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As Namjoon noticed that they are about to finish breakfast he made a sign to others that he is going to get to the topic after a happy talkative breakfast together. He cleared his throat.

Jk-"Yeah hyung?" He replied taking the last bite.
Nj-"Actually.. Jungkook your doctor called in the morning."
Jk-"Oh" he said without any reaction. "So what he told hyung ?" He said as he and some others put their dishes in the sink.

Nj-"He asked if you want to continue the treatment."
Jk-"I.." He thought for some time as others waited for his reply, by the time he was in the hall's couch with others, he looked at others and continued. "No hyung, I don't want it."
Jin-"But Jungkookie-"
Jk-"As much as I know hyung, it will not save me.. it is just to expand some more days .. right?" Namjoon shook his head as yes.
Jk-"Therefore, I don't want it, to be honest the first time also I did not wanted to go with treatments because I knew that the side effects will trouble all of us-"

Jh-"Kook if you are denying for us then know that it is not any trouble for us really."

Jk-"No Hyungie, I am not telling about you only.. I am telling for me also, and as I now have experienced all of that procedures I really don't want to go through that again. Previous time I agreed because there was much chances that I could recover but this time it is not. If both ways whether with treatment or without treatment, the consequence is going to be the same then I really don't want to go through the same pain once again. The side effects make me feel more weak hyungs. You-... remember hyung, hyung when we had just debuted and we were asked about our motto?" They just looked at him remembering the sentence he had told, Jungkook leaned on his oldest hyung. "I just want to follow that hyung, I can't live without my passion and even don't want to." (The members felt their hearts clenching hearing all his words and knowing it is the truth..) "I don't want to spend my last time in a white room, doing nothing but laying still. Treatments will not allow or help me to do any of my wishes to be completed And.. and I am really fine with the days I have left hyungs." He wiped his tears..
"You know why?" he smiled at them.
"Because.. because of you all(He chuckled) I have millions of Armys who wish for my good luck. I have six hyungies like you, and a supportive parents and another brother. What should I need more ? I could never ask for anything better than all this. I also have the work which I always had wished for, and still I have my time to do many things, and then we all know that we don't know what will happen in next second so just imagine that suddenly I was met with an horrible accident and I was gone-"
Jh-"Jungkook!" He called out in fright.
"Hyungie I.. I just want to explain, don't worry I am here only, infront of you. Just think if it was that way then I could have never spend my last time happily with all of you. But now I can.. And I am really thankful for that God gave me time for all these. So I just want to live my rest of life to the fullest hyungs" He said as all eyes became watery. "And I want all of you to do that also.. please for me." They came together and hugged... All in a comfortable silence, just letting all the pains to try wash through the tears.

Suga-"We have to inform Army and-" they pulled out of the hug.
Jk-"N-No hyung.. please don't tell anyone else." Before anyone could try to say anything he swabbed his tears away and continued."Please not again" he sniffled."Even not to my family Hyungie.. last time I did they were so sad I don't want to repeat it again. We can tell when I get worse, I want to see the pure happiness and smile on everyone's face and I know if they get to know about my condition they will only smile to hide the sorrow from me. Army will also worry a lot whenever they will see me performing, they might not enjoy that moment while worrying. Please just let me continue normally." He tried to make them see from his perspective, others did not knew what to say or do but they just know one thing... 'I will make sure everything is according to my little brother.. his every wish, every action, all the time, just make him happy, give all the love to this pure soul' And just thinking this they agreed.. agreed knowing it will be too hard for all of them to get through this.

Jm-"I-I think, we should listen to Jungkook, it's his dicision for his- his life."
Jin-"Yeah.. I- I also think the same."
His other brothers took time but realised it is however the best for now.

Jk-"Hyungie can we just continue according to our schedules.. our next new comeback" 'and may be my last.' he thought to himself. "Please don't extend it, Army's are so much excited for this after we announced the date. They are waiting eagerly.." he said as all agreed knowing it is true and there is no point to delay.

They shared their ideas for the comeback and scanned the schedules about the programmes they have to do while keeping Jungkook's as well as others rest time as the main thing.. As they were about to finish Jungkook's eye fell on the tree, through the large glassed window. A soft smile appeared on his face. His elder brothers noticed it and looked at the same direction but could not understand it, they just knew that their maknae was looking at the fresh and soft scents at the outside...

V-"Jungkookie? What are you looking at ?" He pointed to the tree as their eyes followed his pointed finger...

Jk-"Look there hyung, ... It's a spring day .. a warm day to start everything, even the trees are growing new leaves and flowers, and birds are happily flying around them celebrating for their new growth." He looked at them. Smile widening.."Spring days will make everything fine." It just made every heart present there warm..

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