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Jh-"It was short circuit, we saw the switch board emitating firesparks. But before we could get out it spreaded in a blink."
Jm-"And we tried a lot to open the emergency exit. But it did not opened even after three of us pushed together! And the smoke only grew and suffocated us. It was so scary."
Jh-"It was more terrible when we saw Jungkook fainted."
Nj-"I had already asked to find the reason and-" he was cut off as his phone rang. It was a staff. He put the call in speaker so that all can hear.

-"Uh.. sir we got the reason for this fire, it was due to the short-circuit caused because of old wires, and the emergency door was also not maintained and oiled to work in time."
Nj-"But we were informed that, the building was checked every year to avoid this type of disasters and it was safe there!! " He said raising his voice.
-"Yes, it was but this time, those officers did not informed that we should change the wires or maintain this or that so we thought everything is okay but now we came to know that it was there mistake which they thought that it is okay neglect those.". They all became furious.
NJ-"It could have even worse! Just complain about them and get them fired! The three of them could have just died for this! How can anyone neglect regarding this type of things!!" They yelled through the phone.
-"Yes-yes sir." They cut the phone.

V-"How can one be this irresponsible!!"
Jin-"they literally have some type of thick brain to do this."

As they continued to talk they wondered what is taking the doctors this much time to inform about Jungkook. Suga and Jin got tired of waiting and they decided to go near ER.

When they reached there, a doctor just came out, both went near him.

Jin-"What is going on, what is taking this much time to inform us about him!"
Doc-"Please wait for some-"
Suga-"WHAT WAIT !! HUH WHAT WAIT? WE ARE LITERALLY WAITING FOR HOURS NOW!! IF YOU CAN'T TREAT HIM LET US TAKE TO ANOTHER HOSPITAL. LET US MEET HIM NOW!! YOU-" Jin held his hand to stop screaming as all the peoples were gathered and listening to him.
Jin-"Yaah calm down!" He looked back to the doctor.
Jin-"I am sorry for him. Please don't mind he is just tensed." He said bowing.
Doc-"It's okay, I can understand but for now I can't tell anything, it's just that Jungkook is finally recovering to wake up but still we have some confusion for his diagnosis therefore we are taking time."
Jin-"What do you mean by diagnosis ? He did not had any health problems recently-"
Doc-"Sorry sir I can't explain now, once he is fully awake and we get the results of some emergency tests we did, it will be all clear" he said and left from there.

Jin-"Yoongi, you have to control your anger I know you are worried but you can't take it out on people." He said softly.
Suga-"I-I know, I tried but I don't know why I just snapped out without thinking. I am sorry-" he said looking down.
Jin-"It's okay, let's go back to others" the younger one nodded and they head back to others.

Jh-"Hyung? Did you got any update of Jungkook?"
Jin-"No, a doctor just told that they have did some emergency tests and Jungkook is waking up. I guess he have wake up."
Jm-"If he is awake then why can't we see him hyung"
Suga-"I-we don't know, he did not said anything else."
V-"I-Is there anything serious?"
Nj-"I hope it's not. He have already suffered a lot.."

Meanwhile with Jungkook-

He opened his eyes squinting, first he was met with his older doctor. He looked at him confused but then he remembered the fired, he ignored about the doctor and asked him-
"Are .. are Jimin hyung and- and Hoseok hyung fine ?" The voice came raspy.
"Yes they are totally fine, they just got some light burns like you" the doctor said and pointed to his arms.
"ooh.. where are they?"
"They are resting in room and your other brothers are also there."
"Oh-k" he looked around the room and noticed that it is not normal hospital room "Why am I here -?" He was cut off by a nurse.

"Sir here is the test-results" she handed him the report papers.
The doctor's expression changed to frowning ones, Jungkook noticed it.
"Is there any problem?" The doctor looked at him and sighed.
"The cancer is back" Jungkook looked at him wide eyed.
"Again?" He mumbled.
"Yes, and I am sorry but it is not fully treatable now" he was more shocked now. Jungkook did not said anything as he went to a deep thought while he was being shifted to a room.

The family doctor asked the another one to inform his hyungs while he checked some reports. He followed the instructions.

Doc-"Well.. he is awake and you can see him but-"
Nj-"What but?!"

Doc-"I am sorry he does not have much time."

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