Getting Out and Going On

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Chapter 21 - Rachel Stark

I cut him off, not with words, but with a kiss. And it was truly amazing. It was only a sweet kiss, but it made my whole body tingle. A shiver ran up my spine. This was one of the best moments of my life. We finally pulled away.

"Steve, I..." he just cuts me off with another kiss. Again, it is sweet and beautiful. It makes my heart dance. He pulls away, but rests his forehead against mine.

"Let's make a deal." he says in a whisper. "No near-death experiences for a while, okay?"

"Deal, I mean I just found somebody so I kinda don't want to leave their side for a while." I say, smiling while Steve chuckles. I reach out to try to hug him but when you are in a hospital bed, It doesn't happen. I break away from Steve for a minute so I can grab the remote that calls the nurses.

"Can I get a Dr. Bruce Banner in Rachel Stark's room please?" I ask.

"Rach, I was holding this the whole time. What do you need? " he asks.

"When can I go home?" I ask.

"Steve can take you home now IF: you can make sure your wounds aren't stretched for three days, and if you have a change of clothes." When he says clothes, I look over at Steve.

"I'll see you in a little bit." He says, smiling while walking out.

"And Bruce," I ask through the remote, "can you send in Natasha?"

"On my way!" I hear her yell in the background. I wait for a few minutes. The Natasha walks in.

"Sit." I order. She sits where Steve was sitting. "I need to have some sisterly girl talk."

"What did you do?" she asks.

"Well, Steve and I kissed." She smiles and gasps. "Twice." I add.

"Rachel Ellie Stark! O my gosh, that is so great!!! I am so happy for you right now!!!"

"But I don't know what to do! It was probably the greatest moment of my life thus far and I have lots of feelings for him. Should I tell him?" I ask.

"Rach, honey. You didn't see him when he brought you here. He was a mess thinking he was going to loose you. So these feelings are not one sided. I think you should tell him when the time is right. He loves you, Rach." Nat says.

"Thanks. Hey, Are you growing your hair out?" I ask.

"Nope. It is called a flat iron." she laughs. Steve walks in.

"I brought your clothes." he says.

"Nat, help me? Like shower and stuff?" I ask. She makes a face. "Hey, I've done this for you a thousand times!" I giggle. They help me up and I get into the bathroom.

After I shower and the Avengers say their goodbyes, Steve and I head back to our apartments on his motorcycle. Once we get inside, we talk about dinner and movies and stuff. But it isn't the same. The conversation is really awkward and very different from what it used to be. When he starts talking about different type of bread, I cut him off.

"Steve, I don't think we can do this right now." I say.

"Do what?"

"Ever since that kiss at the hospital, it has been really awkward between us. We have to live together and go on missions and we can't have that distracting us right now. I'm sorry if this hurts your feelings but it had to be said." When I finish, he looks shocked.

"I'm sorry."he says.

"I think we just have to stay friends." I say. "I think that is what is best for right now. Especially with David after me. Any ties to you will only make you a bigger target. And if we are dating, he won't even question you." I take a breath in shakily. "He'll just kill. And I can't let that happen. I can't have another death caused by me." I say, loosing control of my emotions. At that, he comes closer and hugs me.

"You haven't killed anyone. I'm sure." he says. I heave a dry chuckle.

"You haven't know about my kill missions then. Sometimes there are orders to storm the place and kill everyone inside. Steve, one time I had to kill an innocent girl. She was innocent! I didn't have a choice in the call that was made. She must have been ten. I was 19. And I had to kill her." I say into his chest. "I have killed before, and taking someone out never goes away. It haunts you for the rest of your life." I say. I pause then pull away. "We should probably get some sleep. It has been a long day. And it looks like you haven't gotten any sleep since I was gone." I tell him.

"Well, it is different without you here." he comments. "Goodnight." he says as he walks out of the apartment. I get to my room and just lay down in my bed crying. Remember every bad thing that has ever happened to me.

For the next few weeks/months, everything went back to normal. The Avengers went their separate ways, again. Clint went off the grid. Natasha is probably in Norway about now to do a recruitment mission. Bruce is actually liking the idea of helping S.H.I.E.L.D. He goes in about once a week to help with advanced DNA tests, or chemical threat analysis. I help him sometimes too. Tony and Pepper have gone back to their Malibu house for more rest and relaxation. Steve and I are just friends. It has gotten back to normal. We both go into S.H.I.E.L.D. on a daily basis. They rebuilt New York quickly. S.H.I.E.L.D. is no longer a secret. People know we are out there. They know that we aren't the bad guys. We are the line. Between our weird normal world and the even weirder one that lays just out of reach to the civilian population. This is a time of peace for S.H.I.E.L.D. And it doesn't happen often. So we have to take advantage of it. But when danger comes to close to the line, the world can count on the Avengers to protect what they love.

A/N: Hey all! THIS CHAPTER IS REALLY SHORT!! I am really sorry. I just needed filler. TWS is soooooo close! I can taste it! Two more chapters!!! Ughhh this is so exciting. Again sorry for the short chapter. And check out the beginning photo!! It was Hayley's Dubsmash. If you guys were following the "battle", it was The agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. vs. Peggy Carter and Jarvis. (lol) Just saying, Hayley won cause they got Chris!!!!!!! Yay! (Sorry that was thrown out there but hey, it was cute!)

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