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Vance's POV

As soon as I got home I quickly went to go brush my teeth. This girl named Lana fucking kissed me. I don't even know why... like I barely met the girl , and I accidentally uh.. pushed her and she fell back and hit her head on a rock. So I quickly left her there and walked home.

Today was y/n's birthday. I didn't say happy birthday to her because it's part of my plan. It's a good plan, I took all week planning it. It's a birthday surprise. I saved all my fucking money for this shit so she better like it.

My plan was I would go to her house and apologize for not saying happy birthday then I know she won't take the apology so I'll force her too and then I'll make her go on a walk with me And after that we'll go to my house and I'll give her the gift there...... but my planed was ruined. She wasn't home.

I had went to her house and finney answered the door. He said y/n wasn't home because she was out with the fucking twins. I had something very important to tell her, but I couldn't find her anywhere...

2nd POV (You)

You were laying down on the mattress looking up at the dark celling. Your eyes were slowly starting to close but They quickly open when the door started to unlock. You quickly get up from the mattress. The door then slowly creaked open and the man sticked his head in.

You slowly Started to move towards the corner of the room. He then opened the door and stepped inside.
"Why are you standing in the corner?" He asked with a soft tone. You didn't answer but stare at him. He sights and starts to dig in his pocket. "I brought you something." He says as he threw a small box towards you and you catch it.

You looked at it and realized it was the music box you got as a gift. You looked at he music box and then at him."I uh snooped thru your school bag..." he says. You stare at him as your eyes started to tear up. He then slowly started to walk towards you.

You looked behind him and you saw that the door was opened. Your eyes then looked back at him. You couldn't really see his face but all you saw were his eyes under that stupid mask that he had on.
"You're so much prettier up close." He says. You stared at him with confused look. He was about to get closer to you but
You then threw the music box at his face causing him to let out a yell. You took your chances and ran passed him. You quickly started to run up the stairs, but you didn't notice that he ran after you. He grabbed your ankle making you fall forward.

"LET GO FUCKER!!" you yell as you kicked him in the face with you feet. Half his mask fell off, revealing the top of his face. You quickly got up from the stairs and continued to run up the stairs. As you entered a room that looked like a kitchen you hear the grabber yell from behind you. You quickly look back and see he was almost up the stairs.

You scream as you started to run towards the front door. As you were close to the door you felt a sharp burn on your back. You let out a yell as you fall forward landing on your face. You then felt two large hands flip you on your back. You were about to yell for help but he covered your mouth with his hand, muffling your screams. "NEXT TIME YOU DO THAT ILL SLIT YOUR THROAT!" he angrily says which caused You stopped screaming. He slowly then started to remove his hand. You let out a big sight as you were about to scream again. Next thing you know he roughly punched you in the face causing you to pass out.

After you passed out he picked you up and carried you back downstairs. As he placed you on the mattress he stared at you. Then he left and made sure he locked the door.

Ten minutes late you woke up. "Ah fuck...I'm definitely not doing that again." You whispered to yourself as you touched your nose. You sight as you sat on the corner of the mattress. You then realized that there was a window in the room, you wondered why you haven't tried to open it. You could definitely reach it if you tried to jump.

You started at it for a while. "I can easily jump and o-" you were cut off by a loud ringing sound. You quickly looked at the black phone that was on the wall. You quickly stud up and stared at it. The ringing started to get louder and louder until your ears started to hurt.

"What the fuck." You loudly say as you covered your ears. The ringing got even louder and louder. So you quickly ran to it and answered it.


Yo mb I had to take a long break cuz I've been so busy with school, work and more things, but I'm back now.

Someone thought I was like abandoning this book 💀 I could never.

I actually genuinely feel bad for not updating sooner. I had this chapter in my draft for like 2 weeks. 💀 it's wtvv I have two more chapters in my drafts, I'll post those later.

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