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It was the end of the day and you haven't seen Tom anywhere. He just like disappeared. You asked around but no one knew where he was at. You also noticed vance wasn't there either.

At the end of the day you could Careless where Tommy or Vance were.

You were sitting down on the couch drinking a strawberry milkshake that finney had bought for you. You were taking a sip from the straw when Gwen yelled your name. "What?!" You yelled back.

"Someone's on the phone for you!" Gwen yelled from the kitchen. You groan as you get up.  You still had your milkshake in your hand as you walked towards Gwen.

Gwen looked at you with a smile as you took one last sip of your drink. You then set it down in the counter before you snatched the phone from her hand. "What's up?" You say to the person on the phone.

"It's Tom." They say. "Oh hey. Why are you calling?" You ask. "Wanna..uh, maybe hang out?" He asked. "Yeah sure." You say. "Great... meet me at the uh corner store." Tommy say. "Alright I'll see you in ten." You say. Tommy was about to say bye but you hung up before he could say it. 

"Great.. just great." You mumbled to yourself as you walked to your room. You quickly got dressed. You wore black flare jeans, a dark blue tank top with your nike Cortez.

After you were done with all of that you walked out your room and out the house and You made your way to the corner store.

You were about to walking inside until someone touched your shoulder. You quickly turned around to see Tommy. You looked at him in surprise and then looked him up and down. "Holy fuck. What happened to you?"

"I don't know you tell me." He says. "Mmmh... did your daddy finally snap?" You say with a raised eyebrow. "Fuck you y/n." He says. "Why are you mad?" You say with a small laugh. "Because you're a fucking bitch."

You look at Tommy with a confused look. "I wouldn't be talking if I was you." You tell him. "Look at my fucking face." He says as he pointed at his face. You looked at him and saw that he has busted lip, he has a big cut in his cheek, a small cut on his eyebrows and a bunch of bruises.

"Oh dang, who ever beat you got your ass good." You say as Tommy's fade expression changes. "You think This is funny ,y/n?" He says angrily. "You're acting like if this is my fault." He scoffs and looks away from you. "This is your fault!" He yells as he looks back at you.

"You're stupid boyfriend beat me!" Tommy yells. "I mean at least he didn't carve his initials on you." You say as you shrugged your shoulders. "You got me into this." Tommy says. You scoff and laugh a little. "Bitch No, you got yourself into this. You're the one that agreed to do this in the first place."

"Fuck you y/n." Tommy says again. You raise an eyebrow and roll your eyes. "Alright, go cry to mommy now." You say as you were about to turn around. "No, vance said he if I told you he would come after you, so how about you go cry to mommy... oh wait, you don't have one." You immediately turn to look at him. (Bitch really thought he ate💀)

You looked at him dead in the eye as you were trying to keep in your angers. He smiled as he saw that you were getting mad. You clenched your jaw as you saw his stupid smile. "I think I'm gonna go home now... to see my MoM." Tommy says As he smiled and turned around to walk away.

That was it. You had to let out your Anger, so you began to quickly run towards him. (🧍🏼) You then pushed him on the ground and punched him. "Fuck you!" You yell as you punched him again. You then slapped him and punched him three more times.

His weak ass then started to bleed from his nose and mouth. Tommy tried to push you off but you punched him again and again. The people outside of the store heard all the commotion and ran to the both of you. "Hey! Stop!" A random person yelled. You Ignored them and continued to punch Tommy. With out realizing it, someone ran inside the store to call the police.

Someone then pulled you off Tommy. "Get off me! He need to be put in his fucking place!" You yelled as you tried to get out of the person grip. "Stop y/n." The guy says. You then turn to look at them and see that it was vance. "You got him good already." Vance says as he pushed you away from the scene. "Hurry before the cops get here." He says as he made you walk faster.

"Stop touching me!" You yell at him. Vance scoffs as he walks next to you. You didn't turn to look at him but you could feel his eyes on you.  "So you beat up your boyfriend?" Vance says trying to make you more mad. "He's not My fucking boyfriend."

"I thought you guys were together." Vance says looking at you. You side eye him before you answer. "We obviously just broke up, dipshit." You say annoyed. He laughs a little before he shuts up. "Wait." Vance says causing you to stop walking.

You look at him confused. He then raised his hand up wiped something off your face. "What the shit?" You say confused. "You had blood on your face." He says.

"Tom said if he told me you would come after me." You tell Vance and he smiles. "Nah, I just said that to scare him." Vance says. "I also said it would go worst for him and it did." Vance adds. "What?" You asked. "I told him if he told you, I would  beat him worst, but I left that job to you because I knew he was gonna tell you and when he did.....he would say some stupid shit and it.. it would make you snap and beat him." Vance say as he smirked.

You stayed quiet and started to walk again. Vance also started to walk next to you. You turned to look at him and scoffed. "You're pathetic.... Leave me the fuck alone, vance." You say as you walk away from him. (Miss gurl...)

"See you in jail then." Vance whispered as he walked away.  After that you walked home and quickly went to the restroom to get changed.

You put on black shorts and a white crop top. After you got changed you cleaned off the blood you had on your knuckles. While you were washing your hand you heard a knock on the front door. "Finney! Can you answer the door!!" You yell. "Alright!" He yelled back.

As you were finishing up you heard Gwen yell your name. "It's for... for you." Gwen says sounding nervous. You quickly open the restroom door and walked towards her. You quickly stopped when you saw who was at the door.

Who do y'all think it is???

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