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Taehyung got fresh and the whole time he was thinking about how to apologise to everyone since he knew, he messed up pretty badly.

When he stepped out of his bathroom he was immediately startled by a bunny like a human, right in front of him.

Jk-"hyung! Are you a girl you took more than an hour!! I went downstairs but except you all were there so go and ask them now!"

Taehyung placed his hand on his heart."Yaah! You scared the hell out of me. Wait... what should I ask?" He teased by putting a fake confused face.
Jungkook whined.
Jk-"Hyuunggg~ I know you are acting please I want to go! Otherwise.. otherwise I will not talk to you... Please hyungie🥺"
Seeing his pouting face Tae chuckled nodded and caressed his cheeks. "Okay, don't worry I will do whatever I can."

Both got out of the room but Jungkook stopped at the stairs and said he would come later as he has something to do in his room and by his expression Tae knows he is going to do something mischievous and Taehyung goes downstairs. He could see his youngest hyung getting nervous while taking steps.

Taehyung slowly went to the kitchen and could see most of them in the dining table , hobi sipping his coffee, Suga and Jimin preparing breakfast and Jin and namjoon with their phones.

Tae-"G-good morning hyungs" the hyungs eyed him for a moment before getting back on their things... while Taehyung's head was lower "I-I am sorry" he waited for any reply but did not get any. "Please don't ignore me hyungs, I am really sorry" he whispered but all of them heard anyway since it was pindrop silence.

Jin sighed and put his phone aside. "So what do you expect Kim Taehyung."
Tae-"beat me, put my brain in its place ...anything... Just don't ignore me." He was still gazing at the floor but now it was blurry due to water that is forming in his eyes.

Jh-"You know that what you did was wrong, Right?"
He nodded.
Tae-"I promise, I will never do anything like that again. Why didn't you slap me at that moment? I just hurt not only Jungkook but everyone. I don't know why I was so stupid."
Hoseok got up from his seat and back-hugged Tae.

Taehyung simply leaned on him. "I know what I did was very wrong and unacceptable. I understand if you will not forgive me."

Rm-"You regret it, right?"
Taehyung hummed. "So much.. I wish I could turn back time. I ruined some peaceful moments and hurt everyone."

Suga-"Since you have understood, we forgive you." He said and everyone smiled. And Taehyung snapped his head not expecting.his eyes shining with hope "Really?"
Jin-"Yes, cause I know our bear is a little foolish and innocent to do something like this." They chuckled including Tae.
Tae-"but how can you forgive me so easily." He said and thought before thinking about the reason and smiled. "Oh yes, I know why!"
Jm-"You guessed Right Kim   Taehyung!" He smiled remembering the moment.

FLASHBACK when a bunny jumped and climbed down the stairs and wished everyone good morning hopping here and there, while everyone had a gloomy expression for the last night incident.

Seeing this he hugged one by one and then lastly to Jin. He hugged his shoulder from behind as he was sitting on the sofa.
Jin-"Did you sleep well?"
Jk-"Very well!"
Jk-"Please don't be angry with Tae hyung. He did not mean to say those things to me."
Jin looked at him slightly turning sideways. As Jungkook rested his head on shoulder.
"He was just scared hyung."
Jm-"That does not mean he can do and say anything and hurt anyone."
Jk-"Hyung, he did not say those to 'anyone', he said it to us, to his family and family don't get angry while one says his inner thoughts right?"
Jh-"but Jungkookie, he hurt-"
But Jungkook cut him off.
Jk-"He did not want to hurt me or any of us hyung... I- I heard you last night after you talked to him hyung. He just could not find a way to express his emotion. And families always forgive each other, so Can you please forgive him. He really feels guilty enough I don't think we should punish him anymore hyungie."

Rm-"How do you know that he is guilty enough?"
Jk-"I already talked with him after we woke up hyung."
Jin-"So, you are saying that you both have already made up and you have already forgiven him."
Jungkook nodded as yes and smiled cheekily.
Suga-"Today's kids are superfast."
Jh-"So, if you have forgave him then who are we to say anything... But..."
Jk-"But?" Jin pulled him to stand in front of him since he was still behind him, behind the couch.
Jin-"But what about you?... What about the things you said to me?" He asked softly caressing his hand with the thumb by which he is holding him.
Jk-"I am okay hyung ... I was just a little emotional at that moment. But I am fine now." He could not make eye contact with them.
Jin-"I am not falling like this Jungkook. Look at me!" He said softly yet sternly and Jungkook did, he could see the trust in his eyes.
Jin-"Promise me, you will never even dare to think like that ever again, neither on your own nor when someone makes you feel like that. Do you promise?"
Jk-"I promise hyung, but my thinking is not in my control hyungs, even when I try it does not get diverted."
Suga-"Then you can talk to any of us, but if your stupid mind thinks something negative about our maknae then no one would be worse than me. Do you understand Jeon Jungkook?"
Jk-"yes, Mr. Min Yoongi" he said in the same tone teasingly. He heard him saying 'brat' light heartedly.

Jm-"Jungkook just know that it is our fate, and we will come over it together. Okay?"
Jk-"Yes, I will try my best to do that." Now that everything is settled I have to go to that bear I know he would not come on his own, I will drag him downstairs! Did he forget what I said to him!!" He huffed before going back upstairs making his hyungs chuckle.


Tae-"Jungkookie ? Right?" They nodded. "I don't deserve him... How can I do that to him." He said sadly.
Rn placed his hands on his shoulders.
Rm-"What happened is already done... Now we could only learn from that and never repeat that mistake in the future.. do you understand.  "
Taehyung nodded.

Suga-"okay guys, now it is enough drama. Let's have a peaceful breakfast now."
Tae-"He said he is in his room, he needs something to do." "Hyungs I want to say some-"
Jh-"yah! say that while eating, I am so hungry!"

Jm-"Wait, let me call him." he took a few steps to go near the stairs before shouting "JUNGKOOK-AH!"

"COMMING JIMIN-SHIIIIII" Jimin stood there with a pout while other giggled out... Yeah just another normal day in Bangtan's house.
After a few minutes Jungkook was there, he sat at the table since others had already taken theirs.

Taehyung was in front of Jungkook so Jungkook stared at him like he is asking if he asked hyungs, to which Taehyung nervously laughed and Jungkook knew he did not. He glared at him which was cute to Taehyung but he could also translate from his expression that 'TALK WITH HYUNGS NOW!!'..

Meanwhile, Hoseok noticed these since he was at the end chair.
Jh-"What's going on between you two?" He raised an eyebrow. To which both laughed to cover that up . And everyone's attention was now on them.

Tae-"uhh.. hyung I was saying that.."
Jh-"oh yes, what were you saying a few minutes ago sorry I cut you off"

Tae-"It's okay hyung,... Actually I was saying that.. uhm.."

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