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You knew what Vance was doing. He thought he was smart and all but he's fucking not. You knew him well enough to know that he definitely had a secret plan and So did you.

You were currently home doing your homework. You were writing down the answer on the paper when you suddenly got an idea. 

You knew vance was a jealous person. This one time you gave finney a kiss goodbye on the cheek and Vance got jealous over that.

You got up and went towards the phone. You picked it up and dialed someone's number. You out the phone up to your ear. You waited a short moment before they answered.

"Tommy fucking drew, I need your help " You say. "What happened now?" Tommy asks. "Nothing, but I want you to be my boyfriend. Fake boyfriend." You tell him. You then hear a small quite gasp thru the phone. "What game are you and Vance playing now?" He questioned and chuckled. "He's messing with my feelings, so I wanna mess with his."

"What's in it for me?" Tommy questions. "You can do anything your want." (🧎🏼‍♀️)
You tell him. Tommy goes quite for a moment. You then hear muffled voices thru the phone. "Alright! I'll do it." He quickly says. "Anything tho?" He questions and you hum in response.

"Okay then, I'll see you at school tomorrow, baby." He says with a small chuckle. "Bye bye now, babe." You says before you hang up. You smile to yourself knowing that Vance was gonna go crazy when he found out you and Tommy  are together.


It was the next  day and you woke up in a good mood for some reason. You got up and wore a dark red tank top, baggy jeans with your converse.

Then you brushed your teeth and did your makeup. After you were done you went to the kitchen where your dad, Gwen and finney were.

"Morning dad." You say with a small smile are you walked to grab a cup. "Morning worms." You say as you sit down. Your dad then looks at you weirdly wondering why you're in a good mood. "What's the equation?" Gwen asks. You then turn to look at her as you pour orange juice in your cup.

"What do you mean, gwenola?" You question. "Nothing, nothing." She says as she looks down at her plate. You take a sips of your drink and get up. "Got to go now." You say. "Take a jacket and put it on." You dad says. You groan as you grab a jacket from the couch.

You then walk out the house. You begin to walk to school. You then started to get a feeling that someone was watching you. You became uncomfortable so you out on the black denim jacket that you took.

After you out it on you continue to walk. You still had that weird feeling someone was watching you so you started to walk faster.

You were walking to fast that you tripped over the concrete. You hit the ground so fast your face had hit the ground. You quickly get up and look around. "Fuck, that's fucking embarrassing." You say to yourself. You then continue to walk as if nothing happened. You were trying so hard not to cry from embarrassment. (I can relate)


You then arrived at school. You were walking towards the door when someone stopped you. "Oh hey Tommy." You says and he smiled at you.. "Oh your wearing red too?" You questions. He then looks at you shirt and smiles. "What a coincidence." He says with a small chuckle.

"Alright,ready to walk in as boyfriend and girlfriend?" Tommy questions and you nod. He then grabs your hand and you grab it back. You sight as he opens the door to reveal other students standing there.

Some people turned to look at the doors to see who opened it. They then see you both and look down to see that you were holding hands. Some looked surprised and some looked un-fazed like they knew it was gonna happen.

"Oh shit, dude where's Vance?" You hear someone whisper. You then turn to look at them and see that it was just Vance's little friend group. "It's already working." Tommy whispers in your ear.

Tommy then moved his arm around your shoulder bringing you closer to him. You then turn to look at Tommy and see that he was already looking down at you. He smiles so you smile back.

The both of you walked to first period. Lucky for you, you had vance in that class.
You guys also didn't have any assigned seats, so you sat with Tommy.

More kids started to fill in the classroom. Vance was always the last one there.

Vance's pov

I was like ten minutes late to first period. I quickly barged into history class getting everyone attention except for two people who were laughing with each other.

I immediately recognize that laugh. It was fucking y/n. I quickly walked inside the classroom and took a seat. The only seat available was behind her and Tommy fucking drew.

I don't give three fucks anyways. My plan always fucking works and I knew i was gonna get her wrapped around my fingers in no time.

All day people kept coming up to me telling me how y/n and Tommy were together.

"Okay? And why do I give three Fucks?" I say annoyed. "I- I thought you guys were like together?" Some stupid kid says. "No, bitch. I could never date her stupid ass." I say rudely. "So leave me alone before I beat the shit out of you!" I yell as I raise my hand and the kid flinched and ran away.

2nd persons POV

Two days have passed and Vance has not given you any attention. Maybe he was smarter. "Maybe we need to do more PDA." Tommy says as he lays on your bed.
"Tommy, you're my best friend, why would I wanna kiss you?" You question. "To make vance jealous. That's all that matters, right?"

You sight as you lay your head on his lap. "Fine, I guess we can do that." You say as Tommy twirls your hair in his finger. You then hear a noise near your window. You raise you head to take a peek and see blonde hair. You quickly tap Tommy's leg and he hums in response.

Lucky you, you left you curtains opened. You then start to climb on top of Tommy. He raises his head to look at you. "W-what are you doing?" He asked nervously. "Practicing." You reply. He then sat up and wrapped his arms around your waist to bring you closer. (Vance rn: 🧍🏼)

"Practicing?" Tommy questions and you hum in response. You then place a kiss on his  jaw and start to move to his lips.
He cuffed his hands on your cheeks as the two of you were now kissing. (📇)

You were just doing this go get back at Vance but Tommy on the other hand had a crush on you. You obviously didn't know that but Vance did.

Tommy then began to take your shirt off. You started to panic because this part wasn't supposed to happen. The two of you were still making out until finney barged in causing you to quickly let go of Tommy.

Finneys eye widened and he yelled as he quickly closed your door. You turn to look at Tommy who was looking at your door awkwardly. "Uh you should probably head home now." You say as you get off him.

"Yeah," he says as you turn to look at your windows and see that he was gone. You smile and look back and Tommy. He frowns and gets off your bed. "See ya at school." He says as he leaves your room.

You sight at you lay back down. "Tomorrow's Gonna be a Good Friday." You say to yourself as you smile.

(No girl- vance is gonna beat your ass 💀)

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