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It's been two months In a half. Everything is going great for you. That's what you think.
You haven't talked to Vance and he hasn't talked to you.

You still saw each other at school since you had a couple of classes together, but you still manage to ignore him.

You think schools going great but all the teachers are concerned about your rude behavior lately. At first you were nice but after you stopped talking to Vance you gave attitude and refused go do anything.
Somehow you still We're passing.

The mood you have would depend on the attitude you gave. If you were mad you were full of energy and you would be rude. If you were sad you would feel drained and be quiet all day.

Since it's been two months In a half that means it's been four months since you last saw Bruce. You tried so hard to forget about him but you just couldn't. He just pops In your head out of nowhere.

You tried talking to someone about it but no one seemed to understand you. You tried Gwen but she would turn every conversation into her dumb dreams. Finney, he just was awkward and he didn't know what to say. Your dad, you never talked to him, he wouldn't take you seriously.

You haven't tried robin yet but you are soon. When he comes over for Halloween tomorrow you'll talk to him.

October 31, 1978

It was finally Halloween. You decided to stay at home with finney, Gwen and Robin to watch movies. Since Gwen said it wasn't safe to go out and she didn't want one of you to get snatched by The grabber.

Robin was already here. He got here around 2pm since finney wanted them to have time to hang out together. Finney and Robin were in the backyard fooling around and you and Gwen were in your room playing a bored game on the floor.

"You and Vance stopped talking?" Gwen questioned as she grabbed a card. "Why?" You ask back. Gwen then sets the card on the floor. "You haven't been going out lately and you never talk about him anymore." She answered. You look at her with a straight face.

"Vance hopper is a piece of shit.. he hurt finney and I wasn't gonna let him get away with it." Gwen then looks at you with an unamused look. "Vance hurting finney has never stopped you from talking to him... there must be a reason why you stopped talking." Gwen says.

You sight as you sit crisscrossed. "No. One day I just woke up and decided to hate him." You say as you shrugged your shoulders. Gwen frowned as she watched you get up. "Anywaysweshouldstarttodecidewhatwear-egonnawatchlater." You quickly say.

"I have no clue what you said." Gwen says as she gets up. You suddenly had a wave of anger rush over your body. You quickly shut your eyes and clenched your fist. Gwen looked at you weirdly as you shut your eyes. "Don't hit her, don't hit her."
You thought to yourself.

"Hey, you guys wanna go to Grab n' Go?" Finney ask making you open your eyes. You turn to look at him. "Uh.. No.
I think I'll stay home." You said as you looked at Gwen. "I'll go." She answered and got up.
"Hey, robin you think you can stay and help me with something" you say. "Sure, I wouldn't mind." Robin answered.

Finney and Gwen then left. You ended up giving them each ten dollars. You were sure that was enough.

You were currently sitting down on the couch looking at the wall while Robin sat next to you looking at you confused. "So what was I gonna help you with?" Robin asked. "Nothing... I just- I just wanted to talk to you." You say back.

"De que?" He asked. You stayed quiet for a second. "I'm such a fucking bitch... I'm literally a bad person." You say as your eyes start to tear up. "No, no, you're not a bad person, y/n." Robin says.

"No, you don't understand...I'm actually a bad person. Bruce would've still been here if I went on that bike ride with him. My dad would actually love me if I wasn't such a bitch and.. and I left vance with out an explanation." You said as you were now crying.

"Bruce going missing isn't your fault, and your dad does love you, y/n." Robin says as he looks at you with a worried look. "I don't really like vance but.. you guys really like each other. Everyone sees it....
pero eres la persona más increíble que he conocido, no eres una mala persona." Robin says. ( 🤠)

You lay your head back and sight. "I don't know what the fuck that means." You say as you snuffled. "I said you're the most amazing person i have ever met, you're not a bad person ,y/n/n" Robin answered.
"That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me." You say with a small smile.

Robin was about to say something but the door suddenly burst opened. Finney quickly came inside and ran into the restroom. Gwen then came inside. You looked at her and saw that she has a bloody nose and blood dripping from her four head.

You quickly got up and went up to her. "What the hell happened?" You asked worried. Gwen looked at you with teary eyes. Gwen normally never cried unless your dad Hit her but who ever beat her this time they got her good and made her cry. "Your stupid boyfriend!" She yelled in your face as she pushed passed you.

You stood there as a large wave of anger rushed through your body. Robin looked at you realizing that you were angry. "I'll be back." You said as you walked out the front door.

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