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This causes them to stood up instantly.
Jin-"W-what?" Jimin and Hoseok both got up from bed also.
Doc-"Sir please behave we can't do any-"
Tae-"No, that's what we are saying!! IF YOU CAN'T TREAT HIM LET US TAKE HIM TO DIFFERENT HOSPITAL AND HELP HIM-!!" Namjoon pulled him into a tight hug to calm him down.
NJ-"Tae calm down please-"
Jin again apologized to the doctor for the boys and asked him why was he saying this.
Jm-"Why are you saying this ? He will be alright, he will back to us like he did previous time."
Doc-"I am sorry but he is really not fine. His cancer is back and there is no hope that he will get better this time." Just than his older doctor also came. All of them huddled around him.
Jm-"It is.. It is not true right? You have to make him fine like last time. Please do something." The doctor shighed and shook his head.
Doc-"We can't do anything now. We had already done surgery and he will not able to survive also if we did another one. All his lungs are completely blocked." The boys felt like their hearts are going to explode. Their hearts were beating rapidly.
Tae-"But he did not had any issues!! How can only fire affect this much." He screamed.
Doc-"It's not only smoke, it's just worsened his condition but I think the cancer was back long ago and he did not had issues because the symptoms are not always visible. There are many cases like that."

Jin-"So.. we can't do to anything to save him ?" He whispered nervously and with desperate eyes.
Doc-"No, I am sorry... You can see him he was awake but I think he is resting now."
Suga-".. but... But how are we going to tell him this-"
Doc-"He know about this.."
They looked at him with a face like 'w-what!'.

Soon they were standing in front of Jungkook's room. They took a deep breath before entering. And there he was, laying in a white bed once again attached to oxygen mask and needles.

His eyes were closed so they thought that he was sleeping. Without wasting time, Taehyung launched himself on Jungkook's side as he cried, they all had teary eyes.

Jk-"It's okay hyungie" he said, his voice raspy and small while taking his hand to rub Tae-hyung's back, eyes still clossed. They immediately dried their eyes as Tae tried to control his sobs, but.. he could not, listening to his voice he could not.

V-"It's .. it's not o-okay" he cried harder. Jungkook opened his eyes and looked at him.
Jk-"It is... Atleast for now Hyungie." He said smiling.
Jm-"Kookie, you know you don't have to smile for us through the pain like last time.." Jungkook removed his mask feeling ok to do it..
Jk-"I know hyung, but I really don't think I want to cry or have to cry." And this time he meant it, he is really not hiding his feelings. And from his eyes, they can tell he is telling truth. They don't know what to say, they had never gone through something like this, this time they can't even give any hope to him or themselves and Jungkook understood it.

Jk-"Trust me hyung, I am ok." He wiped Tae's tears.  "you want me to cry seeing you like this?" They frantically shook their head and dried their eyes quickly. "Good!" He cheared, pinching Tae-hyung's cheeck. "aish.. kookie!"
Then, his worried eyes travelled to Jimin and Hoseok.
Jk-"Hyung? Are you both ok?"
Jm-"Yeah Kook, we are ok.. totally fine, see.." he said as Hoseok nodded with him. But he noticed.. he looked at his own hands first and then to both's.
Jh-"Jungkook, it's okay the doctor said that it will be alright with time."
Jk-"But.. both of you got more hurt because of me, I know both of you protected by shielding me" he said tearing up. "If I had not fainted then it would not have happened. I am sorry I could not keep up." Hoseok cupped his face. "Bunny, it's okay, its really not hurting." The maknae took some time but then understood. Just then Jimin's stomach talked making others laugh.

Jm-"I guess we all are hungry ..."
Suga-"Yeah... Just wait for some minutes me and Namjoon will be back with food."

They did as they told. After having the dinner. The doctor visited on a round check up.

Doc-"Everything is seeming to be fine, but I advice you to have the oxygen mask on, while you sleep" he said removing the needles. Then he looked at the other two dancers. "You both also, please have some rest. You need it. I had already ask the staffs to arrange two beds in this room.." they thanked him.

As the beds were arranged and they started to get ready for beds.

Jk-"Hyung" he called as he grabbed Namjoon and placed his head on his chest, who was beside him.
Jk-"I want to continue working, please."
Suga-"Jungkook but-"
Jk-"I know hyung, I will not dance but I can sing atleast the low notes, please... Plus this comeback has no intense dance." the olders looked at eachother and nodded.
Jh-"Ok Kookie we will..." Jungkook showed a pleasant smile.
Jk-"You know hyungs.. you have to do more work now.." 'mostly mine.'
V-"What do you mean kookie" Jungkook still rested his head on his hyung's chest. He let out a chuckle
Jk-"Nothing.. I am sleepy hyungie"
Jin-"Sleep kook."

Namjoon held him still till he felt his calm and steady breaths close to his chest, making soothing circles in his hair which made him more relaxed. He layed him gently in the bed as he heard soft snores.

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