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Tae-"uhh.. hyung I was saying that.."
Jh-"oh yes, what were you saying a few minutes ago sorry I cut you off"

Tae-"It's okay hyung,... Actually I was saying that.. uhm.." they could see the nervous laugh.
Jk eyed him like 'go ahead, be fast!'. Others also noticed this and raised an eyebrow.
Jin-"What have both of you planned?" Jin asked straightforward making kook chock on his food which he just kept on his mouth.
He laughed nervously.
Jk-"What, Hyung.. I did not say anything. Ask to Tae-hyung, Right hyung!?" He looked and more likely glared at him but he looked cute making his hyungs chuckle inside.
Taehyung nodded quickly not wanting to make the double bunny more angry.

Yg-Yeah, we know now say what you want.
Tae-"Uhmm.. hyungs I was saying that we should go out, all of us for some fun since it's too long we did not go anywhere. And we don't have any schedule for a week now. Many things have happened from past days so can take a break please ?"

Jk-"oh yes yes, and we can enjoy and rest so much... Please hyung, it is great idea... Please please pleaseeeee!! "


Jk-"Hyungggggggs... Wakeee upp!! We have to be in the airport in two hours!!"
He ran in every room... Beating the steel plate with a spoon, and before anyone could reply to him he went out of that room to next one.
They all came into the living room following the hyped up bunny while rubbing their sleepy eyes fixing their funny hairs.
Jk-"Hyungs, you all are still not ready we only have 1hour 52mins and 31 sec now!!" He said watching the clock.
Jm-"Exactly! We still have 2 hours, why are you in such a hurry we just have to shower, get ready and load our bags, which we have already packed one week ago." He said with so done and sleepy voice.
Jk-"No... You all only have to take shower and get ready see I am all ready and I also loaded everyone's bag in the car!!" His hyungs blinked and then noticed, he indeed was all ready... What in the Earth!? This creature was the hardest to wake up and now he is the one who is waking everyone at morning 4 o'clock! What the-!?
"And you Mister always late, just go and get ready you always get lateee!" He said and dragged Jimin inside his shower. And like that he pushed all of his hyungs to go shower in their respective bathrooms before coming to living room having a satisfied smell. He sat on the couch and opened a small paper.


Bucket list

1.song for Army !!(My You) - completed

2.Last Group Performance!!

3.Camping and trip !!

4.Tattoos !!

5.Some collabs for the Army to enjoy and make hyungs proud  !!

6.Releasing my own song with my emotions as a message!

7.Sky diving

(If you all have any other ideas then you can comment I will try to add that in the bucket list.)

He wrote "going to be complete" beside 'camping and trip' and folded back the paper with a content sigh and smile.

It was already 5 o'clock and still no one came, so Jungkook got tired of waiting and decided to see what's taking them so much time.

He knocked the first room, which was Yoongi's, he got no response so he slightly opened the door just to sigh and face palm. "I knew it!" He said to himself and jumped on the lump on the bed. Yoongi groaned.
Yg-"What am I going to do with you kid!" He whined.
Jungkook giggled and said "Why did you sleep again you can take a nap on the plane!"
Yg-"but I am all ready, it's just 5 o'clock what do you want us to do ... It is just a 25 min ride to the Airport."
Jungkook pouted but nodded.. "Okay but I will wake you up in just 10 mins" he said before running to other room making Yoongi chuckle.

Then it was Jin ... Who was just in the towel in front of his cup-board with arms crossed.
Jk-"Yahh Hyung, how much time are you taking.."
Jin-"I am just thinking what should I wear for the plane. I am so confused."
Jk-"You literally ordered 100 dress just a week ago hyung. Plus you still have many in front of you."
Jin-"But I packed those for the trip! And these are boring, it should suit my handsome face and look a little funny too." Jungkook facepalmed.
Jk-"What am I going to do with you hyung."
Jin-"of course you should first of all obey me and then Praise me."
Jk - "Just get ready fast hyung." He sighed and left the room giving up knowing he can't win against his oldest hyung regarding this matter.

Then next he went to Hobi's room who was trying different jackets on himself.
Jk-"Hyungie, you look cool already."
His heart smile showed up.
Jh-"Thank you Jungkookie!!"
Jk-"but Hurry up hyung it's already-" he suddenly screamed watching something for which ajhope jumped up. "5:20!?" He rushed to other room.

Then he dragged everyone like this and pushed them into their car with in 10 mins.

He sat finally sighing dramatically.
"What am I going to do with all these hyungs of mine." He shook his head dramatically getting a laugh and smack on his back from Hoseok. "Brat". And like this they happily were able to board on the plane.

It was just 5 mins, they settled themselves in the plane when Namjoon heard slow snorings from his side.

He looked only to find a sleeping Jungkook with loose seat belt in his lap. He shook his head frowning but then a smile appeared on his face. He made the belt correct and leaned back in his seat just to look again at the sleepy bunny who leaned on his shoulder to seek comfort.
Just then Yoongi was passing by, he looked at Jungkook and started complaining-"Yaah! This annoying brat literally woke all of us, from our peaceful and precious sleep and now he is sleeping like he is is the most innocent person in the world!"
But does that bunny mind? Nope! He is far from there in his dreams now. What did you guys expect? He will wake up from the noise?😂 Nahhh !! he is a heavy sleeper after all !

Namjoon laughed. -"Don't be a grumpy cat hyung. You can sleep now, no one will wake you up for some hours now." He heard Yoongi saying 'I will deal with that kid when he wakes up!' He smiled and started to drift off to sleep.


What do you guys think ? Where are they going for their trip? And should there be any difficulties or everything should be smooth like butter..... !!

🔪And don't leave before answering my questions and commenting.😅😅

🥺Actually that is the reason why I lack interest in writing....👉👈

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