Maxwell stepped back from Rush but he didn't let her get away, his arm still locking her in place. She twisted her head and scanned the room like she was looking for someone. My heart began to beat erratically against my chest that I stopped breathing.

Our eyes locked and that exact moment, nothing mattered. It doesn't matter if she's married to my cousin. It doesn't matter if she doesn't love me anymore. This... This moment. That's the only thing that mattered. It's like my whole world stopped just for us two.

A wide smile occupied her face. Her eyes sparkled when she saw me and that fueled my dwindling hope. Damn it. A hope that I didn't know it even exists. From her eyes, I looked at her lips as she mouthed my name. I can hear her soft voice sweetly uttering my name inside my head. She raised her hand to give me a wave but it was immediately interrupted when Rush pulled her to his side and gave her waist a squeeze.

Rush's back was on me but I could tell that he was saying something. She frowned at something Rush said before rolling her eyes and looking at me. She gave me a sad smile as she let herself be pulled away by Rush. The lines in my heart cracked.

I drowned myself with work as soon as I got out of that meeting room. I need anything that could occupy my mind. To fill the cracked gaps in my chest. Even morphine is not enough to numb the pain that I'm feeling.

Zion called earlier and tried his luck, asking if I wanted to come with the guys chill in a nearby lounge. Hindi ako nagdalawang isip sa pagpayag. Nagulat si Zion sa pagsama ko dahil madalas kong sinasagot ay may trabaho akong tinatapos.

Madali kong hanap ang lounge na tinutukoy nila. Harlow wasn't that far from the office and I'm familiar with the place because it's a very well-known lounge. Hindi na ako nagpalit ng damit. I just removed my coat and tie.

Harlow has only one floor but it was wide and looked like it can accommodate a large number of people. Mukhang marami rin mga tao ngayong gabi dahil puno ang parking lot. It was odd for a weekday, but then again, it was only after ten. It's not that late.

Someone was singing in the background when I entered the building. Iginala ko agad ang mga mata ko sa madilim-dilim na paligid. Guide lights at spotlight lang para sa stage sa harapan ang ilaw ng buong kwarto. I first saw Zion who was already grinning wide when he saw me.

Tipid na ngumisi ako at umiiling habang lumalakad papalapit. The guys howled when they saw me. Tumayo ang ilan para salabungin ako. "Damn, it's been a long time, De la Fuente! Daig mo pa yung isang may asawa sa pagka-busy mo, ah?" Adam teased.

The smirk on my lips disappeared and the guys except for the bastard must have noticed it because they all turned quiet. Zion clapped Adam hard on the back. "Dude, why don't we let our boy settle down while you order us another round of drinks?"

"Thanks, man." I said and raised my fist to bump it with Zion. He pointed on the seat next to him and I immediately sat down. The crowd were already clapping when I got seated.

"Anong nakain mo at sumama ka ngayon?" tanong ni Zion habang inaabot ang isang basong may alak sa akin.

"My schedule was free." simpleng sagot ko bago uminom. Napaismid siya sa sinabi ko at matapos ay umirap.

Umiling siya at ngumisi. "Yeah, right."

Hindi na ako sumagot pa at kumindat na lang sa kanya. Inubos ko ang laman ng baso. I dropped the glass on top of the table and I tightly closed my eyes, feeling the alcohol burn down my throat. I know one glass won't be enough. I need another one. I opened my eyes and signaled for another glass.

Humalakhak si Wayne habang sinasalin ang alak para sa akin. "You thirsty or something, man?"

I shrugged at him and reached for the glass filled with the booze that I needed. I lifted it near to my lips for a drink. The whole table suddenly went quiet. I looked at them with confusion. I scanned the whole room and realized that everyone was motionlessly looking at what's in front.

I heard guitar strings being plucked, and then I began to hear a sweet and cool voice serenading everyone in the room. My eyes transferred to the owner of the voice and saw a girl singing with a guitar placed on her lap. I can't help but shiver at her serene croons.

I know that I should get on with my life
But a life lived without you could never be right

I snapped out of my trance, the voice fades into background and I couldn't help but remember her again.


Ang isipin lang siya ay masakit na para sa akin pero hindi ko maiwasan. I couldn't help but remember everything. Every moment that I spent with her, every time that she used to smile at me, the things she does to get my attention, her tears, the kisses that we shared. All of it comes pouring down.

It's been a year since I called her mine. A year of regret. A year of pain. A year of wishing that I could rewind, go back in the past and change things. It has been a year since I let her go, I hope I could do the same thing with what I feel.

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