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You were sitting down on vance bed. You were currently crying because your cheek hurt and it burned. Vance groaned as he grabbed a small box. "Shut up already, you've been crying for the past ten minutes." Vance says as he sat next to you.

You quickly stopped crying, trying to hold in your tears. You watched as Vance got a towel and used it to clean your cheek. He purposely pressed it down on your check making it hurt more.

"OWW!" You say as you pulled his hair. He laughed as he brought the towel back up to your cheek. "Don't do that again."
You say as you closed your eyes and Vance continued to clean your cheek.

After he as done you opened your eyes and saw he opened the small box showing a curved thick needle. Your eyes widened a little as you saw it.  "I rather die of an infection." You say as you get up but Vance pulled you back. "It's not that bad. Stop being a pussy." He says as he grabbed the thread.

"No, no. I'm scared. Vance i don't-" "shut up! You'll be fucking fine." He says as he raised his voice. You quickly stop complaining and you looked down at your hands. "Lay your head on my lap. I'll be able to concentrate more."  Vance says. You quickly sight as you laid on your back and your head on his lap.

You closed your eyes because you didn't want to see Vance's face in case you looked up. With out any warnings you felt a sharp pinch on your cheek. "Ow! What the hell!" You yell as you quickly open your eyes . "You said I wasn't gonna hurt." You add. "We'll I lied." Vance says  as he was about to continue. "Stop! No,-" "let me just knock you out, I'll be easier." Vance says as he sights.

"No wa-" Suddenly everything went black.
All you remember is looking up at Vance and then boom, pure darkness.


Your eyes slowly started to open. You felt yourself laying down. Your cheek didn't hurt as much as it did before.

Your then see a bright light in your eyes. Your eyes were now fully open. You saw Vance shining a flashlight in your face trying to get your attention. You then slap the flashlight out of your face. "Oh! Good morning." Vance jokes.

"You bitch. You knocked me out." You say as you say up. "It worked. You fell asleep and I did your stitches.... All tho I had to re- clean your face because when I punched you, your nose started to bleed." Vance says with a small smile.

You look at him with a shocked expression. "You punched me??" You loudly say. "Shhh." He says as he puts a finger on your lips. "You're gonna wake my dad up." You frown as you get up. "I have to go home, thanks." You say as you started to head towards the window.

Vance then quickly stud up and followed behind you. As you Were about to climb out he grabbed grabbed your arm. "What?" You asked confused as you looked at him. Vance then pulls you into a kiss.
(Bro I think we got him wrapped around our finger 😈🤭)

Vance gently bit your bottom lip as he was about pull you back to his bed put you quickly pulled back. "You're obsessed, I swear." You say with a small laugh. "You wish." He replys

You smile as you climb out the window.
"See ya Monday." You added as you turned around. "Monday?!" Vance yelled but you ignored him and started to walk home.


It was finally Saturday morning.
You woke up around ten in the morning.
As soon as you woke up you got dressed. You decided to wear flare jeans with a tank top and your converse (ugly ass outfits 💀)

After you were done you went to go brush your teeth then do your hair and makeup routine.

After that you went Into the kitchen to get a glass of water. You grabbed the cup of water and turned around. When you turned around you saw your dad standing there looking directly at you. "Oh! Hey dad." You say as you walked towards the table.

"Why'd the fucking cops call me?" He asked loudly. You quickly froze as he mentioned the cops. "It's because-" you were cut off my the home phone ringing.
"Oh let me answer that." You say as you quickly go answer the phone.

"Hello?" You say thru the phone. Finney and Gwen then walk in the kitchen. They watched as you talked on the phone. Then they looked at your dad seeing that he was looking at you with a mad expression. Gwen then turns to look at you and she sees that you had a serious look.

Gwen watched as you slammed the phone on the wall. The phone then fell
On the ground. The three of them watched as you stormed out the house.
Your dad then runs out the house to follow you. "Y/N WHERE ARE YOU GOING!" he yelled as he saw you walking away. You ignored him and confused to walk to where you were going.


You quickly walked all the way to the police station. Officer Morgan was the One who had called, he said he wanted to see you again. You sight as you opened his office door.

When you walked in you saw officer Morgan and officer Peters. Officer peters was Morgan's best friend. They did everything together, but Peters could be mean sometimes. In your opinion he took his job to seriously.

You quickly took a seat. When you took a seat officer Morgan's and officer Peters looked at your face weirdly. You knew they were looking at your cheek. "What the hell am I doing here?" You questioned.

Officer Peters sat up straight and spoke. "Tommy drew is in the hospital, in terrible conditions." He says. You looked at officer Peters with a bored expression. Officer Morgan seemed to notice.

"Oh damn... what happened to him?" You questioned as you used a fake worried voice. "A lady found him on the side walk." He answered. "Side walk?" You say confused. "She saw a man trying to take him and I guess she scared him away and he left tommy there." He adds. "

"Ok, then why am I here?" You questioned. "Because Tommy was beat up again. We asked him what happened but he doesn't seem to remember anything."
Officer Morgan says. You look at him with a shocked expression. "And you think it was me??!" You say and they both nod.

You scoff as you cross your arm up to your chest. "I would never hurt Tommy more than I've already hurt him." You say ( fucking liar)

"What happened to your cheek?" They both asked. "A big ass Picture frame fell on my face." You quickly answer and they both hum in response. "Is Tommy gonna be okay?" You asked with a serious tone. "He had a  concussion and he'll need a couple of stitches but... other than that we think he'll be okay." Officer Morgan say.

"His family is also moving back to France.
They don't think it's safe for him here." Officer peters adds. You looked down at your hands. You kinda started to fell bad for Tommy.

Tommy was a great friend. He was there for when Bruce went missing
He was truly a great guy and you knew he would forever be traumatized after this.

"Y/n?" Both officers say making you snap out of your thoughts. "Hmm?" You hum in response. "You can go now." They both say. You then stand up and walk out the office.

Your walk back home was just you thinking about Tommy. Also you were gonna her the biggest beaten in the entire world and you were scared but at the end you definitely deserved it.

Sorry for the ones who wanted Tommy to go missing. I thought about it during school, I couldn't make my boy Tommy go through all this. He truly deserves better #justicefortommy

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