Files and Food

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Chapter 17 - Rachel Stark

We finally arrive back at my apartment. I am completely wiped out. I lay down on the couch and fall asleep.

I am in a dark room. I put my hand in front of my face. I can't even see that. Behind me, a light flickers on.

"Agent Stark," an all too familiar voice says.

"What do you want Loki?" I say into the darkness.

"There is nothing I want from you, anymore." a light turns on behind me again. I turn around and see Tony laying on the ground dead in the circle of light.

"Loki..." I say shakily. He walks into the light. L

"But there is more." Another body is thrown into the light.

"O my God." the body is Steve. I try to run over to him, but my feet are sticking to the floor.

"Steve!" I scream over and over again. Then there is another voice.

"Hey, hey. Rach wake up. I'm here alright? I'm here."

I jolt awake.

"Steve? What happened?" I ask.

"We came home and you fell asleep. I went back to my apartment. I just walked in and you were thrashing around and screaming my name. What happened?" he says, worry etched into his face.

"Steve, in my dream, Loki had killed you and Tony and all I could do was watch." I say, wiping away tears. I start to stand up, but I stumble into Steve. He pulls me into his chest.

"Hey, it's okay, alright? I'm here." he says, smoothing my hair back.

"If you're going to be here, you need to know who I am." I say into his chest.

"What do you mean? I've lived with you for almost half a year." he says.

"Yes, but you don't know much about my past or about my fears," I say walking towards my bedroom. I pass through the threshold and walk to my closet. I open it up and pull out a locked fireproof box.

"What's that?" Steve asks, looking over my shoulder.

"This is my file. Now this file is classified. So please, don't babble." I pull the file out and hand it to him.

Level 8 Agent

Parents: Maria and Howard Stark (dead)

Birthdate: July 4th, 1990

Siblings: Anthony (Tony) Stark

Relationship(s): David Hornblat (abusive, destructive, hostile, no longer affiliated)

Affiliation: S.H.I.E.L.D., Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Bruce Banner, Thor

Strengths: Hand-to-Hand combat, rifling, shooting, Thermonuclear Astrophysics, Biochem, etc.

Childhood: helped father (Howard Stark) study Captain America, ballet, no proper schooling, learned everything on the job

Teen Years: did few tests on Captain America, was abducted by boyfriend (Hornblat), was brutally abused, found by S.H.I.E.L.D. two years after abdution with substantial injuries that cause minor health problems for a few months, researched Tesseract

Teen to Present: helped with the Avengers in New York

Fears: heights, falling, drowning, loosing the people she loves

Location: Classified

Steve closes the file.

"Why didn't you tell me any of this?" He asks.

"I was nervous that you would be confused and you would ice me out. My parents always avoided me. The only reason I was in the labs is because I snuck in everyday. My parents never told me that they loved me. This was the first time anyone has wanted to be with me. And I didn't want to blow it. I'm sorry, but I didn't know what to do." I say while sitting back on my bed. When I finish, Steve sits down next to me and puts an arm around my shoulders.

"Why would you think I would leave you?" Steve asks.

"Because everyone else did! Not Nat or Clint, but everyone else. Especially when I first came to S.H.I.E.L.D. Everyone looked at me like I was a kicked puppy. I didn't want that. I wanted to be strong again. And even though I'm an Avenger, they still look at me that way." Steve looks at me.

"I'm sure that's not true." He says.

"Steve, they look at me like I'm a freak. Like there is something freakish about me that I don't know."

"Well, if there was something freakish about you, I think I would've figured it out by now. I mean I basically see you everyday." Steve says. I chuckle.

"Yeah, I know. But I felt unwanted. I am afraid of that feeling and I don't know why. It makes me feel vulnerable and weak. And then I feel that I've let my guard down." I say.

"Well, if you ever feel weak, I'm here. I'll protect you, no one can hurt you, alright? David can't get you, no one can, alright? Here, with me you are safe. Alright?" He says. "And trust me, you and I are in the same boat with the unwanted thing. Nobody wants or needs me. I have nobody. Everybody I've ever known or loved is dead. But I'm moving on. I'm figuring it out. I am finding new people that mean more than anybody I've ever known. And I'm okay. I'm moving on." he says. "And I know how it feels to feel weak. I used to be a little guy."

"You never did tell me that story. About how you changed. And ended up here." I say.

"Well it was 1942 and I was 22 years old. Well, I still am, but you get it. It was the night before my friend Bucky went off to fight. He took me to this fair, that was all about the future. He had also brought two girls, but they aren't important to the story. We were all about to go dancing and there was an enlistment station outside of the fair. Bucky and the two girls ended up going dancing while I volunteered for the fifth time. While I got ready for the medical exam a man came in. He was Dr. Erskine. He asked me if I wanted to kill Nazis. I asked if that was a test. He said it was. I said that I didn't want to kill anyone, I just didn't like bullies and that I didn't care where they were from. And then he said congratulations and stamped my card with a A1 which means that you had made it. A few days later, I went to a military camp to train. But I was having a hard time because of all of my medical issues. I went through trials and tribulations but finally Dr. Erskine told me about the serum and I automatically excepted. And then I was changed. It was painful but I was a tough little punk. So after awhile I was put in battle. We finally pinned Schmitt on a plane. I went to take him out and ended up transporting him to outer space with the Tesseract. I took the pilot's seat and drove the plane into the water. Apparently years later they found me in ice. And then I woke up and met you." he finishes.

"Wow Steve. I'm so sorry. I.. I didn't know about all of that." I say.

"It's alright. It felt good talking about it like this. I've never opened up like that. It felt nice to get it off of my chest." he says. We sit on my bed with his arm around me for almost thirty minutes without talking. I get all of my emotions in check and think about Steve. I am interrupted by Steve standing up.

"Hey, where are you going?" I ask.

"I did promise you that pasta, so I have to go make it now." he says smiling.

"Can I help?" I ask.


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