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It is one of the old published chapters but I added half of the chapter more since I thought it was short.
And please do read "Young forever" new story of just 1k words to know why the story was not updated till now.

Jh-"Than tell me, what you wanted to prove saying like that!?"
Tae-"I.. I thought..... That day, when he fainted suddenly... I-I was so scared and that reminded me that-that if just fainting him cause too much hurt than how will I cope with his de-.." he chocked on that word and began crying.
"I can't do that h-hyung I ca-n't". Jhope pulled him to his embrace. "I thought if I would get distant from him then-then may be I would suffer less. And I don't know what was inside my mind at that time that I thought if I would say something like that and when Jungkook would know it than he will be too angry with me to ever come near me and it would hurt less when I can't be with him, So I said that. I am really sorry hyung, I really did not meant it... I don't know why I was being selfish.. I am so-sorry that I am selfish but I really can't see him like this. I want my healthy m-maknae back hyung, I want him to play, dance and sing with me like before... And thinking that sometime after he would n-not be there it scared me too much that I decided to go fa-r from hi-m. But then when Yoongi hyung said me to think of it again, I-I realised it would be too hurtful for Jungkook to listen that, and I regret it now hyung. I am sorry I was being selfish. I am such a bad hyung!"

Jhope gently patted his back while listening to him, his heart softened by listening all this.
Jh-"Tae, I know you did wrong but you can't change the past, what's done is done. Now you can just try do better. And I know you will do better right tae?" He smiled softly.
Tae nodded in his shoulder.

Jh-"Come on tae, it's too late it's been a long night you should sleep."
Tae-"Hyung but I can't sleep, the guilt is eating me, C-can I talk with J-jungkook?" But before Hoseok could answer he continued.
"No.. no! What would I say to him, that I was dumb enough to be selfish, no I can't face him. Hyung I-I can't , why I did that !! What the hell was I trying to do!" He cried and Hoseok worked up to calm him down.

Jh-"Calm down Taehyung, panicking and crying would not do anything better, but you have to gain his trust back just have faith in yourself, you love your little brother right ? And you know brotherhood is the strongest bond in the world as much as I believe. So don't overthink now, take rest for now and with a new day start to do better tomorrow okay ?"
Taehyung calmed down and nodded.

Hoseok took him to his room and made sure that he fell asleep before he got back to the common room where all of them had a stress line in their foreheads, thinking deeply.
He told them everything that Tae spilled out from his mouth which almost melted their heart. They could feel the same but that doesn't mean they would get far from Jungkook.

Meanwhile Jungkook was listening to all this outside the room he had woken up from a dream, listening there he felt bad for Taehyung. He silently went back to his room.
Other hand the hyungs are still awake thinking how to solve all this.
Jin-"What are we gonna do this with these two both were crying and thinking one hates another. When we know that they can't, none of us can..." He somehow chuckled thinking
When finally sleep was overtaking them, they decided to go for bed though it was almost 4 a.m .

Jimin decided to check on the maknae and Taehyung for the last time this night to make sure they were okay.
When Jimin opened the door of Jungkook's room. He frowned seeing and remembering Jin saying that he was getting his bag out he immediately panicked which made everyone to come to him.
Jin-"What happened !?"
Jimin-(almost tearing up) "W-where is Jungkook? He is not even in bathroom!"
Jh-"Hey, calmed down let's check the dorm first." And all were sprinting from there to different directions.

Finally, when Namjoon checked on Taehyung's room, he took a deep breath of relief seeing both the cute maknaes in bed silently snoring, Jungkook had his arms around Taehyung. He silently gathered others in the door frame. They were confused to see Jungkook as why would he go to sleep with Tae after what happened few hours ago. For now, they shrugged it off to give the maknaes a quite peaceful sleep.
Suga-"Aish, thess maknaes are going to give us grey hairs early." He said being so done.
Jin-"Let's just hope that tomorrow would be a new and better day. Well, not tomorrow I mean today" he chuckled seeing the time.

Finally they were able to get a few hours of sleep, keeping the tension aside.

When the sun rose up in the sky, Taehyung was first to get up, he was stunned to see Jungkook right on his side sleeping peacefully. He felt guilty by just looking at the sleeping figure. He shifted and layed sideways to hug the maknae, he buried his face in his neck as he began crying and started mumbling almost in an inaudible voice to not wake him.

-"I am sorry Kookie, I don't know what came into my mind that time. I am really sorry for hurting you, I will make it up to you. You can punish me as you want. You know I am so stupid but please don't throw your this stupid hyung from being around you, I will-"

He went silent when he heard a chuckle.

He heard a chuckle and looked up to see Jungkook with his bunny smile and Tae got red with embarrassment.

He turned around not able to look into Jungkook.
"You are silly hyung."

Taehyungs eye filled with unshed tears. "I am not silly.. I am dumb! Dumb enough to hurt you. Dumb enough to hurt myself more by hurting you. I am so sorry Maknae, I know I did wrong and its not something forgiving but still can you please forgive me. You can Punish me and best the shit out of me. But please don't hate me.." he stopped when Jungkook hugged him tightly.

"I can't hate you hyung, And I forgive you just please don't say that again." He mumbled sadly.

Taehyung hicuped."Thank you Jungkookie, just know that I never meant any word, I was just stupid enough to think that if I make myself distant from you then it will hurt less. And Thank you for forgiving me."

Jungkook nodded."I did not forgive you hyung." He said fake sternly controlling his laugh seeing the Tata mic face. "But I can if you do what I want you to."
Taehyung's eyes shined with hope."I will do everything that you want me to!"

Jungkook suddenly pouted like a baby bunny. "I want to go to a camp like we do in bon voyage. Please hyungie, hyungs would not listen to me saying travelling is not good for me, but I promise I will be okay and will take care of myself, beside you all will be with me too! Please hyungie pretty please!!!!!!!" He whined.
"Jungkookie, you know Hyungs will not grant it. It will not be easy beside they will get angry even if we mention it since we just finished the concerts!"
Listening this Jungkook sat up on the bed with arms and legs crossed and pouting angrily.
"Then I am not forgiving you!" He whined.
"Jungkook please try to understand-" Taehyung also sat but was immediately startled by the sudden head lock from the younger. The younger held his ear in one hand and screamed right in his ear. "BUT I WANT TO GO! AND I DONT KNOW HOW BUT YOU WILL CONVINCE HYUNGS AND IF YOU CANT THEN THERE WILL BE NO ONE WORSE THAN ME! DO YOU UNDERSTAND KIM TAEHYUNG!! I WANT TO GO!"

"YES, YES I WILL CONVINCE HYUNG HOWEVER BUT LEAVE ME PLEASE, MY POOR EARS ARE GOING TO BLEED! ...AHH ..AHH." Jungkook loosened his hold but still kept him in head lock position and smiled. "Promise?"
-"yeah yeah but please leave me" he fake cried.
"Hehe ok, bye I want to go to washroom for so long but for you I could not!" He huffed and sprinted to the washroom.
Taehyung sighed as he dropped in the bed exhausted,"Aish this double bunny, I should have remembered my words 'fear the double bunny', now get up Kim Taehyung, you have to apologise to hyungs and then complete this mascular man's demand otherwise your body would be buried 6 feat under the ground!" He said to himself and got up.

Taehyung got fresh and the whole time he was thinking to how to apologise to everyone since he knew, he messed up pretty badly.

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