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As you arrived at the park you see Vance sitting on one of the swings. He had his back faced towards you so he didn't see that you where there. You decided to sneak up on him and scared him.

You slowly walked towards him. Trying your best not to step on a branch. "BOO!" you shout as vance lets out a loud scream and jumps of the swing. "Holy fuck! Shit! Y/n you scared the shit out of me." Vance yells as you were laughing.

"I'm- I'm sorry." You laughed out. "It's not funny." He said as he rolled his eyes and sat back down. You then sit on the swing next to his. "So why did y/n Blake as me to hang out?" He asked you as he was now looking at you.

You turn to look at him. His blue eyes were staring into your e/c eyes. He looked at you with a raised eyebrow waiting for a response. "I-I just needed someone to talk to." You reply. Vance smiles a little but try's to hide it.

"Wow, I think.... I think you still like me." He says. "Fuck no. Don't flatter yourself." You say as you look away from him. "So how's your dad?" You say trying to start a conversation again. "The same. He still drink and could give three fucks about me." Vance reply's as he looks down.

You genuinely felt bad for Vance. His dad was also an alcoholic who didn't care about him. His mom had left him and his dad when he was young. He was an only child So he didn't really have anyone growing up.

"How's your dad?" He asked back. "Still a piece of shit." You say with a smile. "How's Gwen? I haven't really seen her around lately." Vance says. "Haven't seen her either." You reply. "How come?" He asked. "She's fucking mad at me." You say back. "What'd you do this time?" Vance asked. You were thinking if you should tell him or not. You didn't exactly trust him anymore so you lied.

"I threw away her rain coat." You lie. Vance let's out a laugh. "Man, I wish I had siblings." Vance says. You look at him confused. "Deadass?" He nods. "I mean I would totally bully and beat the shit out of them but it would be fun." He says as you look at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Are you high or something?" You asked. "No, why?" He questioned. "Hmm? Nothing. You say. "When I said I hope the grabber got you, I was completely lying." Vance says.

You look at him with a weird expression. "Okay now you're acting super weird." You tell him as he gives you a dirty look. "Anywayysss... what's are stupid essay gonna be about?" Vance asked as he slowly started to swing himself. "What's one of our good memories?" You asked him.

Vance had to replay all of y'all's memories. They were all to good, so he had trouble deciding which one to use. "The one time we stole Mr.Monty's dog and dyed it's hair pink." Vance says with a smile. "No, you're gonna get us caught and expelled again."

"Our first date?" Vance questioned. "No, people will know we were a thing." You say as you roll your eyes. "Let me clear this up.. I think I'm the one who's supposed to be the bitch, not you." Vance rudely say. "It's not my fault your stupid ass is being all nice like a fucking pussy." You Rudely say back.

"God I hate Mr. Carter for making us partners." You whine out loud. "It's totally destiny." Vance says with a smirk.

You playfully hit his head and he gets of the swing and pulls you forward. The two of you then began to play fight.

From far away the man from earlier was watching you and Vance mess around. He watched as the two of you Playfully fraught and laughed.

After the two of you stopped messing around Vance and you decided to walk home already. "So this weird creepy old man asked for my help." You say. Vance then turned to look at you. "He dropped his groceries and was like "oh lord, I'm so clumsy. Would you mind giving me a hand?" You say mimicking the old dudes voice.

"Did..Did you help?" Vance asked. "No, I just said I had to go home and walked away." You reply. Vance hummed in response.

The two of you walked to your house in silence. When you were in front of your house vance finally spoke again. "Wanna hang out again tomorrow?" He asked as you looked at him and thought for a moment.

"Mmh sure, I guess." You say. "Alright then, I'll see you around five ." He says as you open your front door and go inside. You wave at him as you close the door.

You then turn around and see finney watching TV. "Home so late." He says as he stayed focused on the screen.

You kinda felt bad because he thought you were out with a friend but you actually were out with the person he was really scared of. "Robin go home already?" You asked. "Yeah." He replies. "Okay, don't sleep late." You tell him as you go to your room and went to bed.

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