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"What the shit happened to you?" You ask as you sit next to him. You noticed a red mark on his face but you didn't immediately bring it up. "Can I stay here tonight ?" He asked. You immediately got nervous and started to stutter.

"Uh... I-ye-what?" Vance rolled his your stupidness. "Yeah sure." You then answer . "But you're gonna have to stay in my room." You tell Vance. "Fine by me."

"Uh so are you gonna sleep on my bed?" You questioned obviously sounding nervous. "I'm not fucking sleeping on the floor. My body's to sore for that shit." You look at him confused. "Whys your body sore?"

"God, you ask to many questions." Vance says annoyed as he gets up. You then get up and walk to your door to lock it. Since finney and Gwen like to walk in the the mornings and wake you up.

When you turned around you saw Vance taking his jacket off. You saw bruises on his neck and arm but you didn't ask about them. When he tried to move he would grunt In pain and touch his left rib.

He then looked at you and you quickly looked away. You walked to your bed and laid down under the covers. Soon vance laid down too. The two of you just laid there not saying a word. "Y/n." Vance says and you hum in response.

He wanted to say something but he couldn't bring himself to say it. "Never mind. Goodnight, hoe." He says mumbling the last word. You slightly frown and say goodnight. Then the two of you fell alsleep with out realizing it.



"Why's the door locked?" Gwen asked from the other side of the door. You and Vance were still dead asleep. "Y/n?" Finney says.

Vance slowly started to wake up. He felt Himself holding onto something but he wasn't sure what it was. He was now fully awake when he realized he had his arm around you. So the two of you were holding onto each other.

"Y/n?!" Gwen and finney yell as they start to knock on the the door more harder. You slowly start to wake up to the sound of they yelling. As you were about to get up from your bed something pulled you back to lay down.

You quickly look under the covers and see that Vance's hand is around your waist. You quickly slap his hand away. "Ow!" He yells and you slap your hand around his mouth. "What was that?!" Finney yelled still standing on the other side of the door. "Uh sorry that was me." You say with a nervous laugh. "What the shit is she doing?" You hear Gwen ask finney.

"You guys go to school! I'm not feeling good so I might be late!" You yell. You still had your hand over vance mouth so he pinched your arm so you could let go. "Ow!"

On the other side of the door Gwen and finney both exchanged looks. "Uh we'll see you later then." Finney and Gwen both say at the same time and then they leave.

When you hear the front door close you quickly get up. "Uh s-so-"shut the fuck up." Vance says cutting you off. You scoff and start to get dressed.

"What are you doing?" Vance asked. "Getting ready for school" You say with an attitude. Vance groans as he gets up and grabs his jacket.


"Hurry up!!" You yell as you knock on the restroom door. "IM COMING!" Vance yelled from the other side. You look at the time and see that the both of you are thirty minutes late. "We're literally thirty minutes late! They're gonna give us detention!" When you said the word detention Vance ran out the restroom pushing past you. "Hey!"

He ignored you and ran out your front door. "Winner gets 100 dollars!" Vance yelled as he ran. You quickly ran after him forgetting to lock the door. (Mmh whys this hoe running, thought he was sore 🤷🏼‍♀️🙄)

On the other side of the street was robin standing there. He watched as you ran after Vance. Robin tried to rethink what he just saw. You and Vance were to distracted to notice that he was standing there.


Vance ended up winning so you had to give him one hundred dollars after school. Some people were kinda getting suspicious about the two of you because you both were late and arrived at the same time.

Robin on the other hand told finney what he saw earlier and finney was not having it.

When you got home you saw finney and Gwen sitting in the kitchen waiting for you. "There you are! You traitor!" Finney yelled as you walked in the kitchen. You look at him confused. "What?" You say as you grab as glass of water. "You've been hanging around with Vance hopper!" Finney yelled as he was now standing.

"No I haven't. I don't know Where you're getting that idea from." You said before taking a sip of your drink. "Robin saw you two this morning and Gwen told me about Saturday." You quickly look at Gwen. "I paid you forty buck you shit talker!"

"So it is true." Finney adds. You quickly start to apologize to Finney but he keeps ignoring you. "Y/n, you knew he beat me and he-he manipulates you, he's a bad influence." You scoff as you hear finneys sentences. "A bad influence, finney?"

"Finney, you- you know she can't resist him." Gwen says. "Yeah, because he manipulated her into liking him." Finney says.

"Mom liked him." Gwen says. "I mean remember the time he gave you a rocket ship sticker." Gwen adds. Yeah, vance had given finney a sticker. That might not seem like a big deal but it was the
First time vance was ever nice to finney.

"Okay so? Finney says with an attitude . "Wait. I'm literally older, why would I listen to you?" You say with realization. "I honestly don't care... as longest you hang out with vance, you don't talk to me." Finney says as he walked away. (How he felt after saying that: 👺)

You and Gwen then look at each other. "Maybe vance should apologize to him." Gwen says before she goes to her room.

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