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Chapter 5 - Rachel Stark

Ugh. How long have I been sleeping? Ugh I hate this feeling. Grogginess. I peel my dry eyes open. I forgot to take my contacts out again. I go into the bathroom to take them out. I look into my green eyes, wash my hands and start to take them out. Once I finish, I started to brush my waist-length dirty blond hair. I throw it up into a messy ponytail and put my big nerdy glasses on. Finally, I go into my bedroom. As I walk into my room, I see a lump in my bed. There is someone here. I go to my closet and pull out my shotgun. I aim it at the lump. The figure rolls over and I see its face. It is only Steve. I put the gun back in its spot and grab some sweatpants and a V-neck white short sleeve top. My scars are going to show. It is okay, I told him about it already, it will be fine.

I get dressed and go into the kitchen. I start to make breakfast, pancakes and bacon. As I cook, I think about what I have to do today. So, I need to go shopping for Steve. Clothes, furniture, food, and technology. And some paint, we need to make it less drab.

As I start considering what colors, Steve walks in with his old clothes still on. My heart hurts. I just feel so bad.

"Hey," I say.

"Good morning," he says, smiling.

"Ok, so our list of things to do today. We need to get you some new clothes, new furniture, some food, technology and some paint. We also need to check out the apartment. But first, you need to get some different clothes. I am sure Tony has left some stuff here, I will try to find some stuff, okay?" I ramble.

"Okay, where can I take a shower?" he asks.

I giggle, "Go ahead, in the bathroom there should be towels."

"Okay." He replies.

After he gets into the bathroom, I start to hunt around for some of Tony's stuff. I look around in my room and find Tony's Black Sabbath T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. I put them on my bed and start to tidy up the room. When I finish, I turn around to head out and I see Steve in a towel.

"Ahh!" I turn around, not wanting to make things awkward, "Here are the clothes I found for you."

Steve smiles, understanding why I turned around quickly, and took the clothes and retreated into the bathroom. Ok, you're good nothing happened just move on. I quickly pick out my outfit and change. I grab my flowery blouse, skinny dark blue jeans, my black combat boots, my tan leather jacket, and put my hair up into a less sloppy ponytail. I fix my glasses so they aren't crooked anymore. I start to walk out of the room when Steve walks out of the bathroom. I caught myself before I started laughing. The shirt was just a tad too small on him and the sweat pants just didn't fit at all.

"Grab your shoes soldier we are going shopping!" I say.

I grab my keys and Steve's wrist and pulled him out to my car.

"Steve have you ever gone shopping before?" I ask.

"Yeah, but am I going to have to use your credit card?" he asks, suddenly skeptical.

"Under NO circumstances today will we have to use my credit card. We will be using S.H.I.E.L.D. money!" I say.

We go to the shopping center and I drop Steve off at the clothing store with one credit card. Before he got dropped off, I told him how to use a beeper so he could beep me when he was done shopping. I drove off to the hardware store. I bought Steve a fridge, a stove, a microwave, and a dishwasher, along with some tools and gold paint. Then I ran into BestBuy and bought him a cell phone, laptop, and a T.V. with a D.V. player. Again, I ran into the furniture store and bought Steve a bunch of furniture. At last, my beeper went off and I went to go pick up Steve. When I got there, I saw Steve in a plaid shirt with a tan leather jacket and khaki pants in nice dress shoes. Well he cleans up nice. He put all of the clothes into the back.

"So did you have fun?" I asked.

"Yes, when I actually started finding stuff." He replied with a smile.

"Well I got all the stuff you will need to furnish the apartment. Don't worry it will all be there in a few weeks and we can put it in. All we need to do now is go grocery shopping and then we can head back." I list off.

"Okay, and I was thinking about getting a motorcycle, if that's okay." He said.

"What, you don't like riding around in my sweet sports car with me?" I ask.

"I just don't want to be dragged everywhere." He says.

"I get it." I say, "And by the way, we have the same kind of leather coat." I say smiling.

A/N: Hello again! I hope you guys are enjoying this story. Please comment and tell me what you think or if you are confused. Also, please try to spread the word about this book, if that isn't too much to ask. Thank you so much!!

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