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Chapter 2 - Rachel Stark

"Captain Rogers, would you please come with me to his office?" I point to Fury as I said this. "Please, sir, I am here to help you." I say.

"Sure, but would you at least answer all of my questions? Truthfully?" he asks.

"Of course, I will answer all of your questions." I say truthfully.

I get him to come in from the middle of the circle. I guide him around the other agents and get him into the car. Once he was in the car, he started to panic, well as much as a super-soldier can panic. He starts to bite his lip and puts his elbows on his knees.

"Okay, I am ready to start asking questions." He says.

"Okay, I am ready to answer." I say smiling.

"Who are you?" he asks.

"I am Rachel Stark, I am an agent for the corporation called S.H.I.E.L.D. So were all of the agents in the square we were just in. I am also one of S.H.I.E.L.D's top scientists and weapons specialists." I say. I want to give him all of the answers he wants. I feel really sorry for him. Everyone he's ever known are old or dead.

"Are you related to Howard Stark?" he asks.

"Yes, he was my father."

"Was?" he asks.

"Yeah, he was killed, along with my mother, in a car accident." I say. All of the memories come flooding back. I let a tear slide down my face. Great Rachel, way to make a first impression. I quickly wipe the tear away and look back at Captain Rogers to see that he was a little emotional as well.

"I am really sorry Captain Rogers, I didn't mean to..."

"Steve, please call me Steve." he cuts me off.

"Okay, Steve do you have any more questions?" I ask.

"Why am I here?" he asks.

"We found you in the Arctic. You were in this, block of ice. They took you into a lab and started to... melt you. I felt really bad. They were treating you like a science experiment, not like a person even though your heart was beating. I was called in because Fury knew about my childhood and knew with my education, I could help. They wanted me to run more advanced tests on you. They wanted to look at your brain and your heart and your blood. I couldn't stand by. I couldn't test on you. I refused to leave the labs because I felt like I needed to protect you. They were going to do really cruel things to you, and I felt like I would be disappointing my parents, my mother especially if I went through with it. I couldn't bring myself to hurt someone who was defenseless." I finally finish. "I am sorry if I sound weird, the protecting you and all that. But my father told me a lot about you and, my father found you when I was little and... Wow I am trusting you way too much for me just meeting you."

He takes a minute to take it all in. I get really nervous that he will think that I am weird. Why do you care? I ask myself in my head.

Steve finally looks up at me and smiles. "Thank you. For telling me all of that." He simply says. And for now, that much was enough.

A/N: Hello! Sorry if the story doesn't make sense. I will try to go through and revise later. I hope you enjoy the rest though!! Happy reading!

~ Avenge_TWS

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