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It was around 3am when you suddenly woke up to some sounds. You had no idea what it was so you hid under your covers.

Your door then started to creek open a little. "What the fuck." You whispered. Then you felt something touch your shoulder so you jump and screamed.

"What the hell!" You hear finney yell as he turns the lights on. "Holy shit! You scared the fuck out of me!" You say loudly as you put your hand to your chest. "What are you doing awake?" You asked still freaked out. "I uh had a scary nightmare about uh.... Leatherface."

"God, this is why dad doesn't let you watch this shit." You say as you see Gwen standing In your door way rubbing her eyes. "What the shit was all that noise?" She asked with a raspy voice. "Nothing go to bed." You tell her and she goes away. "Can... I sleep with you?" Finney asked as you sight. "Sure buddy."

Finney then goes to lay on your bed and you go turn the lights off. "Wait! Can you turn the rock ship lamp on." He says as You groan and turn the lamp on. "Thank you." He whispers as you lay next to him.
"You smell like cologne." Finney mumbled. "Earlier you came home smelling like cologne." He added. "Shut the fuck up and go to bed you worm." You say back.


It was finally Monday, you did not want to go to school but you had too. You wore baggy jeans, a black squared neck tank top with a light brown sweater and white converse.

You and Vance agreed to only hang out after school and not during school hours. You specifically told him you did not want to be seen with him at school. You didn't know this but when you said that it made him mad and sad.

It was currently lunch period and you were sitting with your friend group talking. Suddenly a familiar guy comes up to your table. Your friend all look at each other confused wondering who the guy is. "Oh uh hey Kai." You say. "Hey y/n, can we talk? He asked as your friend all look at you.

From far away vance was watching the whole thing happen.

"Sure I guess." You say as you get up. You and him then go sit at a different table that was empty. "You uh never came yesterday."

"Oh it's because my little brother got beat up by these three boys and I had to take care of him." You kinda lie. "Oh I- I had no idea." Kai says feelings bad about it. "It's cool, it happens a lot." You say with a small smile. He then looks at you confused as you get up and walk away.

You turn to look at Vance and he was already looking at you. You send him a quick wink as you go to your friends again. He quickly looked around to see if anyone else saw that and to his luck Kai was looking at you and him. Kai quickly sent Vance a glare.

(Why is this MF jealous of a junior 💀)

After lunch was over you went on with the rest of your class periods. Now you were in last. Which was art.

You were currently working on a clay project your teacher had assigned.
Lucky you, you had vance in that class.
He sat across from you.

The two of you kept exchanging looks. The girl next to you noticed but didn't say anything about it, at first.

The two of you kept doing it, until the girl spoke up. "I swear you guys are eye fucking each other." The blonde girl next to you says. You and Vance both look at her and then at each other. "Dude what?"

"Stop being fucking weird and mind your own god damn fucking business." Vance rudely says to her. She looks at him with a dirty look then looks away. You try to hold in your laugh as you look back down at your project.

After school was over you walked home.
Gwen and finney were both in their rooms doing their homework and You were in your room sleeping.

You have been sleeping for almost five hours until the phone in your room started to ring.

You quickly woke up and grabbed the phone from your nigh stand. "Hello?"

"Hey y/n, uh.. I-I can't hang out today." You were still kinda of sleeping so you didn't pay attention. "Mmh? Who is this." You mumble but still loud enough for the person to hear. "It's Vance, dipshit."

"Oh! Why?" You ask. You hear vance snuffle thru the phone. "Are.. are you crying?" You laugh out. There was a short silence. "No."

"Uh... just sne-" suddenly the power went out causing the phone to shut off. "WHAT THE FUCK!" You yell. You then hear finney scream from his room so you run to him. "Gwen stop!" Finney yells. "What the hell is going on?!" You yell as you hear Gwen laughing.

"Gwen shut the power off to scare me." You turn to look at Gwen, who was trying to hold in her laugh." Go turn the power back on ,gwenola."

"You have to admit it was pretty funny." She says with a wide smile. "No, I was on the phone." You angrily say. Gwen looks at you with a "i know who it was" look. "Go turn the power back on. NOW!" Gwen quickly runs out finney's room and turns the power back on. "It's late. Go to bed." You say as you rub finney's head and leave his room.

Soon Gwen and finney fell asleep, but you couldn't. You tried to force yourself to sleep but you just couldn't. You kept moving around trying to find a comfortable position but you just couldn't find one.

You had your eyes closed trying to make yourself fall asleep. It was kinda working until you heard a small tap on your window. You ignored it until the tap got louder making you quickly sit up.

You started at you window for a second and then you heard the tap again. You slowly got up from your bed and went to your Window.  "You're definitely going crazy." You whisper to yourself.

As you were gonna turn around there was a loud knock causing you to jump and look back. There was Vance. (MF a stalker now 💀)

You quickly unlocked your window and opened it. "What the fuck?" You whispered. "Get out the way." Vance tells you and you move out the way.  He then starts to climb in.

"You're making to much fucking noise." You whisper to him. "Fuck off." He loudly says and he sits on your bed.  He doesn't look at but just look down at the floor.

"What the shit happened to you?"


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