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Nj-"Uh.. what is it ?"
Jk-"The song I was making .... I had not completed that and now I got all the ideas to complete that. Can you please help me hyung please..."
Nj-"ok ok but you can also do it after coming back from the schedules, you should rest for now."
Jk-"No.. I-I want to release it on our anniversary. And I just need 2-3 hours." He said with his innocent looking eyes.

Namjoon agreed, the first thing he wanted to do is allow Jungkook whatever he wants and called the manager and however without much arguements the manager allowed them to do whatever they wanted. Namjoon thanked him. As he informed Jungkook about this, he became excited and requested Namjoon to come with him, which he did. The other members went back to the dorm. They asked to post it on 13th June, which is 2days far.

Jungkook was highly focused in his studio. Sometimes asking his leader to adjust some changes and asking which is okay when he is confused. He tried the best to sing the new parts more heartly. His voice showing pure love for his loved ones for whom he is singing. Couple of hours past and Jungkook finally had the satisfaction he wanted. Saving them, he asked Namjoon to listen it a final time. The whole time, he was looking at Namjoon with expectant sparkling eyes.

Jk-"How is it Hyungie?"
Nj-"As always .. perfect!!" he said giving him a smile. In their way back to the dorm, Namjoon kept on praising him. "Yah hyung stop it.." he said blushing. Namjoon patted his back and then patted their ways to go to their rooms.

Jungkook sighed contently after getting freshed and went to his bed. 'mission song complete-finished' he thought closing his eyes. Not even 5 mins later he felt two arms hugging him, startling him but instantly calming down when he recognised the hands. "Yah hyung you scared me. You did not even made the sound of door opening or closing." He said leaning to his touch more. "Thought you are already asleep and did not wanted to wake you up. Well, now sleep we have a lot to do next" The oldest said sleepily. Jungkook did not minded because it is normal that one of them would go to anyone to make a hugging bear to sleep contently.

But now Jin came because he had a nightmare ... Nightmare of losing the youngest... This made him anxious and he came to check on him and decided to just sleep in here. The hands wrap around his younger helps him to calm down reassuring that he is here.

The morning came too soon, Jin's eyes opened to the light hitting his face. He turned to Jungkook hugging him.
Jin-"Jey-keyy~ wake up .. it's morning."
He tapped him mumbling. "Kook-ah..." But the younger did not budged from his place. The oldest kept tapping sleepily, all of a sudden he snapped up to his sitting position facing the youngest..."J-jungkook?" He called out seeing no breath movement of his chest. He took his shakky hands to Jungkook's cheeks. "Kookie? Wake up!" Suddenly Jungkook took a deep breath stretching his body and shifting in his sleep. Jin let out a sigh of relief "You scared me kiddo.. don't do that again." He whispered and proceeded to wake the bunny up which is the hardest task.

The two days went like that, waking up, travelling, performing and resting ... Without any issues everything was seeming to be fine, the song was also released and Army loved that so much... It was all right until the 4th day... while they were on their way to the Busan, Hoseok who was with sleeping Jungkook in the car noticed that he is turning pale and sweats are forming in his face, hobi took his handkerchief and wiped off the sweats and noticed the heat coming from him. He checked his forehead and neck only to find him burning.

"Jungkookie ?" He shook him awake. "Are you feeling okay ?" Jungkook looked at him with confused looks "Huh? Yeah.. why?". "You are burning up.. May be you got a fever." Without Jungkook replying, Hoseok pulled out his phone and dialled for Namjoon. He told that in 15 mins they will stop at a restaurant for lunch. And he could hear the concerned voice of his Yoongi hyung, who was with the leader.

As the leader had said they came to a sto after 15 mins. All gather near Jungkook and Jhope's car. When Jungkook was out of car. He could feel multiple hands checking his head and arms for temperature... And many concerned voices whispering and asking him if he is okay. "Yah hyung, it's just a fever, I am hungry first get the lunchhhh." He shouted on top his lungs giggling seeing the hyungs worried face.

After the lunch, They took his temperature which came to 100°F. He took some fever reducers. They decided to cancel the practice session and directly go for performance so that they could rest in that time plus they had performed so many times that it if enough of a practice. And knowing Jungkook they know they can't cancel the show.

Therefore, they did the performance it was fine but Jungkook's  voice cracked once during the high notes of song 'for youth'. After the song Armys immediately chanted "it's okay" because they knew Jungkook will beat himself so much for any single and small mistake, he also sung a little of 'my you' when they made a request. The members bid a good bye and went to back stage. Taehyung had his arm on Jungkook's shoulder, knowing he is upset. "You okay?" Jungkook nodded. "But my body is paining." He answered honestly.
"Ofcourse it would!"" I can sleep in car" he mimicked Jungkook. "Who sleeps in a car in deep sleep?" Taehyung questioned ridiculously. "Jeon Jungkook" Jk replied chuckling.

They had some time as Namjoon had to do something.
"Come here, and lay down." Taehyung said pointing to a sofa. He made him lay on his stomach, who was confuse, and began massaging him. "Yah hyung, you don't need to-" He was cut off by Tae. "Shut up idiot, enjoy my magical hands and yeah it works like this once in a blue moon so either enjoy or miss it." Taehyung said proudly joking. "I guess it is better." Jungkook laughed saying and relaxing. The bubbly nature of Taehyung made Jungkook's mood lighter, for which all were very grateful. The little massage put Jungkook in a small nap, while others were changing and taking off their make up.

Suddenly the manager clapped for their attention while entering the room. They looked at him confusingly. "Sorry everyone, I know all of you are tired but we have to leave for soul now, you guys have a important meeting. I hate to say this but it's really important, it will be just for 2-3 hours or something and then you got to have a whole week off" He said.

All of them hesitated, which was unusual answer the manager got, he forrowed his eyebrows. "Is something wrong?"
Nj-"No, but Jungkook has got an fever and I don't think travelling is good while being sick."
Mg-"oh, I will see if I can do something to delay, give me sometime." The manager looked at the sleeping boy with concern before leaving.

After sometime the manager came back and said that he tried, but could not delay as something came up. That's when Jungkook woke up, "What happened?" Jungkook asked rubbing his eyes, as he sat up. As Hoseok explained him Jimin went to check his temperature. His skin did not felt warm under Jimin's touch but he was unsure so he waited the thermometer to beep. And to his surprise the fever had really broke.
"See, I am okay, we can go hyung" Jungkook said. And all of them agreed as there was no reason to give the manager to forbid it.
Some hours later they were off for Seoul. Yoongi and Jungkook were in same car.

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