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After an hour you woke up. You woke up confused. You looked around your room not recognizing it at first. You slowly got of your bed and opened your room door.

You touched your eye and felt a sting as soon as soon as your finger tip touched it.
You look to see that Finney, Robin and Gwen are sitting on the couch. "What time is it?" You mumbled but they were still Able to hear you.

The three of them quickly stood up and walked to you. "Ah su madre." Robin says As he looked at Your face. "My face hurst.
Why does my face hurt so much." You say as you grabbed your face.

"Y/n sit down." Gwen says as she guided you to a kitchen chair. You took a seat and looked down at the floor. "Robin, can you go get the first aid kit." Gwen tells robin and he quickly goes and grabs it.

"I totally fucking lost." You whispered as you wiped a tear from your eye. It even hurt to cry. When a tear came out you would feel a sting on the corner of your eye. (Me rn)

Robin then came back With a box. He opened it and took a cotton ball out and poured alcohol on it. "This is definitely gonna sting." He says as he put it on your cheek. It stung for a second and then it went away. "How'd I end up back home?" You questioned as Robin cleaned your face up.

Finney and Gwen looked at each other and wondering if they should tell you that vance brought you home. Finney was about to speak but Gwen cut him off.
"We went to look for you and found you and then we brought you home." Gwen lied. Finney and Robin looked at her with a confused look. The worst part was that they didn't even correct her."Oh."

Robin then accidentally pressed hard on one of your cuts. "Oww!" You yelled as you slapped his hand away. "Shit, I'm sorry." Robin says with a panicked voice. "God, get the fuck away from me" you angrily said as you got up and left to your room.

The three of them stare at each other in shock. "Oh damn." Finney says breaking the silence. "She's so bipolar." Gwen adds. "Hmm?" Finney and robin say. "The girl is clearly bipolar." Gwen says. "'No, maybe she just has anger issues." Finney says and Robin nodded in agreement.
Gwen rolled her eyes. " no it's just because I accidentally hurt her." Robin adds
"Doesn't mean she has the right to get mad like that." Gwen says back.

"Why didn't you tell her about Vance, Gwen?" Finney asked. "She doesn't have to know." She replied. "She'll find out soon and she won't let get away with it." Robbin added. Gwen then look at them
With a worried look. "Damn."
She whispered.

November 8, 1978

You took a whole week off school.
Your dad had made you stay home because he didn't want you going to school like that and having people think he did that to you.You still has a small bruise on the corner of your eyes and your busted lip was still healing.

Today was the day you went back
To school. You were not excited at all. Like who the fuck goes back to school on a Friday.

When you got to school you couldn't stay focused. You would zone out and think about how bad of a sister you were to finney and Gwen. Like finney got beat up by Vance twice and it was your fault.
Gwen you were just a bitch to her because... there isn't really a reason why you're a bitch to her, you just are.

"Hey." A girls voice says making you snap out of your thoughts. "Yeah?" You said confused. "You're in my seat... Mr. Kay gave us assigned seats last week when you were out." She said nicely. "Oh. Do you know where I sit." You asked and she nodded. "You sit with Vance hopper." Your smile immediately dropped.

"And where's that?" You asked and she pointed to two empty desks. "Alright. Thank Stacy." You say as she smiles at you. You roll your eyes and take a seat.
Vance was here but he was probably wandering around the school.

Five minutes later vance showed up. He awkwardly sat next to you and glanced at you once in a while. "Alright I'll be passing out an assignment that will be due at the end of class." Mr. Kay says loudly as he started to pass out the papers. "And yes you can work with a partner." He adds as he hands me and Vance a paper.

Two minutes later everyone had begun to work but you and Vance sat there awkwardly. You then see Vance pick up his pencil from the corner of your eye. "Is Russia In the north or south?" Vance asks.
You didn't think he was talking to you so you ignored him. "Hey, I'm talking to you." He said as he tapped his pencil on your hand. "Hmm?" You hum in response. "Is Russia on the north or south?" He questioned. "Pretty sure north." You answer and he nods and writes it down. (Don't come for me.. Siri said it was north)

"When did war world 2 start?" Vance asked as he looked at you.  You thought for a second. "Uhh.. I think 1939." You guess. Vance just nodded and wrote it down again. Vance then looked over at you and saw that you weren't doing your work. "Are you gonna do-" "stop talking to me." You said rudely cutting him off. He scoffs and looks back at his paper. "I don't understand why you're being such a bitch to me... I did nothing to you." Vance says.

You scoff and look at him. You didn't feel like arguing so you just sat back in silence. Vance looked at you weirdly wondering why you weren't arguing since you normally argued.

Then the bell rang. Everyone started to gather their things and leave the classroom. As you were about to leave your teacher told you to wait. "Y/n, you and Vance have a overdue project." Mr.Kay says. "What?" You look at him confused. "Vance said he would tell you about this project." He says as he looked at you confused.

"He didn't tell me anything." You say back. "Oh then.. you both have the weekend to finish this." He says. You roll your eyes and walk out of his class.

After school was done you quickly walked all the way home. You slammed the door shut as you see finney and Robin in the kitchen. "Hey y/n/n." Robin says. "Hey robin." You say back as you set down your bag.

"Y/n, is it okay if me and Robin hang out tomorrow?" Finney asked. "Yeah sure." Finney smiles. Finney was about to say something but the phone started to ring.
You sight as you walked towards it and answered it. "Hello?"

"Hey y/n, we're doing the project at my place." You hear them say. "What?" You questioned. "I said we're doing our overdue fucking project at my place." Vance says loudly. "No." You say back. "I don't wanna get a fucking zero so you better show up." He says before he hangs up. You roll your eyes as you slam the phone back in its place.

"Who was that?" Finney asked. "Some weird person." You answered as you walked to your room. As soon as you laid down you fell asleep.

Ugh this chapter is so boring... I had writers blocked for the past three days.

Don't worry the next chapters will be better since I've already have it all planned out 😈

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