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The next day, the three of them were discharged. They directly went to their common house, they cancelled all their schedules for one week to get three of them sufficient rest.

From the terrific incident, they did not wanted to be alone so they all end up in a room. The maknaeline with Hoseok settled in bed while others arranged the mattress in floor while talking.

Jm-"What should we do, I am bored ?"
V-"uhh.. watch a drama ?"
Jk-"Hwarang ?" He said smirking remembering how they teased him so much that he was embarrassed while watching with them.
V-"Nope!! Anything else!!" He said in no time which made others snicker.
He grabbed a TAB in which they can watch. When he went to open it-

V-"Hyung, what was the password, did anyone changed?"
Jin-"uhh.. I guess I did but I .. forgot?"
Jh-"Aish hyung" he whined.
Jin-"Let me remember, It was something short though" Taehyung passed the TAB to Jin.
Suga-"Type Jimin's name" others broke out laughing while Jimin processed what he means, when he finally got it-
Jm-"What!?... Yaah hyung you are literally just 1 cm apart, it can be your though 'Suga' is more short."
Suga-"Wanna be dead ?" Jimin pouted saying "Why am I still hear just to suffer😑"

Jin-"Yeah got it, now stop teasing him." He said with his famous windshield laughs. They picked 'All of us are dead' to watch, while they watched this zombie series they laughed remembering the run bts ep24.

Jm-"Aish hyung you and I were a team and I was only afraid hearing your sudden screams." He said to Jhope sneering.
Jh-"That was not my fault, that was really scary though." He defended himself.
Jk-"And Yoongi hyung and Jin hyung were always getting startled by camera man."
Suga-"We were not afraid. We were just giving the vibes so that Army will love watching." He said winking to Jin.
V-"Yeaah.. yeah we know." he said mockingly.
Jk-"And Tae-hyungie and I were bravest" he said, proudly raising their chests, which got nudged by Hoseok and V.
Nj-"Oh hello? I was also there.."
V-"Come on hyung you were not showing that because we two were with you."

Soon they were fully focused on the drama. As it was too long, Jungkook had already slept soundly for his high dose medicines while Jhope and Jimin were also close to fall asleep but they keep staring at the maknae and avoided the heavy eyes.

Jin-"If you are both sleepy then we can stop here." he said noticing it.
Jm-"No...I-I am afraid."
V-"Afraid of what?"
Suga-"To sleep?"

Jh-"Yes..., You know, when we were in between those horrifying flames. We really thought that.. that we are not going to see anyone again. And then Jungkook would just never wake up when we tried everything to have his consciousness back there. It was the worst scene infront of us." His lips wobbled as he tried not to cry, still looking fondly to him.
Jm-"And when we were out of that, I-We thought everything is okay but when doctor said about him... I can't hyung I can't, I am afraid that if I take my eyes away from him he will be gone. And previous time we had lots of hope but this time-" he wiped the tear that fell...
V-"I can't imagine us without him ... And I don't want to also... I don't know why it's happening to him, and why we can't do anything... He is too young for all this."
Nj-"It is the reality Tae... We can just try our best to make him happy till the very end as he wants."
Jin-"And.. what about us? What are we going to do it after that..?"
Suga-"I-We don't know hyung but I guess it is our fate to face all this..."
Jh-"That's what I am afraid of... We have faced every hardship together always as 7.. but how will we face that when one will be missing?..."
Jm-"I just wanted to be together for a very long time.. Is it too much to wish for?.."
Nj-"I.. I don't have any answers for all this, I don't think we should discuss all this now, for now we can just try to make every day best...atleast for him.." he said looking at Jungkook.

They could not sleep that night peacefully... the beautiful past lingered in front of their eyes that they have spent together, the present they are are facing as 7 and the future which always becomes a reason to be scared of. The night passed quickly just like that. No one really could sleep peacefully except Jungkook, and they knew it as short snores were constantly coming from him which felt like music to them, as those reassured that he was still there with them.

At morning when one be one everyone got up with a short rest, they let Jungkook, Jimin and Hoseok considering the three needed rest plus Jimin and Hoseok were restless the whole night so they should get some more sleep. When the other four were already up, they did their morning routine and Suga and Tae made some food for breakfast but when Namjoon got the call from a doctor they hurriedly surrounded it and listened to the doctor very carefully.

After that, they decided to wake the three and discuss about all the things for present after the breakfast.


And you can ask about the things you want to read in next chapters like what should his hyungs do to make him happy plus what he wants to do and will do, like a bucket list, I have added as much as I can and if anything else you all prefer do tell me.. I will try to add it!!

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