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He started shaking, feeling dizzy, his knees buckled under him and soon found a pair of strong hand hugging him gently yet firmly to help him stand. "H-hyu-ng" he whispered, "it's okay, you are going to be okay, you will feel better." He tried reassuring him while making circles in his back.
But the vomits did not stopped until...
Until he vomitted blood and fell unconscious in Yoongi's arm. Yoongi's eyes widen with panic.
"Jungkook?! Hey JUNGKOOK!!" He calmed himself down when he could feel his heartbeat because of the one hand around Jungkook's chest, he managed to hold him up. He shifted his gaze to notice Taehyung at the door frame of bathroom, his face was full with fear and he had started to shake also.

Yg-"Tae, it's okay get the others, he is going to be okay plss don't panick, I need your help tae." He said while carrying Jungkook fully and then he laid him in the bed. He quickly hugged Taehyung. "It's okay, we have to be brave for him buddy, you will help hyung, right? " Surprisingly, tae nodded and stepped back from the hug to get others.

In the mean time, Yoongi have took some wet wipes and wiped Jungkook's face. By the time other members have already came rushing into the room. Yoongi could see Taehyung behind all of them in the door of the room, tears were running down his cheecks.

Yg-"Jimin take Taehyung to your room." Jimin looked at Taehyung and nodded at Yoongi. He knew Jimin is the only person to calm down Tae.

Yg-"He just threw up blood." His voice cracked as other looked at him too stunned to say anything.
Next, he could hear Namjoon talking to doctor.
After Namjoon declined the call he started-"I asked if we should take him hospital but he said, he is nearby for some cases and now that it has solved he will come here."
Jin took some water and sprinkled in Jungkook's face, to try to wake him up. And it worked, Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, before taking a hand to his face.
Jh-"Jungkookie?" Hoseok called out while caressing his hairs. He groaned as a answer. He curled up more leaning to the touches. Namjoon had left to bring the doctor from a street away.

Jungkook shifted sideways and found his Jin hyung so he hugged the older and cried in his chest. "P-plss ma-ke it st-stop h-hyung, it's h-hurt-ing..." His voice was hoarse, the oldest felt helpless to watch his dongsaeng suffer.
Jin-"shh bun, don't cry it will make you feel worse, I know it sucks to be sick. But you are going to be okay, doctor is coming kookie." The younger nodded and tried to calm himself with his hyungs patting.

Soon Namjoon was with a doctor in the room. Jin softly pulled the maknae out of the hug so that the doctor can check him and Jungkook was already out of conscious for exhaustion.

Doc-"He is okay, he just fainted for lack of oxygen." The doctor said while checking his pulse.
Yg-"But.. but he threw up blood."
Doc-"that's normal with lung cancer."
Jh-"normal..." He repeated unbelieving.
Doc-"I have to give him an injection for the high fever." He said while preparing an injection. Hoseok grabbed his upper arm so that he would not joggle in his sleep. Jungkook hissed slightly in his sleep at the pinch, after that he changed some medicines of Jungkook.
He also put the nubelizer on for safety as his breathing was little abnormal.
The doctor bid his good bye after that.

Meanwhile, In Jimin's room, Tae was crying uncontrollably.
Jm-"Tae plss calm down, Jungkookie is going to be okay, you will make yourself more sick tae." Jimin had Tae's head in his lap. The younger snuggled more close to his tummy.
Tae-"W-hy h-im Jimin-ah, wh-y him. He.. thr-ew up bl-ood.. and fai-nted, I.. he .. he just w-ent lim-p li-ke t-hat, why i-s he g-etting so m-uch pain."
Jimin could not see and he also started sobbing. "I don't know tae, I am sorry I don't know but we have to be strong for him. We have to help him tae and for this we ourself have to strong first." He said trying to console Taehyung and himself. As Taehyung's cried died down to sobs and slowly came to a stop he realised that he is asleep, he carefully slipped from him and brought a bowl of water and a napkin to help and lower the fever, he kept changing it till he was satisfied and then went out for Jungkook. Stepping out of the room he saw Rm and the doctor leaving so he quickly went to Jungkook.

As he stepped inside, he saw Jungkook already asleep and Yoongi, Jin and Hoseok close to him.
Hoseok turned to him.
Jm-"Sleeping, he is scared seeing Jungkook like that." Jhope nodded.
"What did the doctor said?"
Yg-"He is okay, gave him an injection for fever.. and.. and said it is common with L-ung cancer."
Jimin did not knew what to say, he could not find words. And to his relief Jin did not wait for his response.

Jin-"You guys go and rest, I am with him. I will call if needed anything." Others nodded having nothing to say as Jungkook was in deep sleep with a grip on Jin and they would not want to disturb him.

The next morning Jin woke up to Jungkook tossing and turning in his sleep, a habit of youngest whenever he felt uncomfortable. He looked fragile.. He gently removed some hair strands from his forehead and Jk leaned more to the touch.
His weak eyelids flutter apart struggling, his lips pull up in a fragile smile.
Jin smiled at that, hiding sadness. "Good morning Jungkookie." He said.
"Good night." He said simply and cuddled up to him. Jin chuckled at that but cuddled back.

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