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I had this chapter in my drafts for three days... ʙᴏʀɪɴɢ ᴀss ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ʙᴛᴡ ⚠︎︎

You were peaceful sleeping until you were
Woken up by yelling. "DAD STOP!" You hear finney yell. You quickly got up from your bed and you open your bedroom door.

By now you were fully awake. You quickly walked to where finney was. You then look and see that Gwen was on the ground and your dad was hitting her. He then stopped and Gwen started to stand up.


"And your dreams... their just fucking dreams. Do you understand me?!" He says. "YES!" Gwen cries out. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!" "Yes."

Your dad was about hit Gwen again but you quickly pulled her towards you. Gwen then hugged you as she cried. Your dad then looks at you with an angry expression. "What the fuck is your problem! You can't just hit her, dad!"

"Get the fuck out of my way y/n before I beat you four times worst than I beat Gwen!" He loudly says. "If it means that you'll leave Gwen alone." Your dad then looked you dead in the eye. Gwen then let go of you and quickly walked towards finney.

Finney looked at you with a worried look. "Finney and Gwen, how about the two of you go watch some TV." Your dad says as he looked at them. He then looked
Back at you.

(I uh removed the rest of it cuz it was to much and it was unnecessary details🙃)


You were currently laying in your bed looking at your ceiling. Your door then started to slowly open. "Y/n I'm sorry about this morning." Gwen says as she jumped on your bed. "No, no,
It's all good... doesn't even hurt." You whispered. That was a big lie. It hurt real bad but you had to act like it didn't.

You look at your clock as see that it's five. So You quickly stand up and start to her dressed. "You going out?" Gwen questioned as you put on a white spaghetti strap tank top. "Yeah."
You answered as you then put on a dark blue zip up. "Where too?" She curiously asked.

"A friends house.. we have a project to do." You answered as you put on your jeans. "I won't be gone for long."
You added as you kneeled down to tie your shoes. You then opened your room door and walked out. Gwen quickly followed behind you.

You started to walk towards the front door
But finney stopped you. "Robin told me to tell you good luck." Finney says. "For what?" You asked confused. "I don't know.. he just told me to tell you that." Finney says as he slightly shrugged his shoulders.

"Okay Finn. I gotta go now." You say as you open the door. "Okay bye!" Finney yelled as he watched you walk away.


You sight as you were standing in front of a house door. You then knocked and waited for someone to answer. The door then opened. "Oh hey, mr.hopper." You say with a smile. "Y/n... what brings you here." He says with a small smile. He must be sober at the moment since he's smiling. "Me and Vance have a project to do." You answer.

"He's in his room doing god knows what." You awkwardly laugh as he said that.
"Anyways... you can go to his room." His dad says as he moves out the way so you can pass. "Thanks." You said as you walked to Vance's room.

You loudly knock on his door. "DAD IM BUSY!" Vance yells. You roll
your eyes and open the door. You see Vance quickly look at the door way. You raised an eyebrow as you saw a book in his hand. "You're reading a book?" You say with a small laugh. "It's not a book, idiot." Vance says as he puts it aside.

You then walk inside his room and shut the door. "A photo book.." you say as you stare at it. "Is that what you do on your
Free time? Look at pictures of baby Vance.." you laugh out. "I was bored." Vance says as he rolled his eyes.

"So what the fuck is this project that I was never aware of?" You say. Vance then
Stands up and walk towards his desk. He then grabbed a paper. "I finished my part
Of the project now you have to do your part." Vance says as he hand you a packet of papers.

You scoff and look at the papers. "What the fuck?! This is like 30 questions."You
Loudly say. "We're even.. i took three days of my life to write a fucking history essay, so you have to read it and answer questions about it."

"So I suggest you sit down and take your time on it." Vance's says as he makes you sit down on a his desk chair. "Fuck you." You say as you grab a pencil and start to work. Vance just stood next to you as he watched you work.


Hours passed and you were still working on the questions. It was already dark outside so you definitely spent hours and hours on this assignment.  "Damn... this is actually a pretty good essay." You say as you look at Vance. He was laying on his bed reading a book. "Duhh.. It's because I wrote It.." he says as he looked at you.

You roll your eyes and then you look back
At the paper. "Bitch." Vance whispered as he looked back at his book. Suddenly Vance got the urge to ask you a question. "Why'd you make me forget about you?" You quickly look at Vance and then
Look away. You ignore him question and continue to work. "I asked you a question."

"I don't have to answer your question." You say rudely. "Yes you do... you owe me an explanation." Vance says as he stands up. "And I haven't even gotten a thank you either." He adds. "For what?" You question as you looked at him. "For helping you.."

"Helping me? Helping me on what, vance?" You loudly ask as you stood up. "Who brought you home the day Stevie knocked you out? Hmm?" He asked.
"Finney and Gwen." You said with a confused look. "It was me who brought you home, dipshit." He loudly says.

You were about to say something but his bedroom door opened. "Y/n.." his dad says as he looked at you. "Yeah?" You say confused. "Do you know a boy named Robin Arellano?" He questioned.

Vance looked at his dad with a confused look. "Yeah? He's a friend... why?" You ask. Mr.hopper looks at you with a worried look. You stared at him for a
Second with a confused look. Suddenly realization hit you. "No fucking way." You whispered.

Vance looked at you confused. You quickly pushed passed Vance's dad and ran out the front door. You ran all the way home and as soon as you got there you quickly open the door.

So I think we all know what happened to my boy Robin 😔

I had to guys. It's part of the story🧍🏻

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