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Suga-"What happened ?" He asked seeing the distress in face of the leader.
Nj-"uhh... I don't know how we will manage but... we have to perform for 4 days consecutively including some long travelling to the venue on top of that."
Jm-"whatt!! But why I mean we can postpone it atleast gaping a day between, it would be too tight schedule not only for Jungkook but all of us. We can't risk his health hyung."

Nj-"I tried to but I think he is in pressure so he did not listened and asked the reason for it because we have done this for months in tours..First today, here that you know is kbs, tomorrow Mnet and for that the venue is 120 km far,then a small fanmeet with the performance in Gwangju and then another one in Busan. I think we have to tell him.. Jungkook?"
Jk-"I-I don't know, but I think I..I can manage.."
Jh-"But Jungkook-"
Jk-"I know hyung that you all are worried but trust me it is okay. I mean it's not like we are dancing constantly for hours and hyping up. We just have to sing 3 or 4 songs. And I promise I will not push myself. If I don't feel like doing it I can ask for help from you all. Plus I can rest in the car also."
V-"Are- are you sure ?"
Jk-"I don't know, but I guess it will be okay."
The others look a little unconvincing but they don't want to make him feel week by keeping him away from their schedules so eventually they agreed.

Jungkook's eyes lit up from that, he wants to give his all in every performances till the very last. "So can we start packing, we will be late for kbs if not!!." He sounded excited.

They agreed and went to their rooms to pack. But before that Jin made sure to make a separate bad ONLY for meds, nubelizers, oxygen cane, and other medicinal stuffs of Jungkook. Including some of the fever reducers, stomach bug meds, etc in case anyone would be sick.

Just before they would go for the schedule they decided on to get a shower. So while Jungkook was in shower he kept on thinking about the nicest humans around him. His mind came up with some lines, he quickly made it into lyrics. Doing his business in the washroom really quick, he noted down the lines in his diary which he made only to write lyrics, before even drying himself off.

All these lights are colored in by you
All these times are precious due to you
Four seasons have passed with you
Four scents were left 'cause of you

All the reasons why I can laugh out
All the reasons why I sing this song
Thankful to be by your side now
I'll try to shine brighter than now

He read it once again after writing and had a contented smile in his face. He had been working in this song for long but still he has to complete it fully.

Before he could think more there was a knock in his door so he closed hthe diary and went to open the door. "Yeah, Hobi hyung?" "Are you done?- Wait.. why are you not dried, your hair is totally wet, dry quickly or you will catch a cold." Jk chuckled. "I just got out of shower that's why don't worry I will. Are all of you ready?" -"Yeah just checking out that we did not left anything." -"Ok I am coming in 10 mins" Hoseok nodded and left. After getting ready, Jungkook grabbed his bag after adding the diary in his bag with his laptop.

The members loaded in the cars in two pairs and one triplet and moved for their first destination.

As they arrived to the destined venue. They got out of the cars waving greetings with smiles to the large crowd. Once they were inside the building, they were quickly escorted to the make up room, as they were a little behind the scheduled time. Then, were handed the outfit to were for the performance. While on the way back from the changing room. Jimin made sure that Jungkook's has his inhaler with him.

And before they can have a calm breath, they found themselves in the lift ready to be raised to the stage. Hoseok, who was beside him, gave him a gentle squeeze to his hands mouthing a 'everything will be alright.'

As soon has he was above the stage, his eyes caught the large no.of Armys waving army bombs happily as they sing together with the seven souls, in the dark room, shining with the decoration made for them. As he looked around everywhere, his mind started to say some lines..

On a starry night
Hope my you sleep tight
Shining purple light
Thankful to be by your side now

The loud chears echoed in the place as the songs came to an end. And Jungkook realised that he really did not made any mistake and hit the high notes the same way he always do taking the Army's breaths away. He saw Jimin giving him a look of 'See, I told you you can do it.', with others as happy as they always have been with Army's while performing.

I hope everything will be just like this for everytime I am able to stand here...

They bid goodbyes to the Army's after having a great time for now. As they walked in the backstage. Namjoon wrapped his arm around Jungkook having soft eyes for him.

Nj-"You did a great job. Are you okay?"
Jk-"Yeah, I am!."..Jungkook had a unusual look, and the leader knew that something is going inside his head. There was a short silence before Jungkook started "Hyung?"
Jk-"Can you please do something postpone the travel schedule to tomorrow morning... please?"
Nj-"Oka- wait! What? Are you not feeling well? Do you need something?? Tell me what's wrong."
Jk-"Yah yah don't panick I am completely fine .. it's just that I want to do something .."

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