Asguardians and Science

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Chapter 11 - Rachel Stark

I am sitting up in the jet, watching the guys duke it out below me. I don't see Steve yet, but I see his shield hit Tony then the other guy.

"That's enough!" he yells at them. He walks over, and puts his shield on his arm. "Now, I don't know what you plan on doing here..."

"I am here to put an end to Loki's schemes!" the man yells at Steve.

"Then prove it, put the hammer down."

"Um, no, bad call, he loves his hamm..." the man slams his hammer into Tony and sends him flying into a tree. The man turns around, looking very annoyed and stares down Steve.

"You want me to put the hammer down?!" the man yells.

"No Steve, no don't do that." I mumble from my seat on the plane. The man raises his hammer, Steve crouches down and puts his shield over his head. Just in time too, because just as he does, the hammer comes down and connects with his shield, sending out a sonic wave sending Tony back again and the man as well. When everyone recovers, Steve stands up.

"Are we done here?"

They lug Loki back onto the plane and strap him down to the seat yet again. They stand at the back of the Quinjet.

"Still hasn't said anything?" Fury asks me through my earpiece.

"Not a word," I say in a mumble so Loki and the guys can't hear me.

When we get back to the Helicarrier, the team takes Loki to his cell. I don't have the privilege of seeing the spectacle, since I am taking off my suit. I was told by Fury when I walked in to meet him and the other Avengers in the conference room. As I jog in, I see all the other Avengers, minus my brother, sitting at the debriefing table. As soon as I sit down next to Steve, the screens flicker on and Loki appears on the screen. I can hear the static as the speakers click on.

"In case it is unclear, you try to escape. You so much as scratch glass," Fury says to Loki, as the bottom of the cage opens. Wind whips around underneath the cell as the glass case holding Loki threatens to drop. I remember the designs for that. It was for... oh.

"Thirty thousand feet, straight down in a steel trap. You get how that works?!" Fury then closes the hatch and points at Loki. "Ant," then points at the control panel, "Boot." Loki smirks.

"It's an impressive cage. Not built, I think, for me."

"Built for something a lot stronger than you." When Fury says that, I look at Bruce. Ugh I have too big of a heart, I feel bad for everyone.

"The mindless beast, makes play he's still a man. How desperate are you, calling on such lost creatures to defend you?"

"How desperate am I? You threaten my world with war. You steal a force you can't hope to control. You talk about peace and you kill because it is fun. You have made me very desperate. You might not be glad that you did." Fury retorts.

"Ooh. It burns you to be so close. To have the Tesseract, to have power, unlimited power. And for what? A warm light for mankind to share, and then to be reminded what real power is." Loki finishes. Nick just looks at him and smiles.

"Well, let me know if 'Real Power' wants a magazine or something. " Fury walks out and the tape cuts.

"He really grows on you doesn't he?" Banner asks. I smile slightly at him and then turn to Steve.

"Loki's gonna drag this out. So, Thor, what's his play?" Steve is so cute when he goes all Captain America. Wait, WHY do I keep saying this stuff. We are just friends.

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