"It's okay." he says.

"No it's not. First, you save me from dying then, you save me from dying again." I say.

"I think you need to stop almost dying." he says with a smile. Wait a second, is Steven Rogers, leaning in? As in, for a kiss? Well, if my stomach wasn't already on fire from the tank top. I start to lean in.

"I made breakfast." Sam interrupts. We quickly pull away. "If you guys eat that sort of thing." he says with a smirk.


"So the question is, who at S.H.I.E.L.D. could launch a domestic missile strike?" I say.

"Pierce." Steve says.

"Who happens to be sitting on top of the most secure building in the world." I say, walking over to Steve.

"But, he's not working alone." Steve says puzzled. "Zola's algorithm was on the Lemurian Star."

"So was Jasper Sitwell." I cross my arms.

"So, the real question is, how do the two most wanted people in Washington kidnap a S.H.I.E.L.D. officer in broad daylight?" Steve questions.

"The answer is, you don't." Sam says, and drops a folder onto the table that says EXO-7 THE FALCON.

"What's this?" I ask. "Call it a resume." Sam says.

"The Kahalid Khandil mission, that was you?" I ask. I turn to Steve. "You didn't say he was a Pararescue."

"Is this Riley?" Steve asks, pointing at the other man in the picture.

"Yeah," Sam says.

"I heard they couldn't bring the choppers because of the RPGs. What did you use, a stealth chute?" I ask.

"No, these." he sets down a blueprint for one of Tony's flight packs.

"I thought you said you were a pilot." Steve says with a smirk.

"I never said pilot." Sam says chuckling.

"I can't ask you to do this, Sam. You got out for a good reason." he says, sympathy in his eyes.

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