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It was finally Friday. It was your birthday. It didn't really feel like it was your birthday it just felt like a normal day.

Finney and Gwen had woken you up by jumping on your bed. Then they threw glitter all over you which made you chase them all over the house. Your dad didn't get mad about it he just ignored it.
Surprisingly he also made breakfast. Which was odd.

"So any plans for today?" Your dad asks you as he takes a sip of his coffee. "No." You say as you shake your head. "Wanna skip school today then?" He asked. "Nah, I have a chemistry test... I don't wanna miss that." You reply as you played with your food.

Finney and Gwen looked at each other.
"Maybe i should call off on Susie and me, you and finney can go out somewhere." Gwen suggested,
You stare at her for a second. "No it's fine. I'll probably just hang out with the twins." You said as you stand up.

Finney stared at you as he chewed on his food. "How old are you again?" Your dad questioned. You sight as you look at him. "I'm seventeen, dad." You answered. "Where gonna be late." You say. Finney and Gwen then stood up and they both grabbed their things. The both of them then put their dishes in the sink and then walked to the front door, you followed behind them.
"Bye, dad." Finney and Gwen say as they walked out the front door. "Bye, dad." You say as you shut the door.

Finney and Gwen were walking in front of you while you walked behind them. "Hey, I'll see the both of you at home." You loudly say. The both of them then turned around. "Okay... happy birthday,y/n!!" Gwen and finney yell. You smiled at them. "Thanks, worms." You said before you walked to another direction.


When you arrived to school people said happy birthday to you. The twins had gotten you a gift, it was a music box. Some
Other boy named Tristan got you roses. One of the twins ended up throwing it away because they hated  Tristan.

You were currently in lunch. You were sitting down with the twins. "Big seventeen, huh?" Quinn says, you hum in response. "You tired?" Owen questioned. "No.. hey, wanna hang out later today?" You ask both the twins. Both of them
Looked at each other and then at you.
"It's your birthday, shouldn't you be spending your time with your family?" Quinn asked. "No, I don't want to this year." You reply.

"Okay then, so you where do you wanna meet later?" Owen asked, as he said that you looked behind him and you saw Lana and Vance walking to a table together. Lana saw you looking so she winked at you. "Y/n?" Owen said as he waved his hand in your face.

"I hate that bitch." You say referring to Lana. Owen and Quinn both turned around to see Vance and Lana sitting together. "Lana valentines?" The both of them say at the same time. "She's nice."
Quinn says, you looked him dead in the eye. "No she's not. We hate the whore." Owen says as he kicks his brother under the table. "Yeah, yeah we do." Quinn adds, you roll your eyes and look at Vance and Lana one more time.

He never even said happy birthday or anything. Maybe this was Karma for being a bipolar bitch....


Classes where finally over. You quickly rushed out the main doors. As you were walking down some stairs one of your friends stopped you. "Hey, y/n..
You want a cookie?" She questioned. "Sure why not." You answered, she then handed you a cookie. "Thanks ally. She ya monday." You say with a smile as you walked away from her.

As you were walking you saw vance and Lana walking together. "What the actual shit." You loudly say. They couldn't hear you because they were further away. You continued to walk but you walked slowly.

The both of them were just talking. But about what?! You honestly don't even know why you were mad that they were walking together . "Stupid bitch. I swear to god imma fuck her up." You whispered to yourself. You looked away from them for a second and then you looked back. Your eyes widened as you saw them kissing.

You quickly turned around and started to walk another direction. You honestly didn't care. Your eyes then started to get watery, so you quickly wiped the tears away. "You're not supposed to care, dipshit." You say to yourself

You didn't want to go home so you were walking around for a while. As you were walking you realized you were still holding onto the cookie your friend ally gave you. You hadn't really eaten anything except breakfast so you decided to eat the cookie.

As you were unwrapping it you saw a black van. You rolled your eyes as you looked back at your cookie. As you were about to bite it a old man dropped all his groceries on the ground. "Oh!" He loudly say as he laughed.

"Damn, you're always dropping your groceries, huh?" You say as you take a bite of your cookie. "Mind passing me my hat over there?" He asked as he pointed at it.
"Sure, I guess." You say as you grabbed it and handed it to him. You watched as he tried to pick up the broken eggs from the floor. "There's no point of trying to clean that up." You say as you finished chewing your cookie.

The old man then chuckled and got up from the ground. "I've seen you and this van around the neighborhood to many times." You suspiciously say. The old man then laugh again. "I'm a magician so I tend to be driving around a lot." He answered as he looked you dead in the eye. "I can tell.. I would've never guessed that you were a magician." You rudely say as you looked him up and down.

"You know you're a very rude young lady." You looked at him as you took another bite of your cookie. "Okay?" You say back. The old man just gave you a look.
A look that you couldn't explain. "You seem sad." He says. "I'm not..."

He then takes a deep breath. "Wanna see a magic trick?" He questioned. "Sure, I have nothing else to do." You answered. You watched as he shacked a silver can.  You assumed that it was silly string. "Hey are those black balloons?" You questioned as you looked through his van window. "Yeah, you like balloons?" He asked he quickly opened the van door. "No,
But my br-" you were quickly cut off.

The old man had gotten the balloons and wrapped them all around you. He wrapped his arm around neck
To keep you from running away. He then tried to pick you so you started to scream. He sprayed something in your mouth as you screamed.

The old man then picked you up and threw you in the back of the-van.Your vision then started to get blurry. Last thing you saw was the man shutting the door close then everything went black.

Damn it's abt time this hoe went missing.. but y/n going missing isn't the ginormous surprise. It's something bigger and better 🙌🏻😈

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