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One week later :

They are just one day away from their comeback date, and really excited about it. But with that there are lots of pressure on them, still they made sure that Jungkook was okay all the time .. They did as he decided that he will not got through chemos, so the doctor only prescribed some normal medicines.

The members try their best to not think about the negative side so they focused on just make every day better.
This came with spending time together more. They also realised that together the 7 are always best.

Now, as the next day was their comeback date, they have to perform it on kbs world [Live].

And they were worried for Jungkook, because they don't want to push Jungkook to do the highnotes, knowing it may affect his health. And Jungkook, well he was afraid that if he can't hit the notes he will disappoint Army.

Not only Amry but some of the family members of his Members will also be there to support them which include his own brother, if he mess up then surely his brother would doubt because he know that his younger brother will never miss it if there is nothing important. So here he is at the balcony of their shared house with a cup of warm green tea.

He was in deep thoughts that he could not hear the sound of door opening and closing. So when Jimin placed his hands on his shoulder he jumped out in surprise, placing his free hand in his chest. "Yaahh!! You shorty hyung I could not even see you when you came."
-"hey!! How can you see me when you are seeing opposite side. And for the billionth time I am not shot!! " He said laughing, nudging Jungkook. They enjoyed each other Company looking at the sun setting.
Soon both of them stoped laughing about silly things when Jungkook confessed.
"What if I mess up, tomorrow" he said without making eye contact.
"It's so long we have performed live like this, Armys have lots of expectations.. what if I do not hit the notes like I did while recording."
"There will be no difference" he said taking his hands.
"Because.. do you remember when my throat was not in good place, and I had to missed some high notes for that,or when Taehyung was sick in a concert and he skipped some lines for tha. There Armys were the ones who started singing and supported. Believe me, Army can never be disappointed at you. And if anyone say anything then they are just haters not a true Army." He said cupping his face.
"But what if I ruin our first
performance of comeback."

"You will not.. You can just sing those in slightly low note, it will be fine. I know that, beside Armys like your voice however you sing. You should not worry about that." The older kept on reassuring him.

"But.. uhh.. can you promise me?" The oldest maknae was confused."About what?"..
"Can you please help me when I sing those notes, You can sing with me to cover it up, I am sorry if I am burdening but-"
"Hey hey stop right there, you are never burdening. It is just a hard time. And yeah I can sing with you but it will be just fine without any voice-"

"Please hyung.. You don't know.. you don't know that I.. I had many tips from you to hit the right notes in right pitch. It was for you that I could do it."
"So, now you would except that you copy me? " He said joking. He felt his heart fill with emotions to listen to all this but at the same time he did not want to let his emotions control him so he joked.
"Yah.. I did not meant that but please.." he whined.
"ok ok I promise but if I see the need of it at that time. Then only.. ok?"
"ok!!" He cheered jumping on his hyung to hug him.

"Let's go to sleep, we have a long day tomorrow." He and Jungkook got in a same bed after Jimin made sure that he had taken his after supper med.

Jungkook pulled Jimin closer to him and snuggled in his chest. Jimin cooed,"You big baby..". "You are warm and nice in this cold weather. Let me sleep.." Jimin ruffled his hair softly as both drifted off to sleep.

The morning came with lots of energy and excitement to the members. The music video would be published in just less than hours. The members have done all their work already and now they are together in the hall, waiting for the music video to be released.

V-"Hyung, it's just seconds away to be released, let's just count.. " The tv screen plays the pre-release listening party, and BTS together means chaos ensures.

As the songs with some memories added, came to an end it starts countdown. The others started cheering!!





1... YEAAHHH!!

As the music blasted in the room, all the memories of past years came in their mind as this comeback is based on their pasts, this music video summaries their musical career... They screamed chaotically for the scenes that came from the old mvs..

"That's Just one day !!"


"That's from stay gold!!"

"Woahh Jin hyung, that's from Blood sweat and tears!!"

"Spring day!"


"Ahh the best one! No more dream!!"

Jm-"it came out really well, I hope Army would like it."
Suga-"This really assembles our musical history so well !"

They kept on recalling their past moments. They were pulled out to from the thoughts of past when Namjoon received a call from his manager.

Nj-"Thank you hyung...  yeah we saw it together... I know and we had already prepared for tomorrow's performance...... WHAT!?(the members looked at him as he sat up and tensed up) ...no.. But why .. uh.. I.. I will discuss with members... Umm... Ok byee."

Namjoon looked at others and tried to calm himself before saying.
He knew that it is not good for Jungkook.

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