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Chapter 35 - Tony Stark

"What do you want, Romanoff?" I ask, as Natasha walks in. She stops in front of the table I am sitting at.

"We have some new information on Miss Stark." She says, keeping a straight face. My head shoots straight up from the simulation I've been running on my tablet.

"What do you mean?" I ask, dumbstruck.

"I mean, we found her, Tony. It's time to bring her home."


Rachel's POV

It has been six months, two weeks, and four days since I've been captured. It has been two months, a week, and six days since they tried to brainwash me; they failed, obviously. It has been three weeks since they tried to start training me; I declined their offer only to be met with beatings. They still give me my daily injections, taking over my body with pain. But the jokes on them, I found out how to fill them with pain too. One day while I was in my cell, a man came in. They had just injected me with my second dose of the pain. Some of the first injection was still in my system, making me uncomfortable. The new dosage had just kicked in, making me roll around in pain. The blue energy was coming out of my hands and then the man hit the ground. He was rolling in pain too. I've learned that my power is solely electric. I can control energy from power lines; such as the power that runs homes, the Avenger's tower. I can also manipulate the energy in human beings, and the earth; that's why the ground was shaking the night I was taken. I've been learning to control my powers on my own ever since I've been captured, I'm just waiting now... for the opportune moment. But for now, I'm strapped to a table, pain coursing through my body.


Steve's POV

The Quinjet takes off.

Today is the day the Avengers have been waiting for.

Today is the day I've been waiting for.

We are bringing Rachel home.

Fury told the Avengers a few hours ago. We suited up and now we are ready to storm the place.

"Guys, be careful. This is a stealth mission but it also a rescue op raiding a HYDRA base. These people will not go down without a fight. You saw what they did to S.H.I.E.L.D. Be ready." Natasha states.

"Landing in process." Barton states.

"Spangles," Tony says, breaking me out of my thoughts. I turn my head to address him. "Be careful." he says, worry filling his features. I nod, then turn to address the team.

"This is a rescue. We find her, we get out. Once we are out, Barton, I'm going to need you to put this place back where it came from." I say, looking straight at Barton. He nods.

"We have touched down." Barton says. "Light the bastards up."


Rachel's POV

My daily injections had just been administered when the sirens went off. The nurses ran out, leaving me there to squirm. My eyes are lost in a haze that engulfs my brain. Energy is sparking around me, I can feel it. All of a sudden, my door is blasted down. I keep squirming in my restraints, crying out in pain. I hear someone's boots run over to me.



Steve's POV

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