Hurtjungkook Stories

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When Will you be alright? [JUNGKOOK X BTS] by MalditadiAsh
When Will you be alright? [ Maldita Di Ash
When will you be alright? When everyone is avoiding their maknae and leaving him drowning in the sea of negative darkness. Worst that he would forget everything that was...
Baby steps  by joonmonii
Baby steps by joonmonii
when pediatrician Dr. Kim SeokJin finds a barely 1 year old baby in front of his clinic, something banged in his heart that made him want to protect him in his heart for...
Jungkook x BTS[ BTS as Brothers one- short Stories].  ( Under Editing) by Jennifer_GB
Jungkook x BTS[ BTS as Brothers Jennifer_GB
These are a bunch of oneshots between Jungkook and his hyungs. In these one shots I envision Bangtan as one big family, with Jungkook being the youngest brother and thes...
Winter bear by Malikook96
Winter bearby Malikook96
The members are going on a holiday in the mountains. Everything is fine until they wake up being snowed in. The situation is getting worse, leaving some members injured...
Blind maknae by DreamyUnicorn-25
Blind maknaeby Rainbow
What happens when bully becomes something dangerous?
Shadows Revealed | JK Centric [✓] by -Coffeekoo
Shadows Revealed | JK Centric [✓]by ☘
When Hoseok and Taehyung drive to Jungkook's school to pick him up after his classes, they least expect to find themselves confronting his bullies. ✓ Platonic BTS ✓ JK...
Golden Prince..  by DreamyUnicorn-25
Golden Prince.. by Rainbow
Jungkook, hyungs and the kingdoms.
Louder than Bombs by Malikook96
Louder than Bombsby Malikook96
A bomb went off during rehearsals leaving the members injured and trapped, but why is Namjoon feeling guilty?
Spring Day by DreamyUnicorn-25
Spring Dayby Rainbow
Continuation of story 'We Are Here', It has sad ending. It's been one year since Bts faced the terrible time with their maknae and overcame it. Everything was back to ni...
My Only Maknae [Taekook Hurtfic/Platonic] by SSears90
My Only Maknae [Taekook Hurtfic/ SSears90
[Requested][Oneshot] Jungkook gets badly injured at a concert protecting Taehyung from a shooter. In the hospital, everything seems to keep going wrong. Can Taehyung sav...
What Did I Do Wrong? by DreamyUnicorn-25
What Did I Do Wrong?by Rainbow
Some new staffs could not see the love between the youngest and his hyungs. So they made walls between the maknae and hyungs. Some haters took the advantage and hurt Jun...
The third wheel  by taekookiie9597
The third wheel by taekookiie
Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung have been dating for four years now. They are living a happy and joyful life together. They are inseparable. They loved each other since t...
Kidnapped-Jikook by EllieS84
Kidnapped-Jikookby EllieS84
Jimin and Jungkook go out for a walk and everything changes when they get kidnapped right off the street and taken far away.
They Didn't Want You, Jungkook. {Jungkook Hurtfic} by SSears90
They Didn't Want You, Jungkook. { SSears90
[Oneshot] Right before debut, the members are out for different schedules. While the others are doing photoshoots, Jin and Jungkook had free time so Jin takes him to a f...
Jungkook x BTS[ BTS as Brothers one- short Stories] Book-2 by Jennifer_GB
Jungkook x BTS[ BTS as Brothers Jennifer_GB
These are a bunch of oneshots between Jungkook and his hyungs It contains - * Brotherly one-shorts of Jungkook x BTS * No shipping [ON HOLD]