Control Panels and Important Agents

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Chapter 13 - Rachel Stark

I push the Engine panel back into it container on the wall.

"The relays are intact." Steve says for me, "What's our next move?"

"If I clear the rotors, this thing won't re-engage without a jump. I'm gonna have to get in there and push."

"But if that thing speeds up, you'll get shredded!" I yell into my earpiece.

"Then Rach, stay in the control unit and reverse the polarity long enough to disengage mag..."

"Speak English!" Steve yells.

"Rach, explain it to him."

"Okay. Steve, you see that red lever? It will slow the rotors down long enough for my stupid brother...."

"Hey, I heard that!" Tony says.

"You were supposed to. Anyways, it will slow the rotors down long enough for Tony to get out. I am going to stand by it and wait for Tony's word. You are going to have to give me a boost." I say, "Then follow me up. I don't know what could go wrong and I might need your help." He sets out his hands in a cradle like position so that he can boost me. I put my foot in and he throws me to the lever. A few seconds later, he joins me.

"Hey, long time, no see." I say, smirking slightly. He chuckles. O what a beautiful sound. Ew, my mind is weird. There is nothing going on for a good, eh, three seconds. Then the attackers came. I pull out my shot gun from the holster on my leg. They started shooting at us.

"Steve! Try to disarm them!" I say. I shoot one in the head and he drops his gun.

"Steve, try to..."

"I see it." He says, jumping down. He grabs the machine gun and jumps back up, trying to help me take out the other six that are behind him.

"Cap, Rach, I need that lever!" Tony comes in over our earpieces.

"Uh, we need a minute!" I say while firing bullets. They shoot back. I feel a stab of pain in my left arm. You have to get through this first.

"Lever, now!" I reach out to get the lever and fall. I grab onto a loose cord and try to climb back up.

"Rachel!" I hear Steve say frantically.

"LEVER!" Tony yells. I finally get a good grip on the cord and start to climb.

"STEVE! PULL THE LEVER!!" I scream. He does as I ask. "Now, come and help me please." I saw shyly with a slight smile in my voice. Steve comes over to the edge. When I finally get hoisted up, I see that Tony has taken down the intruders. I take a deep breath. But I don't get to rest for long. I look to my arm and see blood.

"Steve? Tony? I got shot and I am bleeding, can you guys help?" I ask.

"Gosh, you are bleeding you shouldn't be so polite." My brother says, being sarcastic, as always. Steve takes off my leather coat that I realize I have been wearing for a while now is now stained with blood. My shirt underneath is stained as well.

"Well it looks okay to me, nothing a little Band-Aid and antiseptic couldn't fix," Steve says, with a comforting smile on his face. "Your arm was just grazed by a bullet, nothing too serious," Steve says and rips off the other sleeve of my shirt.

"Whoa Cap, getting a little anxious are we?" Tony asks. We both glare at him.

"Agent Coulson is down." Fury says. I freeze like a deer in headlights. Tony just stands there, and Steve just looks up to the heavens. I still just sit there. I don't say anything. I just sit.

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