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Your eyes slowly started to opened. As you opened them you saw a tall shadow standing In a bright door way causing you to get scared and sit up.

You quickly blinked multiple times as you saw the person get closer. As they did you saw that they were wearing a white mask.

"It's about god damn time you woke up." He says as he was right in front of your face. You ignored him and looked at your surroundings. You saw that you were in a dark-ish room. The walls looked old and dirty. You looked down and you saw that you were sitting down on a mattress. "I'm talking to you!" The man loudly says as he grabbed your chin and made you look at him.

You normally liked to run your mouth and talk but right now you couldn't bring yourself to say anything. "I know you're scared but I'm not gonna hurt you anymore." He says. You frown and stare at him. "You were honestly really easy to kidnap... I thought you knew better." The man says as he took a strand of your hair and put it behind your ear.

"You like soda? Hmm? I'll tell you what I'm gonna go get you a soda and then-" the man was quickly cut off by the sound of a phone ringing in the distance. He quickly turned around to look at the door way, he then looked back at you. "Is that the phone?"

"You hear a phone ringing? I'm gonna go see who it is. Then I'll get you a soda,
And then I'll come back and explain everything. Hmm?" The man says as he sighs and stands up. He then walked towards the door and looked at you one last time before he shuts it closed and locks it.

You stare at the door as you stand up from the mattress. You quickly walked towards the door and pulled on it to open it but it was locked. You let go of the handle and sight. You ended up finding another side to the room where there was a toilet and some carpets rolled up on the ground.

You also saw a black phone on the wall and you quickly walked towards it. You thought it worked but it turned out that it didn't.
You weren't even gonna try to get out so you just laid back down on the mattress and closed your eyes.

Finneys POV:

It was around 7pm. Gwen decided not to go to her friends house since it was y/ns birthday. Y/n wasn't home yet so we assumed she was hanging out with her friends. "Hey, you know when your sisters getting home?" My dad asked as he walked in the living room.

"No, she didn't say." I answered as I kept my attention to the TV. "She'll probably be out late since it's her birthday" Gwen added. "Yeah, I guess." My dad says. I turned to look at him and see he has a worried look. He then looked at me one last time and walked away.

2nd person POV:

You were laying down for a while until the black phone on the wall started to ring. You lifted your head up to look at it. You then got up and quickly picked it up and brought it up to your ear. "It doesn't work... not since I was a kid." The man says. You had your back faced towards him.

"Hang it was up." He adds as he turns the lights on. "I know you're scared and you wanna go home. I'll take you home soon." He says as he finished walking down the stairs. You quickly slammed the phone back and turned to look at him. "NO SHIT  I WANNA GO HOME!" You yell. He blankly stared at you Under his mask.

"I said I'll take you home soon." He calmly says. You angrily stare at him as he awkwardly stood there. "I gotta be upstairs for a while, somethings come up..." he says.

"What?" You ask. "Never Mind, what." The man says. You stare at him confused.
"I bet someone said something... are the police coming?" The man then chuckled. "It's not the police." "It's someone tho."

"Someone's coming.. I'll scream... I'll scream until they can hear me." You say. "No he wont. Not with the door shut." He says, you stare at him for a second. "He?" You questioned. The man then takes a deep breath. "You're so fucking lucky that I have no energy Right now or I would've already fucked you up." You loudly say.

The man then chuckled loudly. "You couldn't even protect yourself from getting kidnapped." You scoff and stare at him. "Now with the door shut, no one can hear anything down here. I soundproof it myself." He angrily says. "And I suggest you stop talking back or I'll fuck you up." The man says, he then started to get ready to shut the door.

"You're the one who killed the others.." you say, he stops what he's doing and looks at you. "bruce and Robin." You add. He then started to walk towards you.
"That wasn't me. That was someone else..
I will never make you do anything that you don't...like." You stare at him with a hateful look. (👺)

"Don't even think about touching me or I'll fucking scratch your face, and whoever is coming they'll see it and ask about it." You say. "This face?" He questions as he  brings his hands up towards his face. You stare at him with a concerned look.

He then brings his hands back down and looks at you. "God, you need professional help... we both do." You say. The man then sights in annoyance. He turns around and walks  towards the door.
He looked at you one last time before he shuts the door and locks it.

"I'm not even gonna scream." You say to yourself. "Why the fuck did I have to get kidnapped on my fucking birthday?" You loudly say to yourself as you walked around the room. "Why not tomorrow or Sunday." You loudly say. You sight as you take a seat on the corner of the mattress.
"Imma fucking die here." You whispered to yourself.

The phone then suddenly started to ring again. You slowly turned to look at it. You then quickly got up and answered it. "Hello?" You questioned, there wasn't a response. "Hello?!" You loudly say, no response. You sight in frustration and slam the phone back In it's place.

"Happy Birthday to me." You whispered to yourself as you laid back down.

Guys I'm so sorry, I had writers block but I'm back 😼😼

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