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"Y/n." You hear someone whisper and they slightly shake you. "What?" You mumble. "Y/n, I had another dream."

You slowly open your eyes and see Gwen standing next to your bed. "Okay?" You say. "It was about Bruce..... he's.... He's dead." She whispers. "Dude... what the fuck is wrong with you Gwen! Get out!" You loudly whisper. You get up and she back up. "Why would you say that!? get out." You say as you push her out your room.

You had woken up early today and gotten dressed. You wore baggy jeans and a white tank top. "Where's Gwen?" You ask finney. "She left with Donna already. She seemed pretty pissed if you as me." Finney reply's.

"Since when do you say bad words?" You ask him and he shrugs his shoulder and puts a spoon of cereal in his mouth.

"Yesterday dad said that you were in big trouble." Finney said as he puts his dish In The sink. "What else did he say?" You ask as you put your converses on. " nothing but he's totally gonna beat your ass." Finney says as he finished washing his dish. (The woman was to stunned to speak)

"Anyways me and robin are walking to school. You alright walking alone?" Finney asks. "Of course, Finn. just be safe." You say.


You ended up walking alone to school. You've been getting this weird feeling as if someone was watching you but you brushed it off. You were currently in history class, the most boring class in the world.

People were whispering things and then looking at you. "Bro.... What are they staring at?" You aks your friend next to you. "Hmh? Oh! You didn't hear?" He questioned.

"Hear what, Tommy?" You asked confused. "Someone said they saw you and Vance hopper hanging out yesterday and they said that you guys were having a great Time." He said with a small smirk.

"Wha- no I was home with Gwen and Finney." You lie. "You're so bad at lying."

"Look, I would never, ever in my life hang out with Vance hopper again." You tell Tommy as you look him dead in the eye. "Uhhhh okay?" He said with a questionable look.

Later that day Vance tried to talk to you put you would ignore him and act like if you didn't know who he was. He got completely frustrated so he came up with a plan to get your attention. He thought it was a good one but it was bad, real bad.


You and Tommy decided to walk home together that day since you had no one to walk with. You normal walked with Bruce but he went missing last month.

"I still dont understand, Can blind people see their dreams?" Tommy asks, you roll your eyes and let out a small laugh. "Wait, can.. the blind see their dreams?" You questioned as well. "That's genuinely a good question." You say as you start you think.

"Well, looks like my this is my stop." Tommy says as the both of you were in front of his house. "You'll be fine walking alone, Right?" He asked.  "Yeah, I'll see you at school. Bye Tom." You say as you wave at him and walk away.

As you were walking you came across a  boy getting beat my three other boys.
You looked at them but then looked away.
You would help but you didn't want to cause more trouble.

"I would never apologize to you bitch!" One of the boys yells. You let out a small laugh but then stop when you see a familiar face. You start to get closer and look down at the boy on the ground.

You let out a gasp. "Holy shit! Finney!" You yell as you push on of the boys of him. Finney was laying on the ground with blood all over his face. He was almost unconscious.

You look over at the boys and see Vance standing there. "YOU CRAZY FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!" you scream at Vance. He just stud there and stared at you. You look away and kneel down next to Finney.

"Its- its just a little scratch." You tell Finney as you move a strand of hair from his face. "It... it doesn't fee like a scratch."

"This is what happens when you ignore me." Vance says. "What?! You did this because I ignored you all day?!" You say now standing up. "Yeah." He says with a small smile. You go up to him and punch him.

He stumbled back a little and looked at you in shock. His two other friend laughed a little. "Yo Vance, your nose is bleeding." His friend tell him. Vance then grabs his nose and stop the bleeding but it wouldn't stop.

You spot finneys bag and grab it. "Can you stand up?" You ask your brother. "Yeah." He says as he starts to stand up.

Vance was in the background was still struggling to stop the bleeding and would Get mad at his friends when they would try and help. While Finney was standing next to you, grabbing onto your arm. The two of you began to walk away ignoring the three boys. "See you at school, y/n." You hear Vance say.
You ignored him and continue to walk with Finney.

Finney then broke down Into tears. "Im so sorry, finney." You tell him as you put your arm around his shoulder. "I hate him so much." Finn says crying . You didn't say anything back.

You and finney got home and good thing your dad wasn't home or he would've gotten mad and blamed everything on you. Which it technically was your fault because Vance beat him up because you ignored him.

Gwen was home but she was ignoring you. Finney got cleaned up but had a couple of cuts and bruises.

Gwen got things Into finneys head and she made him start ignoring you too. In your opinion Gwen was a little bitch sometimes.

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