Friends We Fight

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Chapter 30 - Rachel Stark

I manuver myself to see what's happening. Steve gets kicked by the soldier and falls on the ground. The soldier shoots at him. And all I can do is watch. My vision is already starting to get blurry. I just see two fuzzy figures fighting. 

After a little while, I hear Steve say, "Bucky?" Bucky? He is the guy who shot me? Bucky? the guy from the forties? No. That's not possible. 

"Steve?" I choke out. 

"Who the hell is Bucky?" the soldier says. He aims a gun at Steve. 

"No!" I choke out louder. But then I see Sam kick Bucky down. Nice suit, I think. I am getting some of my vision back too. Yay! But then Bucky gets back up. He aims a gun at Steve, but I am already prepared. I launch a grenade at him. Steve looks back at me. But then all eyes are on where Bucky was. When the smoke cleared, he was gone. But HYDRA wasn't. 

"Drop the shield Cap!"

"On your knees!" 

"Get down!" 

Steve has seven or eight guys around him and Sam, I have one. I was ready to fight back but then Steve surrendered. I followed. I don't know what he is getting us into, but I trust him too much to defy him. They round us up and throw us into a big truck. I sit there silently, using the wall as a support. The pain has started to get a lot worse. Then Steve starts talking about Bucky. I don't know what he is saying but I offer my opinion anyway. 

"None of that's your fault, Steve." I say, lazily. Steve's head turns toward me slowly. I feel his stare on my shoulder, and he starts to go mad. 

"Where is a doctor?!?! She need medical attention right now!" He yells. One of the guards pulls out their tazer. Steve still doesn't sit down. "She needs medical attention." he says a lot calmer. The guard tazes their partner and they take off their helmet. 

"Ah. That thing was squeezing my brain." said the familiar voice of Agent Hill. "Who's this guy?" 

"He's Sam and we need to EVAC ASAP. She's loosing blood, fast." Steve says almost frantically. 

"On it." Hill states. Then I black out. 


I wake up to a steady thumping of feet. I open my eyes, only to see Steve's face, covered in soot and sweat. I reach up but wince in the excruciating pain that runs up my arm. Steve notices. 

"She's awake." Steve says rather quietly. 

"Let's get her on her feet, we're almost there." Maria says. I walk with Steve supporting me on my left and Sam on my right. 

"GSW. She's lost at least a pint." Maria yells down the stone hallway. 

"Maybe two." Sam says. 

"Let me take her." the doctor yells down the hall. I squeeze Steve's arm even though it hurts mine. He knows I don't like doctors. He looks at me and nods.

"She'll want to see him first." Maria says. 

"See who?" I ask. I get no response and we just keep following Maria. We follow her to a plastic curtain. She pulls it back. 

"Fury?" I ask in complete disbelief. 

"About damn time." he says. "Rachel, sit down and get your arm worked on, please." I obey. Steve helps me to sit down. I hold onto his hand with my good arm and listen to Fury talk. 

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