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They were just few kilometres away from their dorm when Yoongi woke up, he turned to his left to see a cute bunny sleeping with his head hanging forward, one hand grabbing the seatbelt lightly in sleep, the neck pillow in the ground. Aish.. this kid.. he is going to have a sore neck.. Picking the pillow he placed it on his neck and then gently moved he head to lean on it. He frowned when he felt his skin warm. Huh? Fever ? Again ?. ... Oh god why can't you let him live for a moment.... He quickly opened his phone and texted in group in which Jungkook was not there and they titled it as "Kookie's protection squad", ofcourse the name is given by Taehyung.

[Kookie's Protection squad]

Yg- Jungkookie have a fever.

Jm- Again ?

Jh- Is he awake ?

Yg- Ofcourse not if yes than why would I have msgd here!

Nj-Is the temperature bad?

Yoongi again kept his hand on his forehead, Cheek and neck.

Yg-No, but he is really warm.

V- Why it's happening to him again and again.

Nj- We should take him to doctor for an appointment.

Jin- Yes, it's not good to have fever like this.

Yg- Should I wake him up and get him his medicines ?

Jin-No, Let him sleep he might feel like shit after waking up sick.

Jh-Inform us if he gets worse.

Yoongi shifted his phone and gazed back to the maknae, he looked pale but atleast peaceful in his slumber.
After some time he began to shift uncomfortably, before opening his eyes. He looked at his hyungs after rubbing his eyes.

Yg-"Awake sleepy head ?" He asked softly.
Jk-"hmm, but look who is saying." Jungkook teased back.
Yg-"Yaah!" He smacked lightly. Making them giggle. Jungkook watched as his hyung got an bag and took out some snacks and medicines. He whined leaning back to the headrest when he started to feel his own body burning.
Yg-"It's okay, may be your body is exhausted after this tight schedule." Jungkook nodded and ate the snacks and medicines.

After sometimes also he did not feel any better, he took out his belt and leaned in his hyungs shoulder instead and Yoongi knows this little gesture very well, Jungkook always do that when he feel absolutely crap and seek comfort from his hyung. He ruffled his hair.

Yg-"You don't feel good ?"  Jungkook nodded.
Yg-"It's okay we are just few minutes away from home."

As they reached the dorm, first all of them went to get freshed but not before checking Jungkook. And to add more, Taehyung have also developed an fever.
As soon as Jungkook got changed, he laid down in his bed not wanting to go downstair for dinner, he feels dizzy, head aching and his stomach hurts, He just wants to close his eyes for now. He heard a knock in his door. "Door is open!" He answered. When he felt Jimin's hand on his cheeck, carressing softly he let out a content sigh.

Jm-"Kookie, you can sleep after eating lunch. Let's go after having your medicines you will feel better." At the thought of food, his stomach has started to flip on itself.
Jk-"plss hyung, I don't feel like eating."
Hyung.. Jk only call Jimin as hyung when he don't really feel good or when he is upset.
Jm-"I know Kook-ah, therefore , hyung made some soup, it will not upset your stomach. You need some food in you." Jungkook nodded understandingly.
Jm-"Do you want me to bring the soup here?"
Jk-"No, it's okay.." he said sitting up.

Both made their way to the dinning area, where others had already took seats and food was already set. Taehyung and Jungkookie had their soups and all had a stern eyes in them with a look of 'complete all of it!'. "We are trapped hyung" Jungkook chuckled to Taehyung, Tae chuckled too "We are sick buddies now, aren't we?." Both giggled.

Yg-"What's with the whisperings."
V-"Nothing, sick buddies secret talks!" He winked to Jungkook.
Though he was not feeling well he did not wanted to have their usually dinning chaos with silent.

Suddenly, Namjoon clapped his hands for gaining attention.
Nj-"Guys, I cancelled the meeting, clearly we are not in shape of doing any shit meeting."
Jh-"How did you managed to call it off hyung, I mean they were too stern with it."
Nj-"I have my way" he smirked.
(They don't know but as soon as he stepped inside his room, he called one of their management member and scolded the shit out of him because when he kindly asked to cancel the meeting cause two members are sick, he said no rudely. So he said that he don't care what they do with that fu**ing meeting but his members need good rest for now.) Jin understood it and said them to continue eating.
Jin-"I have fixed a doctor's appointment for Jungkook and Taehyung."
"Hyungggg~" both whined together but Taehyung knew it was also a way to get Jungkook to doctor and he would not be ready for it alone.
"No tantrums!" Hoseok said smacking tae lightly, to which Tae and Jungkook pouted.
After the dinner, Taehyung and Jungkook ended up in Tae's room together for the night, wrapping eachother in a tight hug for warmth cause though their body was burning with fever, they felt cold. Once, the members were satisfied that the two don't need anything, they went to sleep though they had mental note to check on them every hour. They had already placed two buckets on either sides for just in case and an extra blanket near their feat also.

At the midnight Jungkook woke up feeling uneasy, he carefully unwrapped himself from Taehyung to not wake the older.
As soon as he sat up his stomach flipped and he rushed to washroom, clamping a hand to his mouth.

He vomitted violently in the sink and soon felt a soft hand circling his back for comfort. Yoongi hyung... He had woke up to check on the two ... "It's okay, hyung got you."

He started shaking, feeling dizzy, his knees buckled under him and soon found a pair of strong hand hugging him gently yet firmly to help him stand.
But the vomits did not stopped until...
Until he vomitted blood ... And ...

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