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You and Vance were standing near his window trying to decide who would go first. "Just go damnit... I'll fucking slap you, I swear to god y/n." Vance says sounding annoyed. "Okay sorry." You say.

"But I'm gonna need a little help here." You add and Vance sights. "Okay..Turn around." He says (🧎🏼‍♀️)

You turn around and Vance lifts you up by the waist. "Lift me up a little higher." You say. Vance then lifts you up higher. "Ok! That's good." You say as you climbed inside. "Do you need help?" You asked vance as you sticked your head out the window. "Nah, I got it." He says. "Ok." You say as you walked towards his door and locked it.

You turned around and saw that Vance was already inside. "Where's the camera?" You questioned. "On my desk top." He says as he points at it. You then walked towards it and grabbed it. You had your back towards Vance so you couldn't see that he was looking at you. 

You turn around and Vance quickly looked away. You looked at him and sat next to him on his bed. "Happy late birthday." You say as you look at Vance with a smile. He looks at you and then at your lips. You noticed so you decided to mess with him. (#girlpower 👺👺👺)

You pulled a hair tie out of your pocket. "Oh.. it's a little hot in here. Imma put my hair up." You say as you stated to put you hair up. (Manz is probably going wild on the inside 🥛)

Vance shifted in his spot and sat up straight. "I can't believe you're seventeen already." You say as you cross your legs. He nods as he started to bounce his right leg.

You were about to stand up but Vance pulled you back to sit down. He quickly pulled you into a kiss. You didn't hesitate to kiss back because obviously you've been craving this for the past day.

The kiss was not sweet and slow, it was very aggressive. "Put...your hair down..I like being able to pull on it." He say in between kisses. (😃)
You quickly took the hair tie off and threw it across the room.

You then got on top of him and he put his hands on your waist. He continued to kiss you and then he started to kiss your neck, leaving a fresh trail of hickeys.

He started to take your tank top off and threw it on the floor. You tugged on his shirt signaling him to take it off. You continued to kiss him and left a could of hickeys on his neck. (These Hoes are getting distracted)

You start to unbuckle his pants but you quickly stop when you hear the door knob on his door start to move. "Fuck." Vance whispered. You quickly got off him and grabbed you shirt. Vance then grabbed his shirt from the ground and puts it on.

You quickly put your shirt on and stand up. "It's 7:50... we gotta go." You whispered. "But-" just leave it locked." You say cutting him off. He nods as he started to walk towards the window. As he was climbing out you went to go grab the camera from his desk top.  You then quickly climb out the window.

"Alright.. time to go beat up Tommy Drew one last time." Vance says with a happy tone.


As you and Vance are walking towards then park you noticed a black van following the both of you. "Hey, is it just me or is that car fol-" "look there he is." Vance whispered cutting you off. You looked away from the direction of the van and To where he was looking.

You saw Tommy sitting down on one of the swings with his back faced towards the both of you. "It's now or never." You whispered as you slowly started to walk towards him. Vance also quietly followed behind you.

Tommy was about to stand up and turn around but before he could even do that you pushed him down to the ground.

He was to slow to catch himself so he fell on his face. You smiled as he quickly turned around to look at you. "Y/N??!" He questioned with a hint of surprisement. He then noticed someone behind you so he looked. He saw vance standing there looking directly at him.

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