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Jin could not stop himself but run to him and engulf him in a tight hug. "Jungkookie, no! what are you doing you are not going any where!!"
"B-but" Jungkook started but he was stopped by Jimin.
"No! listen to hyung, come here" He gently guided him to bed and sat on the edges.
Jin found Jungkook's weary eyes having pain.

"Bunny?" Jin called softly.
-"I am okay hyung, p-please leave me alone." His voice trembled, eyes avoiding the older.
-"You know kookie, hyung can't do that.. How can I leave when our bunny is crying? You don't know how hard everyone are resisting themselves to not rush in the room."
Jungkook fiddled with his fingers.

"I know you have numerous of thoughts in your mind right now. But just know.. I-I don't know what's going on with Taehyung but I am always with you Jungkook, and you know whatever he said is not-" he was cut off by Jungkook.
Jk-"IT IS THE TRUTH HYUNG!" He said sternly, tears started rolling down his cheeck."Plss don't make me feel guilty saying it's not!.. I know I have already dragged everyone down and I am too selfish to deny this comfort... I am S-sorry.... I really am.." he broke down.
On the other hand Jin was fuming with anger on Taehyung when he heard all this from Jungkook. 'Why you did it tae, you are not the same caring boy I know, why did you hurt him when he need us the most now.'

He pulled the younger in a hug again.
"It's really not your fault Jungkook, it's nobody's fault... It is our faith what will lead to future but at present we will just try everything to be better." He said gently patting the younger. With some more comforting words he made him calm down down a little.
He made him comfortable for sleep as he put his head on his lap and started patting his head.
Suddenly Jungkook asked with an exhausted voice..
"Do Tae hyung-ie hate me now hyung? Is that why he was ignoring me all these time?" A silent tear escaped his eyes.
"I don't know Kookie.. I mean I am sure he could never hurt you but I don't know what's wrong with him, he was all fine some days ago... But you don't think anything else than focusing on yourself. It will be better soon." He felt the younger nod in his lap, tired to put more energy in any conversation.

"You don't hate me hyung, do you?" He whispered but Jin heard anyways. He was shocked to listen it, "W-what? Jungkook no !! I could never hate you!!" Jin said a little loud "Don't think like this Jungkook, there is no fault of yours in anything it's just a bad time, no one hates you!". He hummed and sighed and closed his half open eyes, the gentle patings pushing him to a welcoming slumber.

After some time when the youngest's uniform and calm breathing assured the older that he is deep asleep he slowly slipped himself from him, replacing a pillow. He covered him in blanket, switching off the lights he made his way out of the room.

He searched for others and found them in common room.  As soon as others noticed him they instantly buried him in many questions.

Jin-"Yaah!! Take a breath all of you!" He made them stop from rumbling questions. "He is sleeping now."
Jin bit his lips. "When I first went in, he was almost getting his bag out and- and he believes Taehyung's words."
"He thinks Taehyung hates him, Hell he even asked me if I hate him!!" He let out his words with frustrated tone.

The others could not believe, they thought Jungkook would be really very angry to Taehyung but instead he was taking his words as truth!

After Jin said everything to them regarding what he and Jungkook said, they fell in silence. They all had just one question... How did Taehyung even think like that!?...

Jin-"Where is Taehyung ?"
Nj-"When I went to kitchen for water, he was not in living room.. so may be in his room?"
Jh-"I will go for him." He said and walked out of the room.

He first went to his room, but he was not there, he again looked in the living room but did not found him. Atlast there was only one place he knew Taehyung could be.

He walked out of the dorm to the backyard.. and there he was sitting timidly with his knees pressed to the chest, looking blindly to the distant trees.

Jhope silently went towards him and kept an hand on his knees, due to which Tae flinched. Hoseok sat down beside him.
Jh-"You okay?"
V-"Yeah.. what would happen to me-" he whispered blankly not having an emotion but an unusual silence.
Jh-"Tae, I know you are struggling with something, you are not the tae I know, tell me what happened, I will not judge I promise." Taehyung moved his focus to Hobi's face.
V-"Why? Why do you want to listen me? Are not you angry?" He asked a little softer than the last time.
Jh-"It would be a lie if I say no but it's not yes either."
Taehyung stayed silent..
Jh-"Tae, if you don't say anything to anyone than how would we know that what's wrong."
Tae-"You don't need to worry about me, take care of Jungkookie hyung, I am okay."
Jh-"That's what I am saying, for taking care of Jungkook, first we have to be fine. You know he cried himself to sleep thinking that you hate him." Tae snapped his head towards Jhope.
Jh-"You heard right tae, he thinks that's why you have been ignoring him, he even doubted that all of us hate him. He really thinks that he is dragging us down."

Jhope noticed Tae's eyes brim with tears.
Tae-"I didn't wanted him to think lik-e that." His voice cracked.
Jh-"Than tell me, what you wanted to prove saying like that!?"
Tae-"I.. I thought..."

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