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You and Vance have been walking for a while without talking. "Sssoo? How's life?" Vance says now breaking the silence. Mmh... you tell me.... My friend went missing and my dad now beats me and my sister........ Ill definitely say its going great."

Vance realized he shouldn't have asked that question. "My bad." He mumbled. "You still playing that stupid ass game." You question. "Its not fucking stupid, so dont say that ever again." He says offended. You let out a small laugh because it was funny how he defended that dumb ass game. "They dont call you pinball Vance for nothing."

"You know im not stupid, right?" You say."what?" He questions. "Your little fake ass apologize to finney." You answer. "You know me to well." He laughs out. "I could give three fucks about finney."

"You fucking bitch." You say as you stop walking. "You made finney think you were actually apologiz-"you aren't gonna tell him are you?" Vance asked.

"What the fuck? You were being all sweet this morning and now you're are complete bitch." Vance raises an eyebrow at your sentence. "What did you expect? For me to be all nice just because your stupid ass boyfriend went missing."

"Bro... you're so bipolar." You say as Vance slightly nods. The both of you see a black van pass by slowly. "I hope That's the grabber and he takes you." You say before walking off and leaving Vance standing alone.

"I hope he takes you!!" Vance yells and you roll your eyes and continue to walk home.


"Y/N!!!!" You hear your dad shout. You quickly get up from your bed and go to kitchen where your dad was at. "What?" You questioned.

"There's a girl on the phone for you." He says handing you the phone. You look at him confused as you put the phone on your ear. "Okay you can give me the damn phone now." You hear a voice say over the phone. "But I tho-"no give me the fucking phone."

"Uh hello?" You say. "Yeah, sorry." A familiar voice says. You roll your eyes and look around to see if your dad was around. "Vance?......how the fuck did you get this number?"

"You gave it to me you dumb fuck." Vance says. "Yeah like three fucking years ago." You answer back. "So what do you want?" You say rudely. "Can you come to corner store?" He asked. "Fuck n- "go to the corner store and buy me a six pack." You dad says cutting you off. "Fuck no to that too." You tell him. He looks at you confused but then realizes in what you said. "Ill meet you there in ten." You tell Vance before you hang up.

"Why are you just standing there?! Go get my beer!" Your dad yells and you slightly jump a little. "No."

"What?" He question. "I said NO! Gwen might buy it for you but im not!" You yell. Your dad then grabs his belt from the chair. "Go now." He demands. "Or what? Are you gonna hit me?" You say as you walk towards the kitchen counter and grab his alcohol bottle. "Oops." You say as you drop it on the ground and it shattered everywhere.

"You bitch!" Your dad yells as he try's to hit you but you quickly move. "Lick that shit up, bitch!" You scream at him before you run out the front door.

Good thing you had your shoes on already. You were also thankful that finney and Gwen weren't Home or your dad would've taken out his anger on them.

You walked all the way to the corner store and saw a group of kids standing in the parking lot talking and messing around.

As you were gonna walk inside a boy opened the door for you. "Thanks." You say as you walk in and he nods.

You didn't even have to look around for Vance you already knew were he was. You walked to where that dumb game was and there he was. Playing it like always.

You knew not to distracted him while playing because last time you did, lets just say it went completely violent.

"Yo, look who's behind you." His friend whispered to him. "Shut the fuck up. Im busy." He says annoyed as You were awkwardly standing there.

He then whispered something else but you didn't get to hear it. "I could give three fucks... im so close to beating my high score."

He was play for like ten minutes so you were talking to the front counter guy. He was pretty cute and was around your age. "Fuck!" You hear Vance yell. "Bitch probably lost." You say to the guy. "Totally." He adds.

"Didn't think you would actually show up." You hear Vance say and you Turn around to face him. "My dad tried to beat me so I didn't have a choice." You say. "You guys can leave now." Vance tells his friends and then they leave.

"You have a dollar?" He ask. "Mhhhhhhh............yeah." You hum as you check you pockets and then take a dollar out and show Vance. He then snatched it out your hand and gave it to the front counter boy.

You watch Vance go to the slushie area and He grabs a cup and pores a cherry favor slushie in it. "No fucking way." You mumble. "Oh did you want some?" Vance says as he walks towards you. "You owe me a dollar."

Vance ended up taking the rest of Your money so he could play his stupid game. He wasted about twenty dollar. "Yo, we are closing soon so imma need yall to like leave." The front counter boy says.

You and Vance ignored him because the both of you were concentrated on the game.  "Yo! I said were closing soon."

"Sssshhh! You'll make him mad." You say which causes the boy to groan in annoyance. "Fuck! I lost again." Vance says angrily. "YOU MESSED ME UP!" Vance yells at the boy. "YOU STUpid FUCK!" Vance yells as he starts to walk towards him.

"Bro come on. We can come back tomorrow." You say as you try to stop him but he pushed passed you. "Well I tried, good Luck." You tell the boy.

You walk out the place and wait outside. It was already dark out and your dad was definitely gonna be mad when you got home.

You heard a couple of things fall from inside the store and you laughed to yourself because you already know what's happening.


Vance ended up beating the shit out the boy. Vance got punched in the face ones
and that was all.

When you got Home it was around 11:40. Finney and Gwen were dead asleep and so was your dad.

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