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Dreams and Painting

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Chapter 6 - Rachel Stark

As soon as we got home, I made dinner. We talked about his day, and how he faired shopping by himself. His stuff wouldn't be here for a few weeks which means that he would have to stay here. So we also talked about sleeping arrangements. So we agreed that we would switch between the couch and the bed.

Tonight was my turn to sleep in the bedroom. I take a shower and get my p.js on. When I slip into the bed, I instantly fall asleep. And with my sleep, there comes the dreams.

Steve POV

I lie down on the couch and fall asleep.

And then it started. I started dreaming about my life in the 40's again.

I get up out of my cot and start to walk down to the mess hall. On the way I see Peggy at the end of the hall. I start running to get to her. I quickly turn around to check the hall behind me. But when I turn back around, I see Peggy fall to the ground with the Red Skull behind her. I start to run harder.

"Steve!" I hear someone yell. I turn around and look for the person behind the voice.

"Steve!" I hear again. My eyes find Bucky, hanging off the edge of the train. I start to run over to him instead. But then I hear a piercing scream. I look around but see nothing. But the screaming keeps coming.

I shake myself awake. But I still hear the screaming. I go into Rachel's room. I see her sleeping but screaming and tossing and turning. She just keeps screaming "Stop!" over and over.

"Rachel! Rachel, wake up!"

Rachel POV

"Rachel! Rachel, wake up!" that's what I hear.

I wake up, see a worried looking Steve.

"Steve, hey? Why do I need to wake up?" I ask him, trying to conceal my fear of the dream.

"You were screaming and rolling around on the bed. I thought something might be wrong. Plus you were kinda waking me up." He says with a smirk. Great, now he knows I have nightmares.

"Yeah, I was screaming because I was having a bad dream, but I will be okay. I just need to get something to drink." I say and I start to walk to the kitchen. When I open the fridge, I peak around the side and I see Steve walk in.

"Do you want to talk about it?" he asks. In truth, I do want to. But I don't know if I can trust him yet. But he is so nice and kind. Do it. I nod my head. I take the milk out of the fridge and put some of it into the pot.

"Do you want some?" I ask Steve.

"Sure." I pour some more into to pot and prepare myself for the dream telling.

"Okay, so my dream started out with me in my old boyfriend's, David's, house. He started burning me and slapping me and then he pushed me down the stairs. Then when I hit the bottom, I didn't hit the bottom, I hit the sidewalk. I looked up and saw a road. I saw David in a car at a stop light, just waiting for something. Then I see them. I see my parents, driving down the road in their car, happy and laughing. And then David started his car and... and..." I hiccupped and gasped and started to cry, "drove his car right into them. I tried to stand up but I was glued to the ground. So I started screaming. And then..." I just trailed off and stared into space. Once I finished my daydream, I turned around and got the milk and poured them into two cups. I gave one to Steve. When I handed him his cup. I looked up at him. His shocked face is enough.

"That was too much, wasn't it?" I say, "I am sorry but I have really never opened up to anyone since..."

"Hey, hey. It's okay. I was just worried, did I do the right thing waking you up?" he asks.

"Yes! I am so glad you woke me up. Next time that happens, please do. Because most likely, I am going through some sort of heck." I say. I look over at the clock. "I think we should go back to bed."

"Okay, thanks for the milk. And for trusting me." he says.

"Thanks for listening," I say and walk back into my room.

Rachel POV

Today's the day!! Steve's stuff got here today, and we are going to start to move it in. I get my 'grubby' clothes on which are basically sweatpants and a V-neck T-shirt. This is so exciting. Over the past four weeks, Steve and I have become the best of friends. We talk about everything, and I found out that he sometimes get bad dreams too. I also found out about his past. I am really excited to help him and see him start to live out on his own. Also of the past few weeks, I taught Steve to use a computer, the TV and all of the appliances in kitchen.

"Rach! Let's start painting!" I hear Steve yell from the other apartment.

I headed over to his apartment and see that he has already laid out all the drop cloths and set up my ladder. I grabbed a can of the paint and started painting.

A little later, Steve and I started talking and laughing. It was so nice. I got down off my ladder to check my work and when I turned around, I was met with Steve with paint on his fingers. He put his fingers on my nose.

"Steve did you just.." I say, start to smile and then dip my fingers into the paint, and started a battle.

When we finished the paint war, I went back to my apartment to cook dinner. Steve started his shower while I was cooking.

When we both had finished our tasks, we ate dinner. We talked for a little bit and then went to bed. I was my turn on the couch. When I laid down on the 'bed' I took a deep breath. This pillow smells like Steve. Wow, this whole bed smells like Steve. Steve smells good. Wait, wait, wait. What am I thinking about? Steve is cute.

A/N: Hey readers! Please comment on my story and give feedback! Also, I wouldn't mind getting some ideas for the future of the book! I already have a loose plan but I would enjoy some ideas for filler! I really enjoyed this chapter and it took me a while to write and I hoped you enjoyed!! And please forgive me if my updates are a little all over, I am trying to fit this book in with school. Thanks!


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