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You Quietly shut the door. "I thought you said you wouldn't be gone for long."  You hear Gwen say. "I'm sorry I lost track of time." You say back. "I'm sure you heard about Robin." She says. "I did... that's why I came home."

Gwen looked at you with sad eyes. "Finneys in his room... I think he's been crying." Gwen says. You looked at her one last time before you walked to finneys room. You quietly knocked On his door and then open it.

"Finn.. are you up?" You whispered. You hear him snuffle and he sits up. "I thought he was running late, y/n." Finney whispered. "I'm so sorry, finney." You say as you sat on his bed. "I just wanna go to bed." Finney whispered as he laid back down. You got up from his bed and pulled the covers over him. "Alright...goodnight,buddy." You whispered as you walked out his room.

That night Finney ended up crying himself to sleep. You knew that because the next morning he woke up with red puffy eyes. He took two days off school since he didn't want to go. You ended up staying home with him so you could take care of him.


Its been a week since robin went missing. The police put up missing posters of him all around the town. Every time you and Finney would walk passed them he would get all quiet and sad. It genuinely made you sad yourself.

Finney would ask Gwen on a daily basis if she's had a dream about Robin. Of course the answer was always no.

Vance on the other hand has been checking up on finney. You knew that because finney has been telling you. It was sweet of Vance to be checking up on Finney but this definitely did not sit right with you, you had a feeling that he was up to something. (Girl- give Vance a break already 🤠)

Robins disappearance has affected you as well. He was like a brother to you and you prayed and prayed that he was safe.
(Keep on praying hoe..) 


It was Thursday . Finney didn't want to go to school so you let him stay home.
You on the other hand, you couldn't stay home with him. You had to go to school because you had a algebra test.

You where on your way to school when you see someone start walking next to you. You quickly look at them with a fake smile but when you see that it's Vance your smile drops. "Hey, y/n/n." He says with a smile. "Vance." You say back.

"It's not very safe to be walking alone." Vance says. "I know." You say back. There was a long silence as the two of you continued to walk.

"I... uh, wanna thank you for checking up on finney.." you tell Vance. "Yeah, it's the best I can do since I made his life a living hell." Vance says. You look at him got
A split second before you look away.

"Vance, I also wanna apologize to you." Vance then quickly looks at you. "I've genuinely been a real bitch these past months...I honestly don't know where this behavior came from, like never in my life have I even been such a bitch." You tell Vance. Vance just stared at you with a weirded out look.

Vance stared at you wondering if the apology was fake or real. He kinda heard sarcasm in your tone which made him think it was fake.

"So I'm sorry for being a complete bitch to you." You apologies to Vance. Vance nods as he continues to walk. "I'll take that apology. Does that make us friends again?." Vance questioned. "Sure." You answered.


You had honestly felt better now that you apologized to Vance. You just wished you were able to apologize to Tommy. He deserved the biggest apology.

You were currently in third period which was Spanish. You didn't have Vance in that class because apparently he already knew Spanish and he doesn't need to be in that class.

You were working on a assignment when suddenly the girl next to you started to talk to you. "Hey, are you and Vance dating?" She questioned. "No.. why?" You ask back. She smiled and looked down at her paper.  You looked at her confused.

You wanted to be rude to her but you were holding in the urge. "So he's single then?" She asked. You stared at her for a second. "No, no.. he's actually seeing some pretty ass girl at the moment." You say and her smile drops. "Yeah, he told me their very serious and that he really likes her......plus you never really had a chance." You say, she looked at you with an offended look."Sucks to suck, Lana." She scoffs and goes back to working.


Classes had finally ended. As you walked out the main doors you saw Lana leaning on a wall staring directly at you. You looked her up and down as you walked passed her. "Y/n!" You hear a familiar voice shout. You turn around and see Vance walking towards you.

You look over at Lana and see that she's watching the two of you. You look back at vance and smile at him. "What?" You say as you start to walk. "Nothing. I just wanted to walk with you." He says as he walked next to you. "Hey, wanna hang out tomorrow?" You asked.
"No." He says.

"What? But tomorrows my-" "yeah, tomorrow's your birthday but I'm busy."
Vance says cutting you off. His tone was very rude. "Whatever.." you said before you turned around and walked away from him.

This chapter is short but I have a ginormous surprise for you guys😈

You just have to wait...

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