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The next morning you woke up to Finney shaking you awake. "What?" You mumbled. "Dad said to get up already." Finney whispered. "Tell him to eat shit." You mumbled into your pillow. "Y/n he's gonna beat your ass." Finney said.

"Okay, okay. I'm up." You say and Finney then walked out your room. You quickly get up and get dressed. You put on flare jeans and a light brown crop tank top with your white converses.

You walk out your room and go to the kitchen. There was your dad sitting down having breakfast and finney was also sitting down eating his cereal.

"Where'd you go yesterday?" Your dad asked as he read his newspaper. "Out with a friend." You say. "Do I know them?" He asked as you grabbed a cup and poured milk in it. "No, she's a new friend." You lie. "Why would you were a tank top to see a friend?" Your dad questioned as he put the newspaper down.

"How'd you know I wore a tank top?" You asked him as you looked at finney but he looked down. "Plus It was hot out." You add and your dad Hums in response. "And i always Wear them." You say as you sit next to finney.

"I'll be out of town for a week." Your dad says as he takes a sip of his coffee. "Where to?" You ask. "Somewhere." He says rudely. You roll your eyes and look at finney who was eating his cereal.  Your dad then gets up and puts his dishes in the sink. "I'm leaving today and wash my dishes for me." He says as he grabs his things and walks out the door.

"Stupid hoe didn't even say bye." You say as you get up and go wash his dishes. "I'm going out today." You tell finney as you pour soap on the dishes. "Where?" He asked. "Out with a friend again." You say. "You can invite robin over and watch scary movies since dad is gone." You tell him. "Do you think uh Bruce is alive?" Finney randomly asks

You stop washing the dishes and turn the water off. You turn to look at him. "I-I honestly have no idea ,Finn." You say as you walk towards him and take a seat. "I really miss playing baseball with him." He says kinda whispering his sentence.

"People at school thinks he's dead and- "I don't wanna talk about this anymore ." You cut him off as you get up and walk to your room.


A couple of hours later you came out of your room. Finney was in the living room watching Tv. "Sorry about earlier." You say as you sit next to him. "It's fine." He says as he looks at you. "Is robin coming over?" You asks and he nods. "Want some money in case you guys want something?" You question. "Sure."

You take a thirty dollar bill from your pocket and give it to finney. "Thirty dollar?" He says confused. "Take it or leave it." You tell him. "Thank you." He says with a big smile.

You look at the clock as see that it was 5:01. "Alright imma head out already." You tell him as you get up. "Okay." He says. "Bye ,Finn. Love you." You say as you open the door. "Love you too!" He yells as you shut the door. You turn around and see Gwen standing there with her hands crossed up to her chest. "Hanging out with Vance hopper? Hhm?" She says with a raised eyebrow. You turn to look behind her and see Vance awkwardly standing there.

"Don't tell finney." You beg. She smirks and sticks her hand out. You groan as you take out a twenty dollar bill. "That's not enough." She says as you roll your eyes and give her another twenty dollar bill. "Thanks." She says as he pushes thru you and goes inside.

You walk towards Vance. "Sorry." You say as you start to walk. "Where are we going?" You ask as he follows you. "Wanna stop by Grab N' Go?" Vance asks. "Sure." You reply. You and Vance both walked to grab n' go and go inside.

"You think your front counter boyfriend will give us a free pack of smokes?" Vance whispered in your ear. "I'm not gonna get you one." You said annoyed. "Oh come one. Please." He whines as he followed you to the drink area. "Vance, I'm not gonna get you cigarettes."


"Yeah, I totally love your new shirt." You tell the front counter boy as you Lean on the counter. You then look at his name tag. "So Kai, how come I haven't seen you at school?" You ask him. "Oh, that's because I'm a senior." He says with a smile. "You're a junior?" He questioned and you hum in response.

Vance rolled his eyes as he watched you and Kai flirt back and forward. "Oh my gosh dude, hurry up." Vance mumbled.

"Wanna hang out tomorrow night? My place?" Kai asked as he licked his lips. . "If I say yes, would you give me a pack of smokes?" He nods and grabs a pack and hands it to you. "Thanks." You say as you wink at him.

"So abou-"yeah bye." You cut him off and walk out with Vance. "I'm never doing that again." You say as you hand Vance his cigarettes. "God bless you." Vance said as he takes out a cigarette and puts it between his lips and lights it up.

You and Vance ended up walking to a open grass field. The two of you sat on the grass talking bout random things. "You gonna to guy's house tomorrow?" Vance asked. "Fuck no, he probably just wanted to fuck. I mean did you see the way he was looking At me." You said with disgust.

You decided to lay down and close your eyes . Vance just watched you for a moment. "I can feel you staring at me
,creep." You say and he quickly looks away. As you sit up you see a black van pass by.

You stare at it with a confused scared look. "What's wrong?" Vance asked. "Uh nothing." You said as you look away from the van. Vance slightly shrugs his shoulder and lights up another cigarette.

The two of you juts hang out on the field and messed around with each other for the rest of the day.

(Miss gurl finna die soon 💀)

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