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Namjoon has already called an ambulance knowing it is not a small thing to deal with themselves.
Just then the fire fighters were there and already some of them were preparing to go inside, while others tried to bring the fire under control .

"Jimin-Hobah help is here, don't pass out just for some more minutes,please hold on for us" Jin spoke through the phone, he prayed for their safety. Just after listening to Jin they saw some figures approaching them. they placed the masks in their faces. "first*Cough*take him" Jhope said pointing to the maknae in their arms. Two of the firefighters carried Jungkook who was completely unconscious while two pair of fire fighters help Jimin and Jhope to drag themselves by supporting them placing each hands on their Shoulders.

As soon as Jungkook was outside, the fighters placed him in the stretcher, causing other outside members to rush to him while Namjoon asked for the other two. Soon they saw Jimin between two fire fighters, eyes threathening to get closed, followed by Jhope. Jin almost approached him as the oldest maknae fainted, causing him to jump and catch from the fire fighters. "Hey! Hey Jimin ?!" He tapped his face to wake him up and seeing him opening his eyes, he took a breath, unaware he was holding. When Jin looked at Hoseok, he was no better with Taehyung rubbing the rappers back.

The three were rushed to the nearest hospital in Ambulance and the members were following behind the Ambulance. As soon as they reached the hospital they were quickly taken to the ER, while Jimin and Hoseok was awake and taken to same room, Jungkook was still unconscious and in different room. It was only an hour which felt like forever to other anxious members in waiting room, when a doctor came.

Doc-"Park Jimin, Jung Hoseok and Jeon Jungkook ?"
The four members immediately jump up and surrounded the doctor.
Nj-"Are they okay ?"
Doc-"Yes, Park Jimin and Jung Hoseok are totally okay, there are only some light burn marks in arms which will fade in few days but now we have kept them in oxygen because they inhaled too much of smokes, so I guess it is good if we keep them for one night under observation."
Suga-"Okay but ... What about Jungkook?" Another doctor came from Jungkook's room.
Doc-"About him, I am confused that why he is not responding to the treatment, he also has some minor burns but it will go away with time . Therefore I came to ask if  he has any medical history ?" They looked at each other,fear filling them
Jin-"uh.. yeah he had lung cancer .. but ..but he was totally fine and cancer-free."
Doc-"Oh-ok, please send me about all the treatment details and it will be much good if we can talk with that doctor."
Nj-"Ok" he immediately excused himself and then dialled to Jungkook's Doctor and began explaining about the situation.

V-"Can we see them."
Doc-"Yes, Jimin and Hoseok are being shifted in room and they are resting so after shifting you can and regarding Jungkook, he is still unconscious so I guess after getting him correct treatment we will allow. Please inform us as soon as his doctor comes."
Suga-"Ok thank you" the two doctors then went back to Jungkook's room.

Few minutes later a nurse came to them and asked to follow her to a room, where both of them are shifted.

They thanked the nurse and stepped in the room.

Both of them were sleeping, oxygen mask placed in and hands having ointments for the burn wounds

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Both of them were sleeping, oxygen mask placed in and hands having ointments for the burn wounds. Jin and Namjoon made their way to Hoseok and Taehyung and Suga beside Jimin.

Then Namjoon received the call from Jungkook's older doctor. He told them that he have arrived here and they have started to treat Jungkook.

Tae-"When will both wake up ?" He said looking between both boys.
Jin-"They need rest Tae, they were trapped in fire, they must be suffocated." He said looking at Jhope's wound, caressing his legs.

After some time Jimin started to move a little.
Suga-"He is waking up, I guess."
V-"Jimin.. Can you hear me ?" He said getting closer to him and he got a "mmhm" mumble.
Letting himself adjust to the light, he slowly opened his eyes to meet with the worried faces of Suga and Taehyung.
"Is he fully awake ?" he heard Jin's voice.

Suddenly the realisation hit him and his relaxed face quickly changed to frowning one.

Jm-"Is Jungkook and Hoseok hyung alright ?" He asked first as soon as he found his voice back.
V-"Hey hey calm down, Hoseok hyung is alright and resting just beside you." He said moving and pointing to Jhope, Jimin turned his head to that direction and found his injured hyung.
Suga-"Don't worry about the wounds, they will fade away with time."
Jimin nodded but his eyes wandered in the room.
"Where is Jungkook?"
Nj-"He will be alright, he is still getting checked by the doctor." He calmly said and tried to let Jimin not panick.
"Still?" Came an another small voice. Looking at the source of voice they found his eyes open.
Jin-"Oh Hoseok, you are awake."
Jh-"Yeah.. but what about Jungkook?"
Suga-"Don't know yet."

As Namjoon called for a doctor, he checked them up.
Doc-"Both of you are alright. There is no complications and about the burn wounds, it is not that bad, it will heal fully."
Jh-"Thank you"
Jm-"But why you are not informing us about Jungkook, we were in same situation and for same time. So why he is not awake yet?"
Doc-"I am sorry sir, I don't know about him. Other doctors is checking him. I will inform when I get some news."
Nj-"oh- ok."

Jm-"I.. I am sorry" he whispered
Jin-"What? Why?"
Jm-"I was the one.. one who told to stay and- "
Jh-"Don't even think like that Jimin-ah, it was not your fault. It was just an accident."
V-"Yeah and we never know when things like that happen." They reassured him. But then Suga tried to change the topic to distract Jimin as he was not convinced enough.

Suga-"But the main thing I am confused is that how the fire occur and why was the emergency door not opening when needed, ofcourse it is there to help in emergency !?"

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