Arguments and Interrogations

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Chapter 12 - Rachel Stark

I am sitting in the lab with my brother and Bruce. Apparently having a degree in something doesn't mean that you are good at it. No, I am just one of S.H.I.E.L.D's top weapons expert.

Nope, no help whatsoever.

"The gamma readings are definitely consistent with Selvig's reports on the Tesseract. But it's gonna take weeks to process," Bruce says.

"If you guys could bypass the mainframe and direct a reroute to the Homer cluster, you can clock this around, six hundred teraflops." I say.

"You know, you should come by STARK Towers sometime. Top ten floors, all R&D. You'd love it, its candy land.

"Thanks but the last time I was in New York I kind of broke... Harlem." Bruce says skeptically.

"Well I promise a stress free environment. No tension, no surprises." Once Tony finishes saying this, he pokes Bruce with an electric pen.

"Hey! Are you nuts?" a familiar voice shouts.

"You really have a lid on it, haven't you? What's your secret? Mellow jazz? Bongo drums? Huge bag of weed?" Tony asks, partly sarcastic, partly serious.

"Is everything a joke to you?" Steve asks.

"Funny things are." Tony answers.

"Threatening the safety of everyone on this ship isn't funny." I say. "No offense Bruce."

"I wouldn't have come aboard if I couldn't handle pointy things."

"You need to focus on the problem Mr. Stark." Steve says.

"You think I'm not? Why did Fury call us in and why now? Why not before? What isn't he telling us? I can't do the equation unless I have all the variables." Tony retorts.

"You think Fury's hiding something?" Steve says, breaking his Captain focus.

"He is the biggest spy. He has a lot of secrets." I say. "Bruce?"

"Uh... I just wanna finish my work here and..."

"Doctor?" Steve asks.

"'A warm light for all mankind'. Loki's jab at Fury about the cube."

"We heard it." Steve says, speaking for the both of us.

"Well I think that was meant for you, Tony. Even if Barton didn't tell him, it is still all over the news." Bruce says.

"The STARK Tower? That big ugly..." Tony glares at him. "...building in New York?" I agree with Steve on this one. It is ugly. I sent him some designs but I guess he didn't like them because nothing in my designs showed up on the building.

"It's powered by Stark Reactors, a self-sustaining energy source. That building can run itself for what, a year?" Bruce asks.

"That's just the prototype. I'm kind of the only name in clean energy right now." Tony says.

"So why didn't S.H.I.E.L.D. bring him in on the Tesseract project? I mean, what are they doing in the energy business in the first place?" Bruce asks.

"I should probably look into that once my decryption programmer finished breaking into all of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s secure files." Tony says. I am taken aback by that.

"I'm sorry, did you just say...?" Steve asks, just as blown away as I am.

"JARVIS has been running it since I hit the bridge. In a few hours we'll know every little dirty secret that S.H.I.E.L.D. has ever tried to hide." Tony finishes then offers us a blueberry. Are you serious?

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