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I re-wrote this chapter

You quickly got home and ran into your room. You didn't hear a loud knock on your door and somebody quickly opened it. you see your dad standing on the doorway looking directly at you with the mad expression.

" why did the fucking cops call me again!" He yells. You look at him for a moment. " why did they fucking tell me you beat up a kid named Tommy Drew?!" He yelled. You looked at him with nervous expression. " ANSWER ME, Dammit!" He yells.

"I'm sorry, dad. I didn't mean to do it. it was an accident please forgive me." You say as you started to cry. " what the fuck is wrong with you y/n?!" He questioned as he got closer to you. "You're a bad influence on finney and Gwen." He says as he looked at too with a disappointment look.

"Says the one who's a bitch to them." You say with a small smile. Your dad then raised his hand and slapped you Where you had the stitches. You quickly grab you cheek as you feel a stinging pinch.

You turn to look at your dad. "Y/n I'm-" "NO! FUCK YOU!" You scream at him as you pushed passed him. You quickly ran out the house. You had no clue where you were going. As you were walking your cheek was bleeding again due to your dad slapping you. When he slapped you it snapped some of the threads.

You felt the blood dripping on your cheek. You didn't bother cleaning it off because lucky for you it started to rain. "Great." You say out loud as the rain starts to get you all wet. You now  knew where you had to go, vance was the only person who could fix you check.


You were completely socked in water. You were standing in front of Vance's door about to knock. Then a big sound of thunder scared you so you started to knock loudly on his door. No one answered the door so you started to knock even louder.

Suddenly the door shots opened reveling Vance. His hair was all wet and the only thing he had was a towel around his waist.
"What the f- Oh! Hey y/n." Vance says as he sees you.

"Did the thread thing snap?" He says with a raised eyebrow. You nod as you look away from him trying your hardest to not look at his body. He took noticed so he smiled to himself. "Are you gonna let me in or not??"

"Oh yeah.." he chuckled as he pulled you inside. Vance then shuts the door and started to walk to his room so you followed. You were about to sit down on his bed before he stopped you. "Woah! You gotta change first. You're all wet." Vance says as he grabbed you one of his shirts. (🧎🏼‍♀️)

You grabbed the shirt from his hand. You took if you tank top in front of and he watched you. You wiped the blood on your neck off with your shirt and then you threw the top inside of Vance's laundry basket.

You put the shirt on and it was pretty big. Vance was being a weirdo and he was a still watching you. "Go change." You say making him quickly look away from you. He was about to drop his towel on the ground. "Woah! No! Not in front of me!" You yell as you cover your eyes. Vance chuckled as he left his room and went to the bathroom to change.

Your pants were all wet with water so you took them off and put them Where you put your shirt. You then lay down on vance bed and stared up at the ceiling. (Yes we took our shoes and socks off 🪦)

You then hear the door open so you lift your head up to see Vance walking inside. He looked at you then he slowly looked at your legs. He then looks away and grabs his hair products. (🤷🏼‍♀️🤭)

You then sit up and watch him. "Have you ever thought of cutting your hair?" You questioned. "Fuck no." He quickly answered. You laugh as he sits next to you. "How'd it snap open?" He questioned. "My dad slapped me." You say as you look down at your hands.

"Well then I can quickly fix it for you." Vance Says as he gets up to grab the small box. "That's literally why i came." You added.  "Watch the attitude." Vance says as he sits back down.

"Okay lay down." He says and you lay down. "I'm not knocking you out this time. You're gonna have to uh...
Feel the pain." Vance Says. You quickly got nervous and scared. "I-I uh think you should um maybe knock me out." You say with a nervous laugh. "Nope."

Vance then started to Stitch your cheek. "Ow, ow! " You yell. Vance didn't stop and he kept stitching it up. You covered you mouth with you hands trying to hold on you scream. "Okay done!" Vance say. You quickly sat back up. You were crying as you grabbed your cheek.

Vance tried to hold In his laugh but it was to funny for him so he laugh out loud. "Stop laughing." You quietly say. "I mean at least it's fixed now." Vance says as he laughs a little.

He the sets the box on his night stand. "Did you know Tommy's moving back to France." You say out of nowhere. "Good..
I would've beaten his ass more times." He added. You sight as you lay back and Vance laid beside you.

"I honestly really missed you." Vance quitely says. "I know... you always had your little friends looking over me." You added. "Hmm? How'd you know?" He questioned. "Bruce told me." You sadly said. "Right, Bruce." He whispered.

"Why did we even stop talking?" He asked. "I honestly don't even know." You say back. "Oh please. We both know why we stopped talking." He says with a chuckle. "Because you were
Talking with Linda." "And you with Bruce."

"No. I was never talking to Bruce like that." You quickly say. "Yes you were.
You guys were always hugging each other." Vance adds. "Friends do that all the time." You say with a laugh. "Sure they do." He says sad he rolled his eyes. "But you and Linda..
There was definitely something there."

"Nah.. she was uh... she liked girls." Vance
Says. You quickly look at him with a shocked expression. "Yeah..
She knew how to hide it." He added.

"Oh my god, no way. I feel bad now." You say with a nervous laugh. "Yeah, but at least we're talking again. I don't think o could've gone another month with out you." Vance whispered. You quickly look at him weirdly. "Are you like high or something?" You ask.

Vance laughs as he looked at you. "No.
I actually missed you." He says with a smile. "Oh uh.. me too." You reply.

The rest of the day the two of you talked about things. Eventually the two of your fell asleep...

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